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Environmental Site Assessments

Identify Environmental Concerns for a Sound Investment

You take a used car to a mechanic before you purchase it to make sure everything is okay. Some people take help of building inspector to assess a property they want to purchase. The common aim is to find out if anything is of concern with the assets which might impact your investment. The same applies when you are considering the purchase of a commercial or industrial property.

You have to take numerous risks when starting your business. When it comes to real estate, one big concern is dealing with environmental and contamination on the property you have acquired. You are the one who will be responsible for handling the concerns, so it only makes sense to find out all you can before you put your money on it.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments or ESA or Phase I ESA is a big step to minimize the risks related to environmental concerns. A Phase I ESA looks at the current and historical uses of the property and determines if there are any environmental, contamination or other hazards. The findings of the assessment help you determine if the investment will be profitable and also provide recommendations for remedial actions.

provides accurate Phase I ESA to help you identify the environmental liabilities of your investment. Our experienced and authorized environmental professionals can dig out the most hidden concerns and liabilities so that you can become an informed consumer and make an informed decision.

We have helped several clients make sound investments by empowering them with full knowledge of their property. Our team performs ESA over the length and breadth of the USA with full awareness of local and regional regulations. 

If you want to make a profitable investment, be sure to take our assistance and find out all you can about your future prospect.

Why should You Get a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

We can write hundreds of pages outlining the reasons to get a Phase I ESA. But we want to keep things short and simple so that you get the idea without running into confusions.

You must be aware of what a "Superfund" site is right? You can find numerous "Superfund" sites across the nation which can be considered utter environmental hazards. Someone is responsible for creating the mess, and someone should be responsible for the cleanup!

This only makes sense and Congress also supports the idea. So they went ahead and formulated the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) that deals with highly contaminated properties.

One main element of the act is that if you are responsible for contaminating a site, you are responsible for cleaning it up! We are oversimplifying here, and things may not be so straightforward.

For example, let's assume you purchased a property and later found out it has environmental liabilities. First of all, you made a big mistake because it means you didn't undertake a Phase I ESA before finalizing the deal. And now you are thinking who should be responsible for the cleanup?!

According to the law, you are on the hook for cleaning up the site or property. It's your mistake that you didn't go for the detailed and comprehensive investigation to uncover the current and historical uses of the property and presence of contamination- and now you have to bear the costs of cleaning it up!

That's how things are and you can't go against the law.

If you had conducted a Phase I ESA, you would have found out the environmental liabilities in the first place. Moreover, you might not have been held responsible for the cleanup. You could have got the exemption of "innocent landowner" under the CERCLA, freeing yourself from all liabilities and costs.

Surely that is what seasoned real estate investors do and we also recommend you to follow their footsteps!

A Phase I ESA is also useful for the following cases :

Generating Full Awareness

We can safely assume that any person would like to know everything about something they want to purchase. That's why we read reviews, compare products and watch countless videos to make sure everything will be as per our expectations.

An ESA helps you discover everything you need to know about the environmental liabilities of your property so that you can decide whether your investment is going in the right direction.

Minimizing Risk

You can make your way towards a profitable investment when you know your risks. Phase I ESAs enable you to uncover all contamination and environmental risks and the costs for cleanup (if you are liable for it). Knowing the risks help you decide the right steps to take so that your investment can be as profitable as possible.

ESAs can also help you negotiate the price based on the nature and amount of liabilities. You can prove your costs to the seller and strike a lower price for the deal that you both could agree upon.

Transfer of Ownership

Many commercial properties are required by law to carry out a Phase I ESA for transfer of ownership. Our expert environmental professionals can help you avoid legal hassles and expenses by conducting a Phase I ESA according to ASTM standard.


Banks and other financial institutes always want to reduce their risk when it comes to providing a loan for commercial or industrial real estate properties. For this reason, many banks will not give you financing unless you have conducted a Phase I ESA by a registered environmental professional.

We can help you make a sound investment and get financing from banks by conducting a thorough Phase I ESA. Our environmental professionals have keen eyes to detect any underlying concerns or hazards that might impact your investment. We help you take the right step by empowering you with all necessary information.

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What does a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Entail?

Phase I ESA is a type of investigation which must follow required ASTM standards to conform with All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) regulations. The assessment must be acceptable to the USEPA for protecting yourself against the liability of the CERCLA.

To put it in simple words, a Phase I ESA is an investigation of any property by trained personnel who must fulfill certain professional qualifications. These individuals are known as environmental professionals and only employs the most experienced ones in our team.

The investigation is completed to research the current and historical uses of a property. The purpose of the investigation is to find out if historical or current property uses have created any environmental threat that could pose risks to humans.

ESAs can be conducted on any type of property such as industrial, commercial and residential uses, agricultural land, multi-family estates and even on vacant plots to identify potential environmental threats.

For example, did the past use contaminate the soil or groundwater? Did the past usage create any other concern? Do the current operations involve any hazardous chemicals or material like petroleum? Have the chemicals or hazardous materials penetrated the air, soil or groundwater? Does the property have any environmental liens?

The assessment will identify any hazards present on the property, which are called "REC" or recognized environmental conditions. So the main goal of Phase I ESA is to determine the RECs on the property in question, including both present and past implications.

Our environmental professionals will prepare a comprehensive report listing all RECs that we have discovered. We will also provide recommendations on actions you can take to clean up your site. If Phase I ESA uncovers RECs, we most often recommend a Phase II ESA to analyze the presence of contaminants by taking samples of soil, groundwater and soil vapor.

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Phase I Environmental

NY Engineers Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process

 We only employ the most experienced and trained environmental professionals for conducting Phase I ESAs in accordance with ASTM and AAI standards. Our professionals are also aware of state, local and federal regulations to offer the most accurate assessment and ensure compliance.

Here's a brief overview of our Phase I ESA process-

  1. Review of Records

We will review the records of previous transfer of ownership and the uses of the property. Our team will inspect documents such as building permits, planning records, reverse street directories, topographical maps, Sanborn fire insurance maps, Department of Oil and Gas maps, title information or more.

We also review aerial photographs to determine any historical changes or developments.

  1. Site Reconnaissance

We will send our professionals to make a visual inspection of the property and surrounding properties. Our team may carry out some measurements and take photographs to help them in their assessment.

If you wish, we may also check the soil type, geological setting and groundwater depth. We will also catalog any presence of hazardous materials or petroleum products on the site.

  1. Interviews

Our professionals may interview the seller, tenants or any other person or organization that will help us to find out more about the environmental conditions of your property. We may also conduct interviews of local water departments, fire departments, health departments, petroleum tank management associations and other state and local regulators.

The interviews go a long way to assist us in our regulatory research.

  1. Report

We will present a detailed report of the findings made on your property including any RECs. The report also includes recommendations for remedial actions you can take to clean up the property. If we discover environmental contamination, we may also suggest a Phase II ESA.

We can conduct all required ESAs, including Phase II ESA, Phase III ESA and Phase IV ESA.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

is a licensed Phase I ESA service provider helping clients make profitable real estate investments. We follow strict standards and go beyond CERCLA requirements to offer the most comprehensive and accurate ESAs among all the competitors. We understand the importance of your investment and make sure to empower you with full knowledge of the environmental liabilities of your property.

You can rely on our full-scale ESA service whether you want to perform a Phase I or Phase IV ESA. We always ensure top quality and tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. You can also approach us for environmental due diligence for loan approvals where we offer a limited-scope ESA to meet your needs.

Contact us today for scheduling your Phase I ESA right now!

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