Vacancy Sensor Lighting Control Design


For the actual installation to go smoothly, the vacancy sensor control design has to be as accurate as possible. That’s what we promise.


New York Engineers are also advocates of energy-efficient design to give more practical perks to clients in terms of maintenance and cost.


Our designs help you come up with outputs that are built to last. The elements of our vacancy sensor lighting control are up to the mark.

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NYE Vacancy Sensor Lighting Control 3D Design


Rooms that can automatically shut off its light when there’s no one inside has a vacancy sensor lighting control that can detect whether the room is occupied or not. When it detects that there are no people inside, then it shuts off by itself.

If you’ve always wanted this type of light for your room unit or office or huge establishment, then we can design one for you. New York Engineers is a company that designs the best mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for any office or residential unit in or out of New York and Chicago. If you let us know how you want to customize your vacancy sensor lighting control, we’ll design a very flawless motion sensor system for you to enjoy.

We consider the lighting fixture, lighting controls, standards and codes, and other key factors to ensure that our system works effectively and efficiently. Get ready to save energy and maximize efficiency with our vacancy sensor lighting control. We also keep in mind proper commissioning of our vacancy sensor lighting control to make sure that all elements perform as intended. We see to it that the control’s location, calibration, adjustment, etc. align with the field conditions and so on. Our goal is to help you maximize function and comfort with our vacancy sensor lighting design and other MEP design services.


Why We Recommend That You Get a Vacancy Sensor Lighting Control

We get a lot of customers who request us to design vacancy sensor lighting control systems, especially for their offices or other projects. That’s because these lighting systems are extremely beneficial, most specifically for the commercial setting.

Here are a few benefits of designing and installing a vacancy sensor lighting control:

  • You Can Save Energy

This is probably the most important benefit that you can get from these types of lighting systems. First, you can save a lot of energy. Lighting usually makes up 20 to 25% of the total energy bill of a typical household (probably even more for offices). With this type of system, you won’t have to worry about people leaving the light on in a room.

  • You Can Leave the Room with Your Hands Full

When most people leave rooms with a box in their hand, they often forget to turn off the lights because their hands are fully occupied. In order to prevent this type of thing, especially when you’re moving heavy boxes out of your room, a vacancy sensor lighting control system can help. This thought might not sound significant, but it still means extra convenience for everyone.

  • You Won’t Have a Hard Time Locating the Switch

This is a problem for most guests. Since they do not know anything about the house or the building, they also don’t know where the switches are located. With the switch automatically turning off when it detects no motion, it saves guests the trouble of looking for a switch. This benefit applies to office rooms as well.

  • Our Vacancy Sensor Lighting Control MEP Design

Here at NYE, we pride ourselves with our very efficient MEP design process. So if you need to have a vacancy sensor lighting control system made, you’ll have it in no time with all the complexities well documented by our software. We create detailed coordination drawing of your sensor lighting control system to offer efficient synchronization and ultimate precision.

When we create our complex MEP designs, we always follow this standard procedure for quality control:

  1. We set up an appointment wherein we can discuss all your needs and wants with regard to your motion sensor lighting system.
  2. We come up with models that encompass all your goals for the lighting system.
  3. We inspect your area to see how the new motion sensor lighting system will fit in your existing lighting system.
  4. We bring all the information to our engineering team and coordinate your needs with them so they can make a detailed and realistic 3D MEP model of your new vacancy sensor light.
  5. We document all the files of the design in a single database which we will present to you.
  6. We set a timetable for deadlines in which we will strictly follow so that there are no delays.
  7. We will present the finished product for your approval and work with you if there are any changes needed.

With this process, we are able to seamlessly craft a fully functioning vacancy sensor lighting system. As you can see, we take into account your specific needs and wants with regard to your vacancy sensor systems. As early as the first stage, we already note your needs so that we can customize our design according to how you want your vacancy sensor light to be.

Of course, we don’t just design your lighting systems. We also do full building performance analysis, components analysis, and full design detail documentation. This is a more holistic approach to MEP design which will enable us to fully grasp how we can really serve you. All of these things are a part of our overall documentation for the design. This documentation is carefully done in detail by our team of certified, professional engineers. We identify the requirements, determine the lighting method, calculate the lighting parameters, work on the 3D modeling, and prepare the visualization you need for your vacancy sensor lighting control system.

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NYE Vacancy Sensor Lighting Control Design


As long as you partner with us, we’ll give you the best service that we can give. You can be assured of quality from our end with regard to MEP designs. Here are a few things that you get to enjoy by partnering with us:

  • High Grade, Realistic 3D Models

We create extremely realistic MEP models of vacancy sensor lighting systems so that you can have all your specific needs met right away. Since we make use of two very efficient software (Revit and Autocad), we will be able to produce only the best results for you. No longer will you have to diagnose and fix errors in the system because our models are able to give a very specific and a very accurate depiction of your end product. We strive to have near to 0 errors with your design so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Detailed Documentation of Your Design

Another thing that we’ll do for you is to create the documentation of the design so that you can get every last detail to the dot. All the calculations, measurements, and specs of your sensor lighting system are taken into account. That way, you will be able to know everything there is to know about the design.

  • Fast Turnover Time

Because of our effective and efficient step by step task process, we can guarantee that we can meet all deadlines that we agree with you upon. We have made sure that we can serve multiple clients all at once while meeting all of their urgent needs. We have set up proper internal systems to cater to this level of scalability and reliability for our valued clients.

  • Flexible Service

As mentioned above, we customize your designs based on your own personal needs. With that, our engineers can think outside of the box and make innovative designs that don’t just stick to the standard designs. They really will think up of ways to meet your demands in the best way possible. Also, they are very flexible when it comes to changes and edits on their finished product.

  • Decent Costs

As your partner, we want to make sure that you are able to save money and cut costs where needed. That said, we not only customize our designs to your needs but to your budget as well. That way, you won’t have to worry about shelling out so much at the onset. You can discuss your budget with us and we’ll give you a realistic estimate that we can work around.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


 Aside from a strict quality control process and very sophisticated software that can make simple even the most complex projects, we also have the backbone of our company-- our team.

Our team of professionals is what separates us from our competitors. We invest in only the best people who are well suited for the job. Here’s why our team makes us one of the most trusted MEP design companies in this business:

  • They’re Certified Professionals

Here at NYE, we have a very strict screening process which allows us to get only the best engineers for the job. We ensure that all our engineers are certified and have the best credentials to take on our projects. All of the engineers on our team are well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to serve our clients. Even so, we make sure that all of them are continuously trained and empowered with new knowledge regularly.

  • They Have Vast Experience

As our company has been designing vacancy sensor lighting systems for a multitude of clients, our engineers are well versed in MEP designs for both residential and commercial buildings. With the background and experience of our engineers, we are able to assure such top quality from our products.

  • They Are Trained to Serve

As we treat our clients as partners, all of the members of our team are trained to serve. This means that they have all gone through extensive customer satisfaction training so that they can be able to give our clients only the best experience. By accommodating the specific needs and wants of each client, our team practices our policy of 100% quality guarantee.

  • They’re Very Passionate

One thing that we can say about our company is that we encourage an environment of passion. That is why all of our staff are very passionate and driven in what they do. This kind of passion is the core of great service which is what we offer to every client who puts their trust in our service.

Our Vast Number of Services

While we do specialize in crafting a very efficient and flawless vacancy sensor lights, we also have other services that we offer as well. We can design a whole range of machines related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing structures.

If you want to set a meeting with our professionals, you can set an appointment by calling our hotline or sending us an email. We’ll respond to your query as soon as we can.

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