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With NYE you can be sure about receiving high-quality services because our team of engineers is equipped with the years of knowledge and expertise to assist you through your project.

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Our engineers will also keep all the regulations and rules set by the municipal codes under check so that you don’t have to bear any charges or penalties.

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Our engineers will also provide training to the onsite management team to ensure that you can run your project on your own without any external aid.

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DIY Guidance

What are DIY Guidance Services and Solutions?

When it comes to mechanical, engineering and plumbing (MEP) services there are different types of projects and all those projects comprise of a number of steps and stages. Apart from that, different levels of technical expertise are necessary to tackle all those projects successfully.

All these MEP services and systems require adequate planning and installation so that they keep on working as they should. In addition to that, these systems must also be properly monitored so that any issues can be resolved even before they occur. To achieve all this you need to hire a service provider that is equipped with adequate industry knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire process and also identify any prevailing problems within these systems and networks. 

Besides all this, there is a compliance factor active as well. With the passage of time, the state governments and local authorities are introducing new requirements and obligations for the site owners to ensure the safety of the occupants and conserve the resources of our planet. These obligations are becoming stricter over time and the site owners have to follow them to avoid any penalties. These charges make sure that no site owner exploits the system and for this reason, they have to integrate it with their management strategies associated with corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

MEP engineering services comprise of a number of solutions and running all these systems error-free can be very overwhelming. For this, you have to hire the services of a DIY guidance service provider to equip your onsite management team with all the skills necessary to run these projects successfully.

What DIY Guidance Services and Solutions Comprise of?

DIY Services

There are a number of services that come under the umbrella of DIY guidance. The reason behind that is these services are directly associated with a number of MEP engineering projects. Management of facility is the most sought after solution. In addition to that, there are various design and installation procedures along with the implementation of turn-key projects that are there in the MEP field. The field of MEP emphasizes on building safe structures and systems for the humans so that they can use and occupy them without any hazard.

The mechanical aspect of MEP deals with the ventilation systems while the electrical aspect deals with the power projects of all the appliances and outlets within a structure. The plumbing aspect is all about providing safe to use water to the facility and drainage of all the wastewater while considering all environmental elements. The list of services that fall under these engineering fields are listed as follows,

  • Services for facility management
  • Installation and ducting of HVAC systems
  • Installation and automation of ELV security systems
  • Installations systems associated with fire alarm and fire fighting
  • Services for public health and plumbing
  • Tenant and building services
  • Information modeling for building
  • Installation and automation of solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems

Your service provider needs to invite you to an open discussion right at the beginning of a project and the focus of this discussion should be all your current and future goals. This will enable the service provider to understand all the positives and negatives associated with the project at hand.

In addition to the service provider will also be able to provide you with all the recommendations in order to improve the current output of your project. That is not it, the service provider will also provide you with all the information and knowledge that you need to run your facility or any specific system on your own with ease.  

Should You Go For Multiple Service Providers?

There are a number of service providers that you can hire to provide you with all the DIY guidance solutions. Most of the commercial or residential parties also look to hire multiple contractors to provide them with all the services they need in this regard.

But we must tell you that if you are looking to hire multiple firms for this your entire project will end up in a huge failure because you will have to bear a lot of costs from different contractors. Plus, you won’t also be able to keep a track on the time. With so many entities working on one project managing them all while controlling the cost and time factors are going to be one heck of a task.

For this, you need to hire a single contractor or service provider. Doing this will not only allow you to save a lot of your time but you will also be able to keep all the costs in check. With this approach, you will only deal with a single party at a time and you can easily keep a track of all the things that are under process. Your workload will be a lot more manageable if you adopt this approach.

Furthermore, the contractor that you are considering to hire must also bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table. It is not just about providing you the guidance through all the systems and how they all work. This matter also deals with the point where if any system needs some kind of performance improvement, this can also be achieved with ease. If the contractor you are hiring is not qualified in any field then you might end up learning the wrong skills and the overall performance of your facility or the system can deteriorate.

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How Can NYE Assist You?

has been around for more than a decade and with the passage of time, we have improved the quality of our services substantially. Since the time of our inceptions, we have completed more than 800 projects for a number of commercial, industrial and residential clients. Our core value is to beat yesterday and we have strongly stuck to our goals right from the beginning.

Our entire focus is on delivering high-quality results to our clients and exceeding their expectations. For this reason, they keep coming back to us for more projects. The primary reason behind that is we only look to hire high-quality engineers and technicians in our team. All our engineers and technical staff have a minimum experience of eight years, which means that they are all highly experienced. Besides that, we also provide them different chances to go through a variety of training to further sharpen their skills.  

Our team of engineers looks to develop a close relationship with the onsite management team and makes sure that they impart all the knowledge to your team before they hand over the project. This guarantees that your team is able to run the project on its own without any further assistance. This is how DIY guidance solution and services should work.

At NY Engineers, we will only look for eloquent and simple solutions to a number of complex problems. The best part is that we provide all these services at minimal costs. We are here not only to improve the overall efficiency of all your projects but to streamline all the activities so that you are able to achieve all your current and future goals.

What NYE Brings to The Table?

With years of experience, surely brings a lot of industry knowledge and expertise for your assistance. We hire industry professionals who are experts in their field. They are able to come up with a solution as soon as they identify a problem. Our team of technical engineers will ensure that they provide you with all the assistance and help that you need to run the project independently.

Most of the DIY guidance service providers in the industry only focus on providing help where it is needed and they will only assist you to run the project smoothly. NYE has a competitive advantage here because we are design experts. No matter what the nature of your project is, our team of design engineers will look for any improvements and provide you the suggestions too. Our entire focus is to make your facility run as smoothly as possible and that at low cost as well.


Whether you are looking for design services or DIY guidance, our team of technical professionals will make sure that your projects remain sustainable in the long run. To achieve this we will assess the overall output and compare it against the overall input. The output must always exceed the input if you want your project to be beneficial in the long run. Our team will suggest any design improvements as per the need after closely assessing the overall short term and long-run goals.


Another integral factor that needs to be considered here is compliance. Across different states, there are different rules and regulations that are meant to be followed. If the site owners do not follow these rules then they are subject to charges and penalties. These unwanted charges can significantly drive the costs up and reduce the overall efficiency of your project. Therefore, our engineers will ensure that your project doesn’t have these kinds of discrepancies. This is a crucial requirement for any DIY guidance projects.

Cost Control

Apart from DIY guidance, it is our duty that we must provide you with all the details on how can you keep your costs under control in various scenarios. We will not only provide you with the information on how to successfully and independently run your projects but also explain you different techniques to keep it all together in the long run as well without any external assistance. It is important to know all the methodologies to keep costs at a minimum and our team will take you through the entire procedure step by step.

Knowledge Management

Collecting information and sharing it throughout the organization is important. Through effective communication, this can be achieved without a problem. Our engineers will ensure that all the information is transferred to the onsite management team and every staff member are thoroughly trained in order to run a project as efficiently as possible. This is critical because all the staff members must be able to run a particular project in such a manner that no further assistance is needed whatsoever.

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Why Trust Our Services?

has been around for more than a decade. The years of experience in the MEP field has enabled us to develop a very loyal customer base. The reason behind that is we highly emphasize on quality and delivering on time. We strive to provide you with quick turnaround time and our approvals rates are very high as well. This means that we are high professionals in our services and for this reason; you can trust our team of engineers.

Our engineers ensure that your team is equipped with all the knowledge and information to run the project and can also tweak any issues as soon as they appear. We can take care of your entire facility and can assist you with all types of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Through mutual collaborations, our team will impart all the necessary information to your team and through different training sessions, they will be able to practice to explain how to run the project with no external help. 

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