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Our team of technical and design engineers will make sure that your construction projects get completed in time without wasting any resources.

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Our design-build engineers will ensure that your project stays coherent with all the obligatory requirements set by the local authorities and state governments.

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We make sure that all our clients receive high quality and customized services according to their project’s long run and short term objectives. 


Our top priority is to provide you with excellent services without affecting the costs. In fact, with our services, you will be able to contain and manage your costs in a more effective manner.

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Design build services

What Are Design-Build Construction Services?

Design-build services and construction have rapidly grown into the size and are becoming a more precise option for project delivery. For the project owner, this precision or accuracy becomes a single contact point which makes the service provider be responsible for accurately delivering the project as per the set schedule, allocated budget and performance benchmarks.

The robust planning, constructability assessment, and cost estimation prove to be a solid platform and guide the design engineers from the concept to the construction documents. The best part of this way of project management is that all stakeholders work as one unit. These stakeholders include the likes of the project owner, the service provider, architect, builder, and engineer along with all other project consultants. This ensures that all team members work collectively to achieve the same goals and objectives which will result in the successful completion of a project.

How Does Design-Build Work?


In this project delivery technique of design-build, as a project owner, you will only have to work with one party and that is your design-build service provider. This service provider will be responsible for every component associated with the planning of design as well as construction phases. The process of design-build is very different from the conventional design-bid-build construction model. Due to the fast and effective delivery method, modern design-build is among the fastest growing techniques in the field of construction.

The conventional design-bid-build technique places the project’s responsibility into the hands of the owner. For this reason, they will have to collaborate and work with the design consultants and develop the front-end of a project. They will also have to work on putting the project on bid and hope for the construction industry to respond to the design favorably. As this is a traditional technique, it often creates relationships based on competition and promotes that non-productive finger pointing behavior. The reason is that the design contractors and consultants aren’t directly responsible for the work that the other party has completed and delivered. In such a scenario, the team responsible for design might blame your contractor for overrunning of budget and your contractor might blame the poor design efforts for all current change orders. This is not the case in design-build construction because in this method all responsibility for contract and design as well as construction falls on a single entity and that is your design-build contractor.

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How Can You Choose Your Design-Builder?

As a project owner, you will have to deal with your project from ground zero. There is no existing design for the project but the variables associated with the design since the project’s design scope, are there. Hence, it’s critical to select the firm for design-build while heavily relying on experience as well as track-record. The expertise and the skill set of the entire team also matters a lot in this regard.

It’s very important to develop a contract having GMP or guaranteed maximum price with a split for savings between the owner and the contractor. With this contracting technique, your design-builder will enjoy the incentive from the contract for controlling the costs as much as possible.

During the research process, your design-builder will ask regarding your experience associated with value engineering and pre-construction planning. Most of the general contractors say that they do understand the whole idea and concept of design-build and its project delivery technique but they don’t have the expertise to deliver it successfully.

Why Do You Need the Same Contractor For Design and Build Services?

Most of the general contractors heavily rely on their subcontractors or the specialized trade market for the purpose of assessing costs and performing constructability evaluations. For instance, the contractor will ask for assistance from the concrete contractor for reviewing the designs and costs linked with the project’s base of the deck. In the methodology of design-build, the initial design stages don’t provide enough details for reviewing the subcontractors. On the other hand, the subcontractors will also not put any energy within the evaluation as the project is still a bit far from being placed as a contract.

For this reason, the design-builder must have a very strong background when it comes to constructability reviews along with cost estimating. The design-builder must be able to see the project through the level of construction document, and must also have experience in the phase of pre-construction planning.

As progress happens in the design process, your design-builder must keep a close eye on the project’s budget and must also make various decisions associated with value engineering for ensuring that the budget doesn’t go off the track. Therefore, the design-builder should be well-versed with the design plan that the design team has to show and must also understand what is necessary for the completion of the project.

Perks of Getting a Design-Build Services from NYE

With this technique, the service provider can perform both engineering and architectural design with the construction work. This system has numerous advantages especially over the conventional contracting technique which is design-bid-build. In this technique, the project owner has to commission an engineer or architect for the preparation of specifications and drawings. The owner will also separately select a contractor while negotiating or using competitive bidding. On the other hand, the design-build technique provides a number of advantages which we have listed as follows:

  • There is undivided responsibility because design-build puts both the designer and the builder into a single contract. The owner will work directly with the service provider for effective cost control.
  • The owner can exercise a certain level of control on the design process and will also have knowledge of all the cost implications as well.
  • The team of design-build will work closely with the project owner and this will precisely conceptualize the entire project at an early stage. Concurrent and continuous estimation during the design development will result in knowledge of the firm’s overall cost way sooner than in the case of conventional methods. It can also assist in making early decisions. This can directly impact the costs associated with the project.
  • With this process, the construction process can complete even before the design process. This also calls for expedited schedule especially if you compare it with the conventional methods where the project owner had to wait for all the way through the process of advertising along with receiving as well as reviewing of the bids. Additionally, project costs and budgets are established way before final plans as well as before the extensive detailing processes are completed. This can eliminate expensive redesigns as well as lost time. Involvement of early planning within the project design ensures the best opportunity for controlling project costs. Moreover, occupancy can also occur sooner, and this can result in a productivity boost for the clients.

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fast track management

NYE’s Fast-Track Management with Quality

By combining all the functions of the architect along with an engineer and a construction manager, the process of design-build creates one single entity, NYE’s design-build construction management services will provide you with an integrated technique heavily focused on particular needs as per your project. Design-build can always promise a variety of operational advantages via simplified contracts.

Due to the involvement of a single entity, the management remains fast-track and it also directly develops a contractual link between the builder and the designer. However, there is one major drawback of this approach and that is directly associated with the skill sets of a design-build firm. This firm can either be a builder or a designer and they cannot be strong in both fields.

At NYE, our team has many years of experience and it proves to be a strong platform to provide high-quality services to our clients. Our team will draw upon its experience within the industry and will provide highly customized solutions according to the demand and requirements of the customer. New York Engineers Inc always provides project leadership and one point to assume all responsibilities of the project.

NYE’s design-build services will eradicate your responsibility to coordinate all the processes between the builder and the designer. NYE’s single contract will cover all architectural, engineering along with construction services. As you construction management firm, our professionally trained staff comprises of experts in all major fields ranging from estimating, procurement and scheduling all the way to the administration of all the construction activities as well as quality, safety, and cost control along with MEP commissioning and coordination. This is a turnkey solution that will cover all aspects associated with design and construction and also offers a very unique platform for you to save you money and time.

Customers who choose for NYE’s design-build services for streamlining their construction process won’t have to sacrifice on performance and quality either. Our team will infuse the care into all design-build projects just like the way it does in all other construction management projects. We at NYE surely deliver the design-build services that are second to none.

Why Should You Trust NYE?

New York Engineers Inc leverages this approach along with a collaborative teamwork environment. It fulfills multiple and parallel objectives, which can include aesthetic as well as functional quality along with the budget and schedule of the project.

With our entire focus on delivering quality, along with efficient use of resources and funds, and properly timed decision-making as well as risk mitigation, NYE’s design-build system carries on to gain momentum during the project and it ensures diverse initiatives for construction.

If you want to hire a highly collaborative partner that has industry experience of more than a decade then you don’t need to look any further. We only hire engineering professionals who have more than eight years of experience in the field of construction.  

We also give them a chance to go through a number of training procedures to improve their skills. We believe in collaboration and our design team will work closely with your team to develop a better understanding of all current and future gas of the organization. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to the set schedule. Plus we will also ensure that we utilize the resources to the fullest extent and reduce the costs as much as possible.

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