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Recover and rebuild infrastructure using NYE's professional team and exclusive disaster recovery services.

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Our rescue squad saves every individual just in time. We  speed up the reconstruction process to make recovery faster and cheaper.

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We gather equipment and materials and reinforce foundations under nominal expensed. We keep your budget in mind.

Emergency Response Team

NY Engineers has its own emergency response team of brave and experienced workers. Our emergency services are the best in terms of remote rescue operations.

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How Does A Disaster Recovery Respond to Emergency Situation?

Disaster recovery is a set of policies, strategies, and mechanisms that help detect and recover from disasters. These policies come into play whenever there’s a natural or human-induced disaster. Disaster recovery refers to rescue operations and mechanisms that restore the infrastructure. A good example would be seeping debris off of roads. Many disasters can create a lot of debris which can block trade routes. Another example would be rescuing citizens and workers from the wreck.

Disaster recovery services are needed in almost every municipality and place of residence. These services are especially needed at large manufacturing plants or refineries. These are the places which are in remote locations and rescue operations are highly needed. Disaster recovery includes sweeping wreckage and debris, and rescue workers and citizens. Restoring the functioning of businesses and corporations is a more IT-oriented aspect of disaster recovery.

Property restoration is the most common aspect of disaster recovery. If your property is caught in a disaster, local emergency services can come to your aid. But they will mostly salvage people, provide medical aid, and leave. Restoring your property, reconstructing pipelines, and the like is the job of a recovery contractor. It is important to note that emergency response services only rescue individuals. A disaster recovery team also helps you rebuild any lost property.

is an excellent provider of disaster recovery services. Our emergency response team is perfect for remote sites and operations. We take pride in providing property restoration services that are low-budget and speedy. We maintain a reputation as the best partner in case a natural or human-induced disaster strikes. Our services are available for remote sites or for the reconstruction of the damaged property. We rescue and retrieve workers and civilians, and make a hasty reconstruction.

Why Do You Need Disaster Recovery Services?

When You’re in a Remote Location

Calling 911 or any other emergency service may not work if you’re in a remote location. Many areas don’t even have cell service. This is usually the case of manufacturing or power plants and refineries. Having your own response team on standby is a very decent idea. Even if you can contact emergency services, by the time they reach the damage would be irreversible. Especially if you’re in a plant or refinery, where most fires are chemical-induced. In these cases, an emergency rescue team is needed.

When You Need To Reconstruct a Building

If you are in range of local services, this still doesn’t mean they will reconstruct your building. From houses to offices, malls and amusement parks, emergency response won’t restore the infrastructure. For this, a disaster recovery team is needed. They duplicate the blueprints of the building and reconstruct everything. Of course, this can cost more than the initial construction. Because a lot of the materials wont be available in your area.

When You Need Quick Emergency Response

Being in range of emergency services doesn’t mean you won’t need immediate response. In the case of amusement parks, medics and rescuers are needed immediately when there’s an injury. In plants, a response team is needed in the case of a chemical fire. While local services can do most of the hard work, it is crucial for there to be some immediate action. A disaster recovery team helps evacuate the building or provide medical aid on the spot.

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What Exactly Does NYE Disaster Recovery Team Do?


Rescuing Individuals

The first and foremost objective of the recovery team is safe evacuation and recovery. Workers and civilians who are still safe need to be evacuated to a safer area. And those that are crushed under the rubble or caught in the fire need to be recovered. This is by far the hardest and riskiest task. The team first assesses the situation depending on the disaster. A hurricane has a different rescue procedure than a fire. A wood fire needs to be handled differently from a chemical fire, and so forth.

Our rescue teams are courageous and brave-hearted. They can fare every storm and put out any fire. Rescuing individuals is nothing short of a challenge. But for NY Engineers, nothing is impossible. Our team consists of qualified trained professionals that have adequate disaster knowledge. They know how to handle fires, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. And they make decisions according to the situation. Rescue teams are needed more in remote areas. Your home and office can use the local emergency services.

Putting Out The Fire

This is again a service best suited for remote areas or factories where chemicals are used. Special rescue teams are needed to put out the fire. Chemical fires, unlike wood or garment fires, need a special retardant to suppress them. These fires can wreak havoc if left uncontrolled. Disaster recovery teams are tasked with putting out fires and preventing their spread. They are needed more in factories and plants, or areas which are remotely located.

NY Engineers is dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. Our disaster recovery team is rescue-oriented. We analyze the situation and make quick decisions. Our team uses special non-toxic flame retardants that suppress any type of fire. The formula that we use is internationally approved and is used in almost every facility. Our teams are highly advanced in this aspect and do not leave a single fire unattended.

Reconstruction of Infrastructure

Whether it’s for your home or factory- reconstructing infrastructure is a crucial part of disaster recovery. Reconstruction needs a lot of expensive supplies, usually ordered from out-of-state. While for factories and plant owners the expenses are affordable, the common man can’t afford it for his home. Getting the property back to normal is crucial in fully recovering from a disaster. Most teams work to recover the damage caused by water, fire, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

Our special services include flood recovery, foundation reconstruction, and renovation. We reinforce the foundations of your building and reconstruct the ceiling. We also provide low-budget construction options that will save you money and time. We understand that recovering from a disaster is as devastating as it is. And having to spend beyond your budget isn’t the first thing on your mind. Which is why we provide low-cost reconstruction and recovery of buildings and infrastructure.

Effective Cleanup

Reconstruction begins after the place is cleared of debris and waste. A disaster recovery team must clean up the area after rescuing individuals. Cleanup requires excavators, cranes, machines, and a whole lot of workforce. Because of this, cleanup can cost a lot. Effective cleanup must include a low budget option that can get the job done. Cleaning the building and picking up debris requires a lot of volunteers.

NY Engineers is dedicated to the customer’s property. We understand that recovering from a disaster can cost a lot, both in terms of lives and expenses. Which is why we provide effective cleanup and rescue within your budget. We rent machines and excavators at a low cost. And we negotiate with sub-contractors to get the work done quickly. Our team includes highly trained economic experts that minimize cost and decide the cheapest plan.

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Why Choose NY Engineers For Disaster Recovery?


Timely Rescue and Response

When it comes to responding to natural disasters, timing is everything. At NY Engineers, we take into account all the factors that can hinder rescue and reconstruction. Then we work to devise a plan that will remove all those obstacles. Our MEP Engineers and economic experts make quick decisions and fast planning. In this way, we reduce work time and perform rescue operations easily. We manage risks and reduce them effectively.

At NY Engineers, everything is done according to plan. Our plans are the fastest and cheapest. We perform speedy rescue to save as many lives as we can. In the case of a fire, we gather equipment to put out the fire as quickly as we can. In this way, our rescue squad saves tons of lives and saves your property and life.

Low Budget Reconstruction

Normally, reconstruction can take a lot of expenses. The materials need to be shipped from out-of-state due to unavailability. The machines and equipment need to be rented. And don’t forget the workforce that needs its wages. NY Engineers provides you with all the resources at a nominal cost. We provide you with rented machines from trusted contractors. We also have our own set of equipment that can get the job done in no time. Our resources require the least amount of money. 

NY Engineers is dedicated towards a cost-efficient reconstruction. We provide cleanups of roads, bridges, buildings, and homes, all at an effective rate. We don’t charge more than you can afford. Our prices are flexible and we listen to what our customers have to say. At NY Engineers, you get customer support and reconstruction services.

Experienced Workers

Knowing how to respond in a certain situation is a difficult task. Many volunteers need to have medical knowledge. They need to know basic resuscitation, stitching, and bandaging techniques. The volunteers and firefighters that work with us are both brave and experience. They have at least 10 years of experience working in the field. We provide firefighters that assess the situation correctly. They notice the damage done to the infrastructure and prevent further collapsing.

Our workers also provide psychological aid to rescue victims. We especially look after the children and the elderly. These individuals accumulate the most mental damage and need counseling as soon as possible. It’s easy to lose hope when disaster strikes. Our workers are motivated and full of hope. They maintain a positive environment and keep everyone safe.

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