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Among several sustainability programs such as LEED, Enterprise Green Community Program focuses on low-income families in America. NY Engineers is the expert technical assistance to help you achieve this certification.


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Enterprise Green Community Certified Design

Green Community

What is Enterprise Green Community?

As reflected in the name, Enterprise Green Community is a sustainability rated system that promotes green building initiatives to affordable housing in America. You may have heard about programs such as LEED (Leadership through Energy and Environmental Design), which are more broadly focused on many building designs.

Enterprise Green Communities, on the other hand, focus on low-income houses as stipulated in their criteria for selection of their certifications. We are multi-skilled in all these certifications. Whether you need LEED or Enterprise Green Communities Certified Design, our engineers are more than capable to provide you with that.

The main purpose of this initiative was to ease the cost burdens on low-income earners whose burdens are aggravated by costly systems. As a result, the program strives to reduce energy use, conserve water, and improve overall health while also significantly reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Studies have revealed that buildings in America contribute enormously to the emission of greenhouse gases. Our engineers agree with these studies. As homeowners, we have plenty of systems: cooling, heating, that consume more energy and release gases into the atmosphere. Without green building strategies, the mission to combat greenhouse gas emissions may be futile. With New York Engineers you can achieve whichever green building goal you are aiming.

We are a renowned technical assistance team from design to certification acquisition. It can be daunting to obtain one. Combining years of experience, we can make sure that you achieve certification in a short period of time. We know how daunting the process might seem especially as a beginner. It can seem overwhelmingly burdensome. All you need is a dedicated and client-centric third party to help you achieve this certification. We are that technical assistance team that can liaise with your project team and Enterprise Green Communities representatives to ensure that your project is a success.

Why have Enterprise Green Community Design?

Green Community Design

Developers, building owners, and other stakeholders can benefit greatly from Enterprise Green Community Certified Design.

Such a building design is geared towards 8 categories of Enterprise Green Communities Criteria set in 2015:

  • Integrative design
  • Location and neighborhood fabric
  • Site improvements
  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Materials
  • Healthy living environment
  • Operations, maintenance, and resident engagement

It is evident from the criteria above that this certification brings lots of benefits to building owners and tenants. If your building meets the criteria, it can attract tax incentives and attract more tenants and possibly investors as well. It shows how caring you are with the health and economic situation of your tenants. It further shows how caring you are to the environment by reducing greenhouse effects.

Our engineers can be with you every step of the way in ensuring that your design is Enterprise Green Communities compliant. There are basically two steps to achieve this certification: during the design phase and after construction.

As we design your building structure, we ensure that the criteria set above are integrated into the overall design. Enterprise Green Communities wants to review your design before the construction begins. This will save you lots of costs that you would incur in correcting your design in order to meet the criteria set.

Our engineers, with their technical expertise, will design the best green design guided by green building strategies geared towards low-income earners. Thereafter, we will coordinate and facilitate your online submittals in a quest to acquire the certification. There are various certifications per stage of developments with optional points to be earned in addition to certificate issuance.

As we indicated already, the process can be cumbersome for others. All you need is a well-rounded team of engineers to help you achieve the criteria set. Such an effort starts from the design through to the post-construction stage after the building has received a certificate of occupancy. With our engineers, however, everything can be made easy and then have your building certified.

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Who Should Get Enterprise Green Community Certified Design?


Many people may be asking themselves if their projects are in fact eligible for this certification. There are criteria that your house has to meet prior to considering this certification route.

Among others, your project must meet the definition of affordable housing whereby it targets low-income earners with incomes up to 60% of the area median. The projects that are for-sale must meet income target of up to 80% of the area median. Furthermore, 80% of units in your project must be assigned to affordable housing and 80% of total square footage must be dedicated to such housing.

Once the above requisites are met, you are eligible to consider applying for Enterprise Green Communities Certification. New York Engineers can help you achieve that. We can also help you meet the percentage assignment of units to low-income earners. We know how daunting the task could seem.

How do I Apply for Enterprise Green Community Certification?


We can also help you after the design to apply for Enterprise Green Communities Certification. You have to apply during the design phase, just before construction. With our design, you are assured that meeting the mandatory criteria is an absolute breeze because our engineers have been working with Enterprise Green Communities for a long time as the technical assistance team. We assist building owners to achieve this certification in a short period of time.

There is an online platform through which you have to submit documents for certification. Enterprise Green Communities will take about 30 days to review your documents and then send the email detailing the review or the need to meet some criteria. If selected, you have to participate in the Enterprise Green Communities Verification Protocol.

From the design to submissions of documents for review we can help you. As we stated above, certification is twofold: before construction and after construction. Our engineers will be with you every step of the day to ensure full certification. Without our technical expertise and guidance, you may struggle to fully meet the criteria set for Enterprise Green Communities.

Most importantly, we offer services beyond Enterprise Green Communities boundaries. It is about improving the health of low-income earners and also relieving financial burdens off their shoulders by reducing energy consumption significantly. We ensure that our green building strategies are sustainable in the long run.

Benefits of Enterprise Green Community Certified Design

The cost of living can be demanding to low-income. Such costs could be attributed to consumption of conventional fossil-fuel energies for cooking, cooling, heating, and other energy-demanding tasks/systems. With a low income, tenants may struggle to sustain their lifestyles.

New York Engineers help building owners and low-income tenants to manage their finances properly through green building performance standards. Our certified design integrates the criteria expected from Enterprise Green Communities. The design itself will be affordable to construct because we will have eliminated costly systems and unneeded components from it.

Green building strategies reduce the costs of constructing buildings. Also, they help reduce operational and maintenance costs in the long run. Recall LEED building strategies and net-zero energy strategies. They cost lesser than conventional building designs that break your bank balance. We are experts in any of these green building and energy-saving strategies and so we can help achieve their ratings.

An Enterprise Green Community Certified Design will attract new low-income tenants with full support from the government for guaranteed rentals. It is a design worth taking for building owners in the United States.

The design is not only beneficial to low-income earners but to a broader community and affordable housing developers in America. Enterprise Green Communities Certification is committed to providing benefits to affordable housing developers, low-income tenants, and communities. Hence the name “Green Communities”, the enterprise focuses on bringing environmental and economic benefits to communities, particularly those of low-income residents.

Building developers will also enjoy reduced energy costs and reduced emission of greenhouse gases. Your project will attract more investments and tax incentives from the US government. Operating and maintenance costs will also be minimal in the long run. Let New York Engineers realize the benefits of Enterprise Green Community Certified Design.

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Choosing The Best Enterprise Green Community Certified Design


Not everyone is well-versed with Enterprise Green Communities criteria we highlighted above. The overall design has to be integrative of all the green building strategies. It has to take into account the mandatory criteria and meet every single criterion. New York Engineers can accomplish that for you. We have helped plenty of clients achieve this certification in a short period of time. Our submittals get approved quickly because we excel in our designs.

When choosing the best design, ensure that the technical assistance team has experience in green building performance standards. The process of integrating green building strategies can be cumbersome to many people. One has to do energy remodeling to ensure that minimal energy is consumed. With our engineers and their advanced engineering calculations, we assure you the best reductions. Any appliance that compromises our efforts will be replaced.

Moreover, do not focus on Enterprise Green Communities Certification only. The technical team must ensure that your project reaps more benefits beyond the certification endeavors. Our engineers are well-known for such benefits. We optimize designs and eliminate unnecessary design components. We draft long term strategies while ensuring that the certification criteria are met.

Is DIY possible for Enterprise Green Community Certified Design?

Design Section

Provided you are well-rounded with the criteria needed for this certification then you would probably consider the DIY route. However, note that the route is demanding. The design must be done by professional engineers and architects to ensure a smooth process of integrating green building strategies as per Enterprise Green Communities Certifications. Thereafter, you have to submit the design documents for review by the Enterprise Green Communities technical team.

It is a long process with the possible return of documents until you meet criteria in full. With professional engineers, the process can be much easier. Other submittals have to be done after construction, which is yet another burdensome process.

Green building is a burdensome process for amateurs. New York Engineers can demystify it for you. We can give you a certified design in a short period of time. Also, we can also ensure that the second step is achieved after construction.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

With plenty of years of experience in building designs, we assure you the best Enterprise Green Community Certified Design on the market. Our engineers work hand in hand with our architects to ensure that we achieve all the criteria set out for Enterprise Green Communities. We are well-versed with the 8 criteria we have highlighted in the beginning.

Designing these buildings involves artistic talent and expertise to integrate green building strategies. The idea is to reduce energy consumption while also improving the health of low-income residents. Such initiatives care for the environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New York Engineers is a hub for various green building initiatives such as net-zero energy and LEED. We provide unmatched consulting in all these programs. Choosing us is the best decision to expedite the certification process because, as we said, it can be cumbersome for the amateur. Let us be your go-to designer of Enterprise Green Communities Certified Designs in Chicago and beyond.

The certification can also be done for existing buildings. There is a certain number of points to earn for rehabilitated buildings and new constructions. Our engineers are well-equipped with all sorts of certifications. This makes us the best consulting engineers in Enterprise Green Communities.

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