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Advanced Design Solutions for Zero Energy Homes

Net Zero Homes

What is a Net Zero Home?

A net-zero home or zero energy home is just like any other home, but more efficient! Right from the start, net-zero homes have one goal in mind- to make it as energy-efficient as possible. That means reducing the energy requirements of your home and enhancing its energy-generating capabilities.

Net-zero homes provide all the comforts of a regular home. You can enjoy heating, cooling, washing, and drying- but in a more energy-efficient manner. The homes are not necessarily removed from the grid. But you can have your own renewable energy generation system to lower your utility bills.

Zero energy homes are air-tight and have improved insulation. The homes have a design which efficiently manages water, heat and vapor flow. Your roof may come with solar panels to generate electricity for low-energy needs. The idea is to lower your energy bills to zero, or near to zero!

A net-zero home uses thoughtful design concepts and advanced building systems. Everything is done to make the house as energy-efficient as possible. As a result, you have a comfortable, green and healthy home for your family to live in.

Zero energy homes are steadily growing in popularity with homeowners realizing the cost savings they offer. The homes also make way for lower footprint an environment-friendly living.

New York Engineers designs the most energy-efficient homes that consume minimum energy. If you want to build a zero energy home, we can design the perfect home for a sustainable and affordable future. We can help your home generate renewable energy, lowering the costs further.

What Goes into Making a Net Zero Home?

net zero

Zero energy homes need careful consideration right from the conception stage. Our designs include clever techniques and superior construction methods that result in an efficient and energy-saving home. Here are some aspects that make way for a net zero home-

  1. Advanced Design

We use advanced design concepts to create a smart and cost-effective net zero home. Our architects are well versed with the nuances of energy-efficient designing. We use a number of materials and best practices which are specific only to zero energy homes.

Other considerations include the shape and size of your home, building orientation, thermal bridging, air barrier systems and more. Our designs are made in a way that your contractor can implement them in the most cost-effective ways.

  1. Energy Analysis

Evaluating the energy requirements of your home is another important aspect. We use energy modeling software to identify the energy saving features that are most cost-effective. The findings help us to modify or change the design aspects for maximum efficiency and affordability.

The findings of energy modeling also impact the final plans and construction documents.

  1. Sealing the Building Envelope

You can reduce your cooling and heating energy costs by air sealing your home. The cost-effective method also goes a long way to improve comfort and indoor air quality. We use proven and effective air-sealing solutions to create a strong barrier which preserves your indoor climate.

Our team also takes into account your local climate and budget to design a tightly-sealed building envelope.

  1. Comprehensive Insulation

After we have created a super-tight building envelope, we move on to design the insulation. Insulating is another cost-effective method which done properly can result in a zero energy home. We use the results of the energy modeling to find out the best ways of insulation.

Insulation is provided for all six sides of your home including walls, floors and ceilings. We also employ framing strategies to reduce thermal bridging and achieve full-proof insulation for the building envelope.

  1. Insulated Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are some of the main areas which leak energy. We select the most appropriate doors and windows which preserve energy and reduces your utility bills. Our team will select the windows with the best performance and even plan their orientations carefully.

Placement of doors and windows is also crucial. For example, we can strategically place windows to allow cross ventilation. It keeps your home cooler in summer and cuts down your cooling load.

The size of the windows is another important consideration. Did you know that windows leak more energy via frames than glass? For this reason, we select big windows with minimum framing for higher performance.

  1. Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System

Heating and cooling system can eat up a lot of energy in any house. So we select the most energy efficient systems to meet the goals of your net zero home. There are many solutions that we can use based on your needs, climate and budget.

For example, we can use ductless heat pumps which save energy and are less costly to install. For cold climates, we can choose a cold climate rated heat pump works well even in temperatures up to -10-degree Fahrenheit.

We also choose the correct size and location of the units so that you can have the best results.

  1. Designed for Solar Tempering

Solar tempering is less expensive than passive solar techniques and grown in popularity in recent years. Solar tempering enables your house to use the energy of the sun without the extra expenses of thermal mass.

For example, one strategy is to maximize heating by placing more south-facing windows in winter. The same windows can be provided with shades to lower cooling load during summer.

We can use several techniques to optimize the energy of the sun to create your net zero home.

  1. Smart Water Heating

Water heating comes right after heating and cooling in respect to energy expenditure. That's why we select the most efficient water heating technology and strategies to conserve hot water.

Based on your needs, climate and budget, we will figure out the best heating system to use. Consequently, we can use solar water heating, heat pump water heaters or electric resistant water heaters. We also use water saving strategies like water-saving shower heads and faucets to minimize hot water use.

  1. Clever Ventilation

Living in a net zero home is healthy and comfortable. Why?

Because an airtight and super-sealed building needs proper ventilation. All energy-efficient homes have ventilation solutions which control moisture levels and offers improved air quality.

Various types of ventilators are available which capture the heat from the air and return it to the house. For instance, heat recovery ventilators retain 70% to 90% of the heat. The ventilators supply fresh warm air and even control moisture levels.

We decide which technology is right for your home based on several factors.

  1. Energy Conserving Lighting

Energy-efficient homes need energy-efficient lighting! Our goal is to optimize lighting and reduce energy consumption.

Our zero energy homes are designed to make most of natural lighting. That means using features like windows and skylights with proper placement and orientation. Natural lighting eliminates the need for lights during the day and also make your home feel cozy.

 We also select energy-efficient lighting options like LED lights. You can get different LEDs like warm white, daylight and cool white for diverse lighting preferences. Choosing the right LED is vital, and so is installing them in the right places!

Our designs have it all.

  1. Right Appliances

Appliances and other electronics make up 60% of the energy consumption in a home. Selecting the right appliances to save energy is part of our design process.

We also provide wall outlets and switches at kitchens and entertainment rooms where you are most likely to use electronics. That way you can switch off the main power and prevent phantom loads.

  1. Renewable Energy

If you wish, we can even design your home with a solar power system. You can use the sun's energy for your heating, cooling and lighting system and reduce grid-dependency. The energy returned to your home also means savings on your utility bills.

These are just some of the techniques we use to design zero energy homes. We approach each client based on your unique needs, so the solutions vary from project to project. But you can be sure of one thing- we always create the most energy-efficient homes.

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The Benefits of a Net Zero Home


What sets net zero homes apart from the rest?

We all know that zero energy homes are meant to conserve energy. But the design and engineering principles used in such a home also lead to several advantages. Let's find out some of the benefits that living in a net zero home offers.

  1. Lower Cost of Ownership

Net zero homes don't have to pay extravagant energy bills. All that you pay is a small monthly fee to stay connected to the grid. Any extra cost you incur to install technologies like solar panels return to you in the form of savings.

For example, a 900 square feet home in New York pays around $127 in utility bills. Now consider how much you can save in a year if your energy bills are near to zero. It will be around $1500. For ten years, we are talking about savings of $15,000.

That means a net zero home is less expensive to own compared to a standard home.

  1. High Durability

Net zero homes use more durable construction methods and materials compared to conventional homes. For example, the walls in a zero energy home are thick and insulated. We also use durable doors and windows for maximum energy efficiency.

As a result, they require less maintenance and last for many years to come.

  1. Environment-Friendly

According to the U.S Department of Energy, 39% of the country's energy consumption is tied to residential and commercial sectors.

Net zero homes aim to reduce the use of energy generated from fossil fuels. You can lower or eliminate carbon emissions and contribute towards fighting climate change. Zero energy homes also emphasize the use of renewable energy, further lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Healthier and Comfortable

The design, materials, building techniques and technologies used in a net zero home create a healthy living space for your family. You can enjoy clean and fresh indoor air thanks to advanced ventilation systems.

Your home is also more airy and optimizes natural lighting. The non-toxic materials used to construct the building and air filtration make way for healthy living. You don't need to worry about allergens or pollutants anymore!

The highly insulated walls and airtight construction also provides a quiet and peaceful living experience.

  1. High Resale Value

All the factors that make zero energy homes unique also increase their resale value. You can earn back your investment and even make a profit while selling your home.

Net Zero homes create a better future for your family and the world. If you want to join the green movement, zero energy home is the way to go!

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Net zero for higher savings

Each of our net zero homes is designed with energy efficiency in mind. We just don't create houses with solar panels; we aim for total energy conservation. Our architects and engineers use advanced building science concepts to develop an airtight, super-insulated home. We follow all building and energy codes and comply with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

We have a strong commitment to the environment. Our homes not only cut down environmental footprint, but also offers a restorative effect. We only use high-performance designs to ensure your home gives back as much energy as it consumes. Our advanced engineering incorporates energy conversation in every aspect of the building, from framing to finish.

New York Engineers helps you to achieve complete net zero energy no matter wherever you are located. Our designs can guarantee you savings and sustainability for all types of climates, whether warm or cold. We help you optimize energy efficiency and make way for a healthier, greener and cost-effective net zero home.

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