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Get NYE’s professional millwright contractor services at competitive rates to move, install, dismantle and manage your heavy equipment and machinery.

Speedy Installation

At NY Engineers, our millwrights split hairs in order to avoid any delays in production schedules.

Repairs and Maintenance

Aside from installation, our workers repair and perform service on your equipment as well. We provide all the services of a good millwright.

Professional Attention to Project

Our expert millwrights know how to get the job done. They work in unison to minimize the impact on customer’s operations.

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professional millwright services from NYE

Professional Millwright Contractor

Why You Need A Professional Millwright Contractor?

At construction sites, you need someone to construct and assemble the cranes and elevators. At residences, someone needs to install the pumps and generators. At plants, workers are needed to install and repair the assembly line.

Millwrights are laborers tasked with the job of installing, assembling and moving equipment. Millwrights also work together to repair machinery and troubleshoot issues. They are most needed at construction sites and production plants.

If you can’t find the right millwright contractors, then you’re in luck. is the best source of all things construction-related. We specialize in millwright services and project management. Book your spot now to get exclusive discounts and expert-level performance.

Millwright Contractor for Every Stage of Your Project, From Pre-Construction to Completion

Millwright Contractor

Millwrights are the backbone of any plant installation. The managers make all the heavy decisions. But it’s a millwright’s job to install and dismantle the machinery. They are the ones that move or realign moving parts of a machine. For plants and manufacturing industries, a millwright is much needed.

Millwrights are expert individuals that have adequate machine knowledge. They know what moving parts need realignment. And they can safely repair machines when they break down. Usually, millwrights are contracted on a weekly basis. Their use is minimal, and they usually work at construction sites and power plants. Millwrights are also tasked with the job of taking apart older machinery to make space for newer equipment. The job normally requires more than one person, depending on the size of the machines.

The job requires a lot of hard work and a variety of tasks to be handled. Being a millwright you need to have machine parts knowledge and the strength to move them. Machine knowledge is perhaps the most crucial part of being a millwright. A majority of a millwright’s work requires physical labor. But they also need to be able to interpret blueprints.

If you’re looking for the best millwright services, then NY Engineers has everything you need. We employ professional and trained millwrights that bring your designs to life. We offer installation of escalators, elevators, plant production machines, equipment operatorating, and the like. All this at a nominal cost. Our trained professionals can lift just about anything from pre-construction to completion.

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List of NYE Millwright Services



Installation of machines is a big part of being a millwright. Millwrights have to perform the installation of heavy equipment. The team works together to perform speedy integration of elevators, freight lifts, and escalators. They are especially useful in malls and residences. At amusement parks, they perform the assemblage and installation of rides. From rollercoasters to Ferris wheels. The on-spot construction of these and many other heavy machines is the job of a millwright.

While millwrights aren’t that hard to find, the good ones are in the hiding. Which is why at NY Engineers, we bring out the best of our laborers. Our millwrights make ends meet and work together to get the job done. Our millwrights have excellent work ethics that gets the job done in a few hours. Installation and setup of new equipment is nothing that our millwrights can’t take. We put pride and effort into our millwright services.


As installation is a major part of being a millwright, we think dismantling equipment is another crucial task. Millwrights constantly need to dismantle the equipment, either for inspection or moving. Dismantling larger structures is a tedious task. Millwrights working in construction sites have to take down freight elevators once the project is complete. Aside from that, a millwright needs to take apart machinery for inspection. Inspections are usually conducted by an engineer or the same millwright.

Our millwrights are especially able-handed at dismantling equipment for repairs. They can figure out how the equipment was assembled, even if they never installed it. Our millwrights have excellent intellect and can make speedy calculations. They work together with our MEP engineers to get everything into place. Millwrights need to take apart equipment for inspection. Our millwrights are highly trained and know how to inspect the equipment themselves.

Repair and Maintenance

A millwright’s job includes repairing and performing service work on machines. This means checking on the machinery every hour or so to make sure it’s working smoothly. Millwrights also have to take apart machinery for repairs. Repairs are the tougher part of a millwright’s job. With installation, they know what to do. But repairing is different because every problem requires a different solution. It is important to first identify the problem, which is the trickier aspect. Then solving the problem becomes a breeze.

At NY Engineers, our millwrights have the best problem-solving skills. They first take apart your equipment and troubleshoot to see where the problem lies. Then our millwrights co-ordinate with each other and their head to solve the issue. We take great care to minimize health risks and production loss. Our workers take care of the task at hand with superb ethics and attitude. We always keep a positive mindset and work together to get the job done.

Moving and Reassembling

Moving equipment and machinery is another factor concerning a millwright’s job. Moving machinery isn’t a very easy task. People need to perform the most labor here. And many times the job can go wrong. Millwrights need to handle equipment with care. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the machinery and its parts. Machinery needs to be moved to either make space for newer equipment or to reassemble it elsewhere. At construction sites, rented equipment needs to be sent back. And millwrights are perfect for the job.

Our millwrights are strong and courageous. They handle equipment very well and take extra care to not drop anything. Our millwrights dissemble and reassemble equipment whenever it is needed. They are especially experienced with handling construction equipment. Moving elevators and pumping stations is a breeze for us. We work together to make the best team of millwrights there is.

Understanding Blueprints and Drawing

Installing pre-assembled equipment is a breeze. All it takes is a bit of manual labor and the machinery is set up. The real problem is assembling new machines according to the blueprints. Many millwrights aren’t able to read the blueprints correctly and need special help from their heads or a manager. Understanding blueprints is important as a millwright might have to reconstruct machinery. They have to duplicate the same equipment and reassemble some machine parts.

With NY Engineers by your side, you won’t have to worry about unqualified millwrights. The millwrights that work with us have at least 22 years of education. They can read engineering drawings very well and interpret blueprints. This gives them the ultimate advantage of duplicating and assembling equipment with ease. Our millwrights have years of experience and can get familiar with new equipment in no time. If you choose NY Engineers, your trust will remain intact.

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Why Choose NY Engineer’s Millwright Contractors?


Trained Workers

Many people employ millwrights without assessing their experience beforehand. While at NY Engineers, we take great care to make sure every worker is trained. All our workers have at least 5 years of experience. This sets the bars high and allows us to recruit only the best millwrights. We do a background check of all millwrights and put them to the test. Once we are sure that the millwright is worth the job, we immediately employ them.

In this way, you get only the most professionally trained and expert millwrights. Our millwrights know how to install, dismantle, repair, and move equipment. They are excellent at performing maintenance service and fix issues in the blink of an eye. Our workers also have excellent work ethics and know how to get the job done. With our services, there’s no project that remains unfinished.

Quick and Easy Installation

Knowing how to install machines is a millwright’s job. But installing them in the nick of time is nothing short of challenging. For millwrights, years of training and experience is needed to speedily set up equipment. NY Engineers is dedicated to shortening working hours. Our workers work hastily to complete the project in no time flat. We install and repair equipment and move machines in the shortest amount of time.

Our millwrights analyze the situation to prepare for the installation. After the setup, they make sure the device stays in place and doesn’t cause any issues. Our workers calculate the approximate time taken to install a particular machine.

Positive Work Environment

Last but not least, a positive environment is needed to complete the project and installation process. Due to disputes among the workers, a millwright’s job can be mentally tiring. Negative attitudes in the workplace ruin work energy and demotivate workers. Our millwrights are friendly and do not cause unnecessary disputes. We take great pride in mentioning that our millwrights always stay focused. They never lose track of work, and their leisure time keeps them motivated to work harder.

We get to know all our millwrights personally and establish an unbreakable bond with them. We respect their rights and treat them accordingly. Our positive attitude keeps their work ethic alive and well. NY Engineers not only serves the clients with the utmost respect but its workers too. We keep our work ethic alive and make sure each and every worker is motivated towards the task.

Why Choose NYE?

Millwrights are needed in almost every field. While many millwright contractors employ untrained workers, we have a different scope. We see the client as worthy of better workers and professional services. We employ trained millwrights that have vast experience in the field of construction and machinery. We do not include millwrights without past experience in our workforce. Our team is highly qualified for the job and you get our services at the best rates.

At NY Engineers, we’re determined on giving our all for the people that make us. We provide excellent quality services, installation, implementation, and setup. We co-operate with your representatives to understand the plant’s plan. And we implement the machinery with great caution. Damaging equipment isn’t part of our policy. We take care of your machines and ensure they get not even so much as a scratch.

We never charge more than what you can afford. Have a talk with our representatives and discover amazing discounts. We love to keep our customers happy. If you have any issues regarding our services, feel free to complain to our head managers. And if you have anything good to say, don’t forget to write a positive review!

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