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We use powerful engineering tools like AutoCAD and Revit to design your emergency generator in the most accurate sense.


With our knowledge and expertise in the industry, we can integrate the most energy-efficient approach for your advantage.


Emergency generators are handy devices, and we help you enjoy emergency generator systems that can stay with you long-term.

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NYE Emergency Generator 3D Design


Has your office or home ever lost electricity because of a city power outage? This is quite a common occurrence for many residential and commercial buildings in big cities like Chicago. This type of outage may be detrimental to big enterprises-- especially in big buildings like hospitals, airports, and hotels. That is why a custom made emergency generator is highly essential.  

That’s where our expertise can come into play. New York Engineers is a company that helps conceptualize emergency generators with realistic 3D models to ensure smooth installation. We design emergency generators for both commercial and residential units in various cities like New York, Chicago, and more.

With our team of certified engineers, we can offer reliable and topnotch Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design services. If you need custom MEP designs with specific engineering requirements, we’re the company to call.

Our Emergency Generator MEP Designs

Designing emergency generator systems is no longer an option in certain fields. Mission critical facilities like data centers and hospitals have to comply with the standards of regulatory boards like NFPA. New York Engineers understand the standards and codes that specify the details and design of emergency generators. We also consider the environmental, commissioning, and design aspects of our work. We thoroughly understand the implications and importance of emergency generators in mission critical facilities and other buildings, and we strive to give clients efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, protection.

In order to come up with a great MEP design, our professionals at New York Engineers make use of very efficient MEP software tools. With these, we are able to come up with very complex designs that allow you to have highly customized specifications based on what you need in a generator.

With every task we get, we follow a very strict step-by-step procedure to ensure that all projects are finished on time and done well. Here’s our step by step process:

  1. We set up a schedule for consultation and listen to your specific needs when it comes to your emergency generator.
  2. We aid you in creating specific goals in which our design and models will be based on.
  3. We will send over a principal to take the necessary measurements of the area so that we can come up with accurate designs suitable to the actual site.
  4. Our team will coordinate with the principals sent to your area in order to bring all the details to the MEP model.
  5. They will create a single database that contains all the details of your generator’s design.
  6. We create the design based on the budget and deadline that we agreed upon.
  7. We present the model for your approval and work on changes or edits if needed.

With this fast and easy process, we can design your emergency generator in no time and give you all the necessary design documentation that you need.

Overall, here are a few other things that we can help you with:

  • Emergency generator design documentation
  • Performance analysis
  • Metrics and component analytics
  • Structural factors analysis

All of these things are taken into account during the design stage.

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The Team Behind NY Engineers


We pride ourselves on having a team of the best engineers and principals to fully help us serve our customers. All our engineers are strictly certified and have many years and background in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering design services. With their credentials, they are more than qualified to take on any MEP design task you require.

Aside from technical skills, we pride ourselves on our overall customer service. We are very detailed with our work so that we can produce designs with 0 slips.

We understand how hard it is to manually check and recalibrate the designs. With our 3D models, you can get near perfect designs. All you have to do is apply the design and other requirements to the model. If you’re looking for precision with your designs, we can guarantee that we can give just that. Not only do we create your generator designs but we also ensure that you will be able keep to your budget, so you won’t need to shell out so much money.


Why You Should Let Us Design Your Emergency Generator

We take pride of the following:

  • Guaranteed efficient performance of the generator
  • Precise and complete design documentation
  • Complete operations
  • Design on budget
  • Fast delivery time

As long as you partner with us, we will make sure that you get all of these great benefits out of your emergency generator design. We are a trusted MEP design provider in Chicago and other major states. By relying on our emergency generator design, the actual installation will be made seamless and error-free. Since everything is already simulated in our model, there will be little to no room for errors during the actual installation phase. We have completed multiple emergency generator designs for various establishments in and outside of Chicago. We have provided design services to commercial buildings, processing industries, housing compounds, shopping malls, towers, and more. We are excited to work on your project next.  


Benefits of an Emergency Generator for Homes and Offices

NYE can help you maximize the following perks:

  • Quick Source of Energy

During a power outage, you may need to use your computer or use the heater immediately. In this sort of situation, an emergency generator is really handy because it can provide you with electricity right away. That way, you don’t need to wait for the power to come back to continue with your tasks.

  • Gives You Peace of Mind

During emergencies wherein you need to use electrical devices in a power outage (such as needing to use an electric nebulizer for asthma), the generator can be of great help. It makes you feel safe to know that you’ll never run out of power with your generator on board.

  • Provides Heating During the Cold, Stormy Nights

Power outages usually happen during strong rain storms or snow storms. That said, the weather would turn extremely cold. If you happen to have a strong backup generator, you’ll be able to turn on your heater, so you can get covered during the cold seasons.

  • Prevents Sudden Power Surges

One of the things that many people experience after blackouts would be sudden power surges-- especially if they do not turn off their switches when the power comes back on. If you have a generator, you can prevent these sudden power surges as they can be pretty dangerous. The generator already gives you power so the regular energy won’t hit your building that hard when it comes on.

  • Decreases the Insurance Rate

This is especially true for residential homes. If ever an insurance company detects that you have an emergency generator, they won’t worry so much about the safety of your house. This is most likely because homes that are powered are less likely to be broken into. That’s why can have more chances of bringing down your monthly insurance.


The Two Kinds of Emergency Generators We Can Design for You

We design two kinds of generators depending on what you need for your home or office. Our engineers understand that you have a budget to think of when buying a generator. That’s why we will only design that one that suits the type of building you’re buying the generator for.

Here are two generators we can design for you:

  • Portable Generator

First, we can design portable generators. These are generally the smaller types that can be brought around. These can power up small places such as garages, sheds, small houses, and rooms. They can’t power up the whole building or household, but they power up the most important appliances.

  • Backup Whole Generators

These ones, on the other hand, are the big boys that can power up homes and office buildings. We can create a backup generator with the power that is suited for your building. If you have a big office building, we’ll need to design a generator with the appropriate power to give energy to the whole place. Same goes for residential houses.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


We pride ourselves by being a cut above our competitors because we are customer-centric rather than business-centric. This kind of mindset allows us to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

Here are some reasons why our customers trust us:

  • We Use the Best Software for Our Creations

To make our MEP designs, we make use of advanced software solutions like AutoCAD and Revit. AutoCAD and Revit are two of the best MEP design software that you’ll find in the industry. Both are extremely efficient and can create the most detailed designs for your emergency generators.  We spare no expense in providing our customers with only the best.

  • Efficient Task Management Process

We already mentioned how our step-by-step task handling process works. Because we stick to it diligently, we always have a very fast turnover time. That’s one of the things that our customers love about our work-- we’re always on time. You don’t need to worry about delays because of our efficient task management processes.

  • Customized Budget

That said, we customize designs not only based on your needs and specs, but also your budget. If they need help trimming it down, we’ll help with that too. There’s always an emergency generator design solution whatever your budget range. Rest assured that we’ll do what we can to offer custom services that cover your budget accordingly.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Not only did we train our team to have only the best technical skills in the business, but we also train all our professionals in customer service. Not only will they provide you with the best MEP design for your emergency generators, but they will also accommodate to whatever needs you have afterward. As we said, our customers are always our first priority.

  • Guaranteed Quality Results 

With our team of highly certified engineers, our quality software, and our proven process, we can assure you of only the best results that you can get for your emergency generator.  As long as you partner with us, we have your back.

When it comes to MEP designs, we are definitely one of the best in the business. Other than emergency generators, you can check out our other services as well by taking a look at our Services page.

If you want to schedule a consultation, you can give us a call in our hotline or send us an email and we’ll respond to you right away.

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