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The growing concerns about climate change have spurred the development of net-zero energy buildings in the United States and other regions. Experience the benefits of zero energy bills at the end of the year by utilizing our innovative zero energy design strategies.

Environmentally friendly

Our Net Zero Energy solutions are designed to ensure optimal environmental friendliness with zero gas emissions.


What the building consumes equals what it produces. Ultimately, no ridiculous energy cost.

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All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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What is Net Zero Energy?

There are varying definitions of net-zero energy as well as the metrics to actually gauge a net zero energy building but the end results are the same with common goals. Typically, a net zero energy refers to an initiative wherein buildings produce as much energy as they produce so that they can end up with zero energy bills and net zero carbon emissions at the end of the year. Such an initiative has gained the attraction of many homeowners who strive to take action in reducing carbon footprints. can help you achieve such goals of a net zero energy.

Reports have shown that buildings in the United States account for over 40% of energy consumption and this ultimately and consequently leads to more conventional energy production that contributes to carbon dioxide and other related gases emissions into the atmosphere.

There is a global outcry concerning the increase of environment damages thus calling for initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Although buildings are not the only culprits of emitting greenhouse gases, they are nonetheless the biggest contributor and it will take owners to consider net zero energy initiatives.

How is Net Zero Energy Buildings Different from Standard Homes?

From the outside, there isn’t much of the difference between net-zero energy and standard homes except that zero energy buildings are more comfortable to live in with well-insulated and airtight walls. Both houses are connected to the grid but a standard home relies solely on the grid, fossil-fuel-generated electricity for its basic functions.

A standard home uses electricity for cooling, cooking, heating, and other energy-dependent systems. The end result of such reliance is an overwhelming energy bill increase at the end of the year. What you pay this year will increase substantially in 10 years from now on. That’s a different perspective with zero energy buildings that advocate for from the design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting existing ones.

Moreover, standard homes largely contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and that goes against global initiatives to reduce such environmental impacts. Commercial buildings that rely predominantly or solely on fossil fuel produced power may realize exorbitant loses on a yearly basis, and so are its residential counterparts. Problems are manifold with standard homes: energy bills increase and adverse environmental impacts.

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Benefits of Net Zero Energy?


As a building owner, you will realize massive benefits such as zero increase in energy bills at the end of the year, thanks to net zero energy strategies. Our design strategies guarantee you such a benefit of popping out absolutely no increased dollar at the end of the year. Below are some of the benefits of net zero energy.


1). Excess consumed is taken to the grid to offset conventional energy demands

What net-zero energy building does is that renewable energy systems are incorporated in the construction so that the building can produce as much energy as it consumes. If you have generated excess energy, it can be sold back to the grid and you will consequently receive credit for that. It actually offsets the fossil fuel energy the building demands when renewable energy is not available.

Zero energy buildings are connected to the grid to use it rarely only when renewable energy sources such as solar in winter times are scarce. The other benefit is to route excess energy to the grid. The net result is net zero energy because the energy sold back offsets your consumption of conventional energies in unfortunate times.


2). No energy bills increase at the end of the year

Because such buildings rely solely on renewable energies and energy efficiency initiatives, you get to pay no increase in energy bills at the end of the year. Thinking of it mathematically, what is on the right must equal what is on the left. It means the energy consumed is equal to the energy produced through renewable energy means. The excess is taken to the grid. If the building experiences dark days of renewable energies such as winter days where solar is rare, it will take back the energy from the grid.

With net-zero energy building, you save from day one of occupancy. What you pay in the first year is what you will probably 15 years down the line, for example. It may be exorbitantly expensive to install thermal collectors at first but the system will pay for itself.


3).   Healthier living environment

The air quality in zero energy building is incomparable to standard homes. It is super clean with no possible traces of gases exposed to your beloved family. Our design strategies will eliminate any possible over-reliance on conventional energies. The appliances we choose for you, for instance, are carefully selected in line with green building strategies. Let us help you enhance the living conditions in your home.

The building envelopes in standard homes contribute to huge energy consumptions because air intake requires more energy. Our building designs ensure that all envelopes are tightly closed. We insulate the walls and the ceiling, and what you get is perfectly functional zero energy building that relies solely on natural ventilation for cooling and energy for heating. You’d even enjoy walking bare-footed on the floor due to the warmth in the house.


4). Reduce carbon emissions

The other great part of these buildings is that you get to take a huge part in reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. No reliance on conventional energies on a full-time basis. The minute you turn the light or switch on the hot water geyser, you have already contributed significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the zero energy building initiative that cuts that altogether.


5). The higher resale value of the building

Because the green building is a hot topic now, prospective buyers are looking for buildings that have incorporated sustainable design strategies to save them energy costs. Net zero energy buildings are beyond the concept of green building that focuses on the installation of energy-efficient systems whereas net zero concept highlights the need for renewable energy production in conjunction with energy-efficient systems.

A building incorporated with renewable energy systems and energy-efficient systems possesses a higher resale value than a standard home. Potential buyers know that they will save enormously with no annoying energy bills increases at the end of the year. What they pay today will be exactly what they pay in 10 years to come. Moreover, they attract taxes and energy credits by producing excess energy into the grid.

Designing Net Zero Energy Buildings

Designing these buildings comes with a special skill of professional engineers. is home to experts in green buildings and net-zero energy buildings. We guarantee you unmatched designs that incorporate all energy-efficient systems as well as renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic cells.

Our designs are well-known for their efficiency and to date, we have served hundreds of building owners. We take into account the synchronization of energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources. From the smart design to the orientation of windows so that they can absorb more solar energy to thermal mass and sloped roof to align photovoltaic cells on, we assure you the best results.

There are numerous renewable energy sources such as biomass, geothermal and wind power. Solar energy is the most popular and so we will prioritize in our design. From the design, we calculate the number of solar panels to install and how much energy they can produce to meet the needs of your energy consumption. We have award-winning architects who will ensure that your design is a success while working in synergy with other MEP engineers equipped in energy remodeling.

Constructing Net Zero Energy Buildings

We design great net zero carbon emission buildings and so they need great constructors to ensure that every fine detail of your design is honored. We are the experts in building commissioning so everything will be included from the onset. To avoid hiring disappointing constructors, we can be your go-to all-in-one engineers, designers, and constructors.

Alternatively, we can be your construction administrators to ensure that your project runs smoothly from the word go. You do not have to compromise your busy schedule by always being available at the construction site just to ascertain if things run smoothly. specialize in construction administration. You can decide which stage of the project you want us. Our engineers will honor periodic updates to you. We will track every progress to get you updated so that you can stay abreast of how energy-efficient and renewable energies are integrated into your building.

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Maintaining Net Zero Energy Buildings


Maintaining these buildings is yet another effort that excel with. Whatever you do, you need to ensure that you work within the confines of a net zero energy. The systems deteriorate with time and will thus need maintenance to preserve them. Our engineers excel in that. Even if it means repairing them, we have that sorted out. We are guided by relevant mandatory requirements to ensure that your building remains compliant to zero carbon emissions standards.

Net Zero Energy for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings are also encouraged to retrofit for zero energy initiatives. Although that might seem a bit cumbersome and costly, we can achieve that in minimal time at affordable costs. We will sit down with you to devise plans on how to integrate sustainable design strategies to your existing strategies. These include installing renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels.

We will further do energy calculations and synchronize renewable energies with existing systems or reinstall energy-efficient systems after conducting retro-commissioning. All that is needed from producing excess energy that you can send to the grid will be accomplished.

Retrofitting is a challenging task yet so much doable to professional engineers. It may need a complete overhaul of your building. Issues such as open envelopes that let in air and cost you heating costs in winter will be addressed. The wall and the roof have to be reconfigured with installations to meet net-zero energy standards. Existing windows may have to be replaced to insert energy-efficient ones. Also, we may have to re-choose you energy-efficient appliances accordingly. While it seems like a time-consuming and costly task, the end results are fruitful.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

With a wealth of experience in green building and net zero energy, we assure you great results of designing and constructing an environmentally friendly building that meets zero energy standards. The growing outcry of climate change prompts building owners in the United States and abroad to take necessary steps towards alleviating the problems. Our engineers are well-armed for that.

We offer construction administration that can help ensure that our renewable energy and energy-efficient designs are successfully completed. You do not have to be present at all the times throughout the construction as our engineers will keep you in the loop at all the times.

We also offer a retrofitting of existing buildings. The process might seem burdensome but we can gladly and successfully complete it in the shortest time possible and at affordable rates. Our professional MEP engineers can help you get certified for your net zero energy building so you can reap the benefits such as receiving energy credits and having a higher resale value.

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