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Enjoy an accurate model for your meter center and expect a smooth installation and successful project. NYE is your trusty MEP design partner.

Energy Efficiency

New York Engineers are adept in making energy-efficient models for meter centers and other MEP projects. You can always count on us.


The longevity of our output is one of our main priorities. Thus, we make sure to integrate only quality materials into the design.

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NYE Meter Center


A meter center is an advanced modular metering system that is usually used in residential and commercial areas. It is a type of a multiple metering system, and it is custom-figured to tackle each job. It is mainly comprised of a meter socket, a main disconnect, and various cabling components. Since a meter center is a complex system, you need an expert to plan its design.

We also offer planning and design services related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing tasks. We operate within Chicago and even outside, so you can easily contact us whenever you need help with your MEP design needs.

As said, planning and designing a meter center system is a complex job, and you need professionals to do the task for you. With NY Engineers in Chicago, you can achieve a safe, efficient, and cost-effective design for your meter center. Whether it’s for your home improvement or your business, you can trust us as we design your meter center.

NYE Meter Center Design

At NY Engineers, we use intensive, state-of-the-art MEP software solutions as we design each project at hand. This enables us to create realistic models of projects and deliver satisfactory results to our clients.  With advanced technology, we can go the extra mile when it comes to MEP designs.

We follow a standard procedure in each design project as we believe that a systematic approach is a key to a successful completion.

Here’s how we create our designs.

Step 1. The first step of NYE’s design procedure is the discussion phase. We listen to your plans and guide you as you define your ideal design.

Step 2. We send our team over to your area to gather the necessary information, including the structure of the building, the placement of the cabling components, and other meter-related information.

Step 3. Using the gathered information, our architects and engineers plan the design of your meter center system, consult the draft to you, and craft the final MEP model for the conclusion of the project. You shall receive the system model in one database file.

New York Engineers believe that the right design is key to the right system. MEP design takes place behind the scenes, but it’s a major part of the system construction. It is a crucial process as it can either make or break the entire project. What’s more, it plays a vital role in the design and planning, documentation, performance, cost-estimation, and the integrated operations of the system as a whole.

A meter center design, and MEP design, in general, is the backbone of any mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system, and NY Engineers is dedicated to being the support of such an integral system backbone.

NYE is not merely a group of experts but a group of dedicated ones who are committed to sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of MEP. We want to be a part of something great, and that is you and your MEP projects.

Throughout the entire design process, we take various important factors into consideration, including the client’s preferences, sustainability needs, structural aspects, commercial factors, and architectural design. We provide our clients with a set of system solutions and give them time to select the best choice. For electrical design, such as a meter center design, we take the time to conceptualize, craft schematic diagrams and develop efficient designs. With this, we are always able to develop the most functional, efficient, and cost-effective MEP designs for our valued clientele.

A Meter Center and Its Major Components

While NYE offers customized system designs, we make sure to include all the major components necessary for the system to function.

A meter center, as mentioned, is comprised of the main disconnect, metering stack or stacks, and custom-figured cabling components.

A typical meter center contains the following:

  • One or more meter sockets
  • Lockable Installers that can cable out from the system to individual tenant load centers
  • A lockable main service module termination point that houses the main disconnect devices and functions as utility service conductors

The above-mentioned components are typically included in a standard meter center system. As a design company, New York Engineers may or may not include such components depending on the need of the system as well as that of the client. Since meter center systems vary according to different cases, their features may do as well.

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Residential Meter Vs Commercial Meter Centers


New York Engineers offers system designs for both residential and commercial meter centers. While the two types of meter center systems seem similar, they actually somehow differ in terms of the construction.

  • Application

Residential meter centers are intended for apartments, condominiums, townhouses, strip malls, and other residential areas. On the other hand, commercial meter centers are intended for small office buildings, light industrial parks, and similarly, strip malls. Nevertheless, regardless of your location, NY Engineers can manage any of your system design tasks.

  • Compatible Power Systems

Residential meter centers are only compatible with 1-phase 120/240V 3-wire. Commercial meter centers are compatible with more systems, including 3-phase 208Y/120 4-wire, 1-phase 120/240V 3-wire, and 3-phase 240/120 4-wire delta. If you are used to all the technicalities involved in MEP tasks, have NYE do the job for you. We will examine your area and assess the compatible power systems that can bring you maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Metering Stack

The metering stacks of a typical residential meter center are single-phase 125 amps, single-phase 200 amps, and three-phase 200 amps. Meanwhile, the metering stacks of a typical commercial meter center are single-phase 200 amps, three-phase 200 amps, and three-phase 400 amps.

A meter center system is indeed a complex piece of work. That is why you need a design company that can design it while keeping safety, efficiency, and cost in mind at all times. New York Engineers’ MEP experts ensure you to have the best possible meter center system design at a low cost. For mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, choose NYE.


Why Choose Meter Centers?

Meter centers are beneficial in many different ways, and with NYE as your MEP design partner by your side, you can achieve the most effective meter center that suits your needs.

  • Real-time Energy Monitoring

One of the most significant benefits of a meter center system is having the capability to monitor the real-time energy consumption in your residential or commercial area. This is considered a benefit as it will help you watch your consumption levels. This will help you save costs in the long run.

  • Review of Energy Data

With a meter center, you will also be able to gather energy data that you may use to either upgrade or downgrade your appliance for cost or efficiency purposes.

  • Energy Performance Optimization

Having a meter center will also help you learn ways on how to optimize your energy performance. This will help you make more informed decisions in your household or workplace.

  • Actual Energy Usage Record

If you want to keep track of your energy usage, you can do that with a meter center system that records actual energy usage. Plus, you do not get mere estimates; you get real numbers.

  • Reduction of Waste Energy

With real-time energy data and actual energy usage records, you can reduce and even eliminate your waste energy.

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Why Choose NY Engineers? 


Working with NYE means working with MEP design experts. We have been in the MEP design industry for quite a while now, and through the years, we have gathered a wide range of experiences with regard to designing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. With all the knowledge and skills that we’ve gathered, we take pride in being an expert in the field of MEP design.

Work with us, and we shall offer you the following benefits:

Design Software Tools : Here at New York Engineers, we create consistent, coordinated, and high-quality documentation and model-based designs with the use of state-of-the-art design software tools. Our modern, high-tech design tools allow us to bring our ideas into reality with 2D and even 3D visualizations. This is especially crucial when designing meter center systems as they require serious conceptualization in order to create safe efficient, and affordable costs.

Affordable Costs :Speaking of affordable costs, NYE provides you with top-notch design solutions without requiring you to pay for high expenses. After all, we always prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over our sales. That’s how dedicated we are in offering our MEP services.

Systematic Design Process : We complete each design project by following a systematic step-by-step design procedure. From the discussion to the area assessment to the planning to the actual designing, each project is completed on time as the stages are guided by the set timeframe.

Vast MEP Experience : Operating as a MEP design service provider, NY Engineers not only tackles meter center system designs; we tackle other MEP designs as well. Aside from meter center designing, we offer services like pump, economizer, heater, chiller, transformer designs and more.

Personalized Design Services :We don’t offer products; we offer services. That is why we don’t have one single design. we personalize each system design accordingly, and we take into account the client’s preferences, sustainability needs, structural aspects, commercial factors, and architectural design. If you have a special case with you, this is beneficial for you as you get not only a standard design. with NYE, you get exactly what you need.

Fast Delivery : The length of the design process depends on the type of project tackled. Factors like the complexity of the system, the budget and the like all determine the period of the project’s completion. Nevertheless, NYE always delivers on time. With our systematic design process, we are able to stick to our timeframe and complete projects on before their due dates.

Guaranteed Safety :As a complex electrical system, a meter center system may hamper your safety at home or in your business area if done incorrectly. To ensure your safety, hire the most reliable design company to conceptualize your meter center system. We tackle technical MEP tasks on a daily basis, so we are already adept in a crucial task such as a meter center.

A Licensed Company : Of course, you can’t call a company reliable knowing that it doesn’t have a license. New York Engineers operates with a license, and it has all the other legal requirements required of a company in order for it to legally operate.

Licensed Professionals :In the same way, you can’t call an engineer reliable knowing that one doesn’t have a license. All the architects, developers, and building managers in NYE are licensed and certified to do MEP design tasks. With this, you can always trust NYE as you know that you’re in the right hands.

Friendly and Professional Customer Support :New York Engineers handles clients with great care. We make sure that our customer support representatives are knowledgeable, skillful, friendly, and professional. As a company that put its clients on top of its priority, NYE always keeps the comfort and convenience of our clients in mind.

Warranty : While we are confident that all our submissions are satisfactory, we still offer a labor warranty for our clients. That’s because we believe that customers are always right, and we must respect that. And since we aim to satisfy our clients, we can’t really afford to say no.

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