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Battery Charging Stations: Tesla Superchargers


Certified Tesla Superchargers installation

The name of Tesla draws awe and inspiration in the automotive industry. Tesla electric cars have earned a name for themselves for their quality and efficiency. Model S. Model X. Model 3- the names mean high-performance electric cars that no one other than Tesla can make.

Electric cars will replace the fuel guzzling traditional cars in the future. Initiatives like the Paris Agreement is looking to cut down the use of fossil fuel to fight climate change. Some countries have already taken the resolution to phase out gasoline-driven cars in coming years.

There's no doubt electric cars will be the chosen transport mode in the future. And Tesla is going to have a strong control over the market share.

Tesla needs an adequate number of charging stations to keep its cars on the road. People need to charge their car batteries just like you fill up gas.

The company already operates over a thousand Supercharging stations all over the world. The stations are located in gas stations, shopping malls, grocery stores, and downtown districts. You can also find charging stations in hotels, restaurants and other locations.

Tesla is looking for partnerships with businesses and property owners to expand its Supercharger network. You can also apply to become a Tesla Supercharger partner if you qualify!

offer certified Tesla Supercharger installation service. Once you get clearance from Tesla, we will do everything to set up your Supercharger station.


Tesla is Going to Double Supercharger Network in 2019

Currently, there are12,888 Superchargers in 1,441 Supercharger stations in the world. A huge number of Superchargers are also located in North America. Tesla is planning to expand its Supercharger network in 2019 and add more stations.

Elon Musk announced the plans last year on Twitter. He also added that the Supercharger V3 would roll out in the same year. That means you have the perfect chance of becoming a Tesla charging partner.

Your commercial property can attract Tesla drivers, but that is not the only thing! There is something mystic and enigmatic being a Tesla associate. You can never play down that part!

So if you got some spare land and electric supply, you can qualify for the partnership.

The Benefits of a Tesla Supercharger Station

Having a Tesla Supercharger station on your property comes with many benefits. The association with Tesla instantly boosts your profile status. You can enjoy the influence and perks of being a Tesla location and attract Tesla owners.

Your business gets the attention and extra footfall. Tesla owners who come to your station will stop by your restaurant for a quick meal as their cars charge. Your stores can also earn extra profit and create customer loyalty among Tesla drivers.

Tesla charging stations have a high usage rate. Some stations experience as many as 17 sessions during peak usage in a day. The number is expected to go up in the future as more Tesla cars hit the road. You can increase your number of customers with a Tesla Supercharger station no matter what business you own.

If you own a hotel, you can be sure that Tesla owners put up at your place. You can expect the guests to become repeat customers and increase your revenue. Gas stations can also make some quick sales no matter what you sell!

Employers who offer Tesla Superchargers in their parking can look forward to more motivated employees. Having a charging station may also become necessary as the future workforce drives in with a Tesla!

Tesla Superchargers in apartments increase the property value. Tesla owners will certainly list you among their preferred choices while looking for options. You can also ask for higher rent by offering the charging infrastructure on your property.

Any business can increase their brand image by becoming a Tesla Supercharger partner. Your name is also likely to appear in news and media publications. Your presence on social media will also become stronger and your profile will receive a boost.

Your business can take advantage of the publicity to make more people aware of your brand. They will be curious about your product or service and may ultimately become your customer.

The brand association with Tesla is also beneficial for companies with environmental priorities. Tesla is all about going green and the partnership can mean a to your company.

The best part is that the partnership is totally free! You don't have to pay a single cent to Tesla or anyone. The company will take care of all costs required for installing the chargers. You also don't need to pay anything for the modification work of your property. Tesla will also pay for the electricity charges for charging the cars.

You should remember that Tesla is not going to pay you any money for installing the Superchargers. All the benefits that we discussed come from associating yourself with the Tesla brand. It's a fair deal as you don't have to take responsibility for any expenses. 

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Who can Join Tesla Network of Supercharger Stations?

Tesla has taken up the initiative to create a nationwide network of charging stations across the world. As a part of the expansion program, it is also looking to establish more Supercharger stations in the USA. Tesla Supercharger stations enable Tesla vehicle owners to charge their vehicles just like you fill up gas at a gas station.

Different types of property owners and managers can team up with Tesla to open Supercharger stations. You can enjoy a number of benefits by opting to be a Supercharger partner with Tesla.

So what type of properties is Tesla looking for? Will you be able to partner with Tesla and host a Supercharger station? Let's find out!


Hospitality is one of the most promising industries where Tesla Supercharger stations are coming up. If you own a restaurant, hotel or other hospitality business, you can become a Tesla charging partner.

Tesla has already partnered with popular restaurants like Ruby Tuesday in the United States. The company plans to host the rapidly growing Supercharger network and offer their guests a place to charge their Tesla vehicles.

You can also host a Supercharger station if you have enough space around your hotel. This is especially applicable to hotels located around highways as they are expected to get more Tesla vehicles. Hotels in urban areas can also apply to become a Tesla charging partner.

Retail and Convenience Stores

Retail stores located in the USA can also opt to join hands with Tesla. You can host a Supercharger station and drive more customers to your store. Tesla is more interested in partnering with convenience stores which have multiple locations in the country. This helps them to grow their network and offer increased locations to charge Tesla vehicles.

For example, Sheetz already has 21 locations that host Tesla Supercharger stations. You can also team up with Tesla if you own a chain of retail stores. Owners of single stores can also approach Tesla and try their luck. Tesla is always looking to expand its charging network, so you may very well get on their team!

Tesla also says on their website that their charging stations can also be found in grocery stores and shopping centers. So if you manage a store or a mall, it's high time to consider hosting a Tesla charging station.

Gas Stations

Owners of gas stations can approach Tesla and apply for becoming a Supercharger partner. Tesla already operates a number of Supercharger stations in gas station across the USA. So if you own a gas station, you are qualified to become a Tesla partner.

Multi-Family Properties

Apartments and multi-family dwellings have the option of installing Tesla charging units. You can also provide this basic amenity to your current or future residents if you are a developer or property manager.

Multi-family buildings can qualify for hosting overnight charging solutions. So even if you don't get to host the Supercharging stations, you can become a part of Tesla with other charging options.

You should consult with Tesla to find out if you can have a Supercharger station in your property.

Workplace and Businesses

Tesla would really like it if you provide a charging station for your employees who own a Tesla vehicle. It doesn't matter if you are a small or big business- you can apply to become a Tesla partner without restrictions.

Tesla also launched the 'Workplace Charging' program last year. The company is providing free charging stations to qualified employers and commercial property managers. It is offering the Tesla Wall Connectors for free and even helping companies with the installation procedure.

Most employees park their cars for seven to eight hours every day in their office. That gives enough time to charge the vehicles and get a fully-recharged battery when you are done for the day.

But unlike other charging stations the workplace parking lot will not show up on the map. The chargers are for the use of office employees only.

You can directly apply for the workplace program by visiting the Tesla website. 

Create Modern Battery Charging Stations

You need to fulfill some prerequisites to become a Tesla charging partner. Tesla doesn't need any monetary commitment, but you will need some available space.

You need to have 200 to 600 square feet space for the Superchargers and other equipment. Tesla also requires you to have 4 spaces for dedicated Tesla car owners. You should also have 4 to 6 additional spaces for other stations. Both normal electric cars and Tesla owners can use these stations.

Tesla will need a power supply source around your premises. Wall outlets near the intended charging station are ideal and exactly what Tesla may look for.  Your space should also have proper lighting arrangements. So if you don't have proper lights, add some before you apply for the partnership.

You will have to commit to at least an agreement of 5 years. Sometimes Tesla may also want to sign a contract for 10 years. The company needs a long-term commitment so that it can gain some return on the investment. If you find it profitable to host the charging station, you may also extend the contract.

That's it! You don't need anything more to host a Tesla Supercharger station.

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Professional Tesla Supercharger Station Installation


Are You Ready to Host Tesla?

Tesla is taking care of the entire bill for the Supercharger station installation. So it's a no-brainer that you should get a Supercharger station in your roadside business. You can look forward to increased profit and reputation in the market.

You can always expect more customers as sale of Tesla car increases. The time is not very far when every other car on the road will be a Tesla electric vehicle. Tesla cars made up 80% of the total electric car sales in the USA in 2018. They have the major market share which will only increase in the future as electric cars become more common.

It makes perfect sense to install a Tesla Supercharger in your property. You will get guaranteed customers as more people will be stopping over to charge their cars. So take the opportunity before Tesla decides to stop adding more Supercharger stations.

is always by your side and will help with the entire installation process. Being a Tesla partner we are always dedicated to quality and high-standard work. We will transform your property with the Supercharger station and make it suitable for hosting the infrastructure.

You don't have to worry about a single thing! Contact us today to know more about the installation process.

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