Flood Zone Design Services

We help you develop buildings designed to last and keep you safe.

Built for Future

Our designers take the present flood conditions into account and create a structure to withstand future disasters.

Durable and Lasting

We help you build structures that lasts. Your property survives not just the next flood, but many floods to come.

Effective Flood Proofing

Flood proof your house to reduce damages and disruption. We help you stay above the water, always!

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Flood Zone Design and Flood Proofing Solutions

 weather resilient structures

Creating weather resilient structures

You know how dreadful the impacts of climate change can be today. In the last ten years, seven out of ten hurricanes were among the deadliest, causing extensive damage. Storms like Sandy has devastated several homes and families.

The number of natural disasters has increased over the years, with floods becoming more common across the USA. We have encountered flash floods, river floods, floods caused by rain and melting ice- the causes seem to be endless.

Flood Zone Design Services

You cannot prevent natural disasters from happening. But there is one way to minimize the losses caused to your property. You can increase the climate resilience of your building so that it is not affected by natural disasters. Or, you can decrease the amount of damages by adapting your property for extreme weather conditions.

You need to rethink and update current standards and practices for planning, designing and building. This is exactly where

We can make your home or building more resilient to flooding with an appropriate flood zone design. Our team is adept in flood zone design for new buildings and houses. We can also work to flood proof your existing property so that it can withstand future disasters.

We know that buildings and houses in flood zones need a different construction approach.

You cannot use the design or construction methods suited for a typical American house. You need to build knowing that there can be another flood. And we make you are ready for it!

A long-lasting house in a flood plain needs to be flood-proofed, hurricane-proofed and fireproofed. It has to meet the flood zone considerations in different building codes. We have helped build and rebuild many properties in flood zones and know how to create a lasting structure.

We help you build homes that survive future natural disaster events.

Flood Plain Design and Construction

Build durable properties that survive floods and damages

Building in the flood zone is not an easy task. But if you have to do it, you need to do it the right way! You are taking a risk with your life and property, and the project needs a serious approach. You need to construct a proper flood ready home so that it can prevent damages.

Our team has worked on several projects in flood plains and flood zones. We have built new properties and helped rebuild houses and communities. We design buildings in flood zones which will withstand the next natural disaster.

Climate change is inevitable, and floods are likely to become more common with time. Our engineers know this and rethink the basic design to build sustainable and long-lasting properties. Our flood zone design keeps buildings safe from floods, hurricanes and fires.

We create resilient infrastructures so that you can limit disruptions and reduce long-term costs.

Our flood zone designs prepare you not just for the next flood, but for many floods to come. We help you build properties with structural value to survive incidents of floods.

Our flood zone design incorporates a plethora of considerations to avoid flood damages. Sometimes we may elevate your property so that flood water can pass underneath. We use techniques like flood openings to avoid hydrostatic pressure which results in damages. If your budget permits, we will also use non-combustible materials to build your house. A fire may break out after a storm or flooding and cause further damages to your property.

Our firm also integrates sustainability wherever possible. We help you create a building meant to last and get it right in the first attempt. It's not feasible to build your home twice. So let us help you create a sustainable, energy-efficient and durable building to survive flooding and natural disasters.

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Flood Zone Consideratios

flood zone

Are You Located in a Flood Zone?

Many federal agencies take part in identifying flood hazards. The agency directly related to the identification of flood zones is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It works through divisions like the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to identify flood zones.

You can easily find out if you are located in a flood zone by accessing FEMA Flood Zone Maps. The NPIF maps also help you locate flood hazards in 20,000 communities across the United States. You may also need to research other maps like :

  • Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
  • Flood Boundary and Floodway Maps (FBFM)
  • Flood Hazard Boundary Maps (FHBM)

Some properties are also located in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). The SFHA is divided into "A" zones and "V" zones and have different design and building implications. The "A" zone and "V" zone are again divided into several subcategories. You must have knowledge of each category to design a building for flood zones.

Apart from SFHA, there are zones outside SFHA and undetermined flood hazards. You will need a thorough knowledge about the location and flood zone nuances for designing a building in a flood zone. It may not be possible for you to handle all the responsibilities single-handedly. You may also find it difficult to understand the items on the maps.

Our designers and architects are familiar with flood hazard maps and can help you out. We will review the maps and create a suitable design and planning process for your property.

We also supplement our reviews with updated calculations and metrics like flood level estimates. The process is significant when you are dealing with old or outdated flood hazard maps. The information and research are crucial, as it affects the location, design and construction of your building.

Our designers use the present conditions and create designs for future conditions. You can ensure the safety of your family and property for many more floods to come!

Flood Zone Building Code and Requirements

Flood Zone Building Code

Full compliance with building codes for maximum flood resistance

Building in a flood zone is different and comes with a unique set of considerations. You cannot expect to follow the same construction codes applicable to other jurisdictions. On top of that, there are several regulations and community guidelines to follow. Following the codes is imperative; otherwise, you are likely to face building failures as a direct result.

You have to keep different codes in mind while designing a property for flood zones. The International Building Code (IBC) has distinct requirements for buildings located in flood zones. The NFPA 5000: Building Construction and Safety Code especially applies to buildings vulnerable to floods.

The mandatory provisions in the IBC are included mostly in Section 1612 (Flood Loads). You can also find applicable provisions in Section 106.2, Section 109.3.3, Section 1107.7.5 and more. Some jurisdictions may also adopt Optional Provisions listed in Appendix G (Flood-Resistant Construction). You may also need to refer to Section J101.2 (Grading, Flood Hazard Areas).

The applicable ordinances in NFPA 5000 are contained in Chapter 39 (Flood-Resistant Design and Construction). You may also need to consult Section, Chapter 35, Section and Section among others. The design and construction of the building may also need compliance with SEI/ASCE-7 and SEI/ASCE-24.

The codes and standards apply to various aspects of designing such as lowest floor elevation. You will also need to design flood openings, breakaway walls and other flood-proofing measures in accordance with the codes.

Our team has detailed knowledge of all codes, ordinances and regulations applicable to flood zones. We are also aware of local floodplain management regulations which affect the design of a  building. Some states and governments also mandate additional requirements for flood zone design. You will need to consider them apart from fulfilling other codes.

Our designers abide by all regulations and develop full proof designs according to applicable codes. No matter where your property is located, we can ensure full compliance with rules. We always stay updated about latest developments in regulations or codes. Designing a building according to latest codes enable you to withstand forces of nature in a better way.

We help you build homes that get the go-ahead from the authorities and can resist floods effectively.

Fundamentals of Flood Zone Design

Flood zone buildings need flood-resistant design and construction. The main goal of the design is to withstand flotation, lateral movement and collapse during flooding. Our designers use different effective techniques to achieve a flood-proof design.


One of the main techniques to design a flood zone property is elevation. Your building is constructed as per the Design Flood Elevation (DFE), so that flood waters don't enter your property. Our designers will use the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and calculate the DFE applicable for your design.

For example, a house in a flood zone in New York City must be 2 feet above the BFE. So if you have a BFE of 12 feet, your DFE will turn out to be 14 feet.

We will also take the help of topographic survey which comes as a part of a full architectural survey of your property. The survey helps us find topos or elevations in your property we can use to construct your building. We also consider the local zoning codes to find out where you can place the building.

If your entire property is in the flood zone, we can elevate your building on columns. We use durable materials like concrete to construct the columns for highest efficiency. The flood water flows under your building while your property stays dry and safe!

Strapping and Other Security Measures

We use different methods to resist the lateral forces exerted by flood waters. Measures like shear walls keep your property intact and prevent it from tipping over. We also use strapping so that parts of your building are not ripped off. The whole structure remains stable even at the seams allowing full utility of the structure.

Flood Proof Building Materials

Material selection is an important step to design flood-resistant houses. If your budget permits, we will use concrete or cement blocks for your building. They are robust and durable, and even resistant to fire. You can ensure the longevity of your property and make way for a modern design.

Houses with steel frames are becoming common in flood zones. They have a similar construction approach like wood frame houses but are non-combustible. The extra expense for steel pays off well by ensuring structural stability during natural disasters. Steel frame houses take longer to build, and you need the right person to do the job. We have built several steel frame houses in flood plains and coastal areas and know how to bring out the best.

We can also design wood frame houses with extra measures like strapping and sheathing for flood zones. Building components like doors and windows are also chosen with additional care. We mostly go for hurricane rated materials which can ward off natural forces effectively.

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Let's create a durable building to withstand the forces of nature

Flood Zone Designs

Successful Flood Zone Designs for Highest Resiliency

Our flood zone designs can withstand flood loads and other loads for decades to come. With a foolproof design, any flooding results in minor damages you can easily repair. The foundation of your building remains intact and fully functional during a flood and its aftermath.

Any breakaway enclosure below your DFE will be able to break free. They won't cause damage to the foundation, utility systems, building access structures or the foundation. We will also ensure that your building envelope is not compromised in case of floods.

If any damages occur to utility connections, you can restore them easily with minor work. Your building remains accessible and usable even if flood water fills your neighborhood.

We help you design a building which stands against the odds of nature.

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