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Real estate transactions are not free from risks. The property you are buying may come with unknown environmental liabilities which might not be visible on simple visual inspection. As the new owner, you might be liable for cleanup of environmental liabilities from the site.

For this reason, it has become a norm to conduct environmental due diligence before any commercial real estate transaction to determine the environmental concerns of a property.

Environmental assessments include a number of steps and phases which are required for effective identification of environmental liabilities or liens. We begin the process with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) and follow it up with Phase II and Phase III ESA to determine the presence of contaminants on a site.

The ESAs depend on various techniques such as visual inspections, documents review, interviews and more to find out if the property has any environmental concerns. The process helps us identify the contaminants present on the property which could pose a risk to human health. The environmental concerns are known as recognized environmental concerns (REC) and confirmed through collection and analysis of soil, air or groundwater samples.

We determine the extent and spread of contamination during our Phase III ESA and identify the RECs that need cleanup or remediation.

It's imperative that you will need a proper plan to get rid of the contaminants from your site. That's exactly what Phase IV ESA is concerned about and involves the development of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) to clean up the site. All remedial actions are carried out based on the plan so that you get the best results without any room for errors.

New York Engineers performs full-scale environmental assessments offering Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV ESAs. Our experienced environmentalists know the best ways to decontaminate your property so that you can redevelop or occupy it without any concerns. Our Phase IV ESAs do an effective job of purifying your site so that you can comply with all required local, state and federal regulations.

When you need a professional hand to help you remediate your property, think of us as we have been performing Phase IV ESAs for years with complete success!

Why do You Need a Phase IV Environmental Site Assessment?

Environmental Site Assessments

When your Phase I, Phase II and Phase III ESAs identify and confirm present RECs, you need to clean them up before you can carry out further construction or offer it for occupancy. This is to ensure that the site doesn't pose any risk or threats to people who live, work or occupy the premises. You will also need to remediate your site to check the spread of contamination to ensure the safety of your neighbors and other people.

The cleanup of your property cannot be done haphazardly. You need a proper plan which details the exact methods and procedures for remedial actions and how they will be implemented. This plan is known as Remedial Action Plan or RAP and must be prepared by authorized and qualified environmental professionals. The plan should also be approved by applicable environmental agencies before they are implemented.

The Phase IV ESA is done to develop a RAP based on the conditions and contaminants of a property. Phase IV ESA will be built on the findings of prior ESAs which confirm the presence or absence of contaminants and their extent of contamination. So without a RAP you cannot proceed to clean up your site.

Our experienced engineers and environmentalists conduct Phase IV ESAs and come up with highly efficient Remedial Action Plans. They consider the nature and extent of each REC before putting their heads together to devise a way to eliminate them from your property. You are guaranteed to get 100% remediation by implementing our RAP during the Phase V ESA.

We can help you in identifying potential RECs, determine the extent of contamination and devise the best remedial plans to meet your unique needs. You can go ahead and redevelop without fear once your site has been remediated based on our Phase IV ESA Remedial Action Plan.

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Phase IV Environmental Site Assessment Process

Phase IV ESAs are performed to develop Remedial Action Plans for site cleanup. Generally, we will undertake Phase IV ESA after we have conducted Phase I to Phase III ESA and found potential environmental liabilities.

However, it's not always necessary that you have to carry out prior ESAs through us. We can take over whenever you need us to, whether from Phase II ESA or directly from Phase IV ESA. Our team can also help you develop RAPs for any environmental concern as a separate service, if you don't need to go for ESAs.

Here's a brief look into our Phase IV ESA process to give you an idea of what it entails :

  1. Information Gathering and Analysis

It's imperative that we will need all the information we can to come up with the most effective RAP. That's why we always recommend you to approach us from the beginning so that we can offer you a reliable, effective and cost-efficient service.

Generally, we will look at all the findings and reports of the prior ESAs to gather the information we need. The information includes the classification and delineation of the present contaminants in accordance with state, local and federal regulations and codes for safe disposal. Most ESA reports highlight the contaminants found on a property as RECs for easy identification.

We will also need to determine the volume of impacted groundwater, soil, air or other aspects of your property. Our team will need information on contaminant's pathway of migration through groundwater and soil to check its spread. We will also review notifications and approvals from regulatory and environmental agencies for maximum information.

After we have gathered all the information, we proceed to investigate your site.

  1. Site Investigation for REC Implications

We will skip this step if we have been hired by you to undertake the prior Phase I to Phase III ESAs. If not, we will need to investigate the site before we can plan remedial actions.

The site investigation helps us to confirm the absence or presence of contaminants and find out the boundaries or delineation of the contaminants. We can conduct various visual inspections and also collect samples to be tested in our laboratories. The analysis will enable us to get into the depths of each contaminant and plan for their effective eradication.

  1. Site Investigation for RAP Development

We will also conduct a site investigation to help us plan our remedial actions. For example, we may need to investigate the site for finding the ideal locations for drilling boreholes to decontaminate soil or groundwater. The site investigation will also reveal other important details such as underground utility clearances, location of underground tanks and so on.

We will send our team to your site who will carry out the investigations as determined by our environmentalists.

  1. Goals and Objectives

Before we actually sit and plan out the remedial actions, we like to know your goals and objectives regarding your real estate investment. Our team will come up with customized remedial plans based on your individual needs and preferences so that our remediation aligns with your business objectives.

It goes without saying that the remedial plans will vary according to projects, as each client presents a unique set of needs and preferences.

  1. Remedial Action Plan Development

Now comes the turn to put our heads together and develop the most suitable Remedial Action Plan for your property. Our team will evaluate each REC and create a remedial plan to get rid of the specific contamination.

We will develop site and REC-specific remedial plans that are feasible through our quantitative risk assessment model. Our team will include the exact steps you need to take in order to eliminate all environmental liabilities. We will also measure in timeframes, costs, construction requirements, health and environmental safety implications and more to determine the best way to go.

Our team will only recommend the plans that cause the least disruptions to your site and save you time, cost and effort. We can use different remedial methods such as soil and groundwater treatment, excavation, soil vapor extraction, air stripping, solidification, stabilization and more based on your needs and preferences.

You can also benefit from leaving the contaminants as it is and adopting a risk management-based remediation plan. Our team will plan risk-based remediation strategies for you where it's not practical to go for cleanup.

Among other considerations, we will account for physical or chemical limitations of each method. Finally, we will get regulatory approval from necessary environmental agencies so that you can implement the plan with full confidence.

  1. Report

All our findings and recommendations as part of the remedial plan will be included in our report. You can use our report to implement the remedial plans after we hand it over. We can present the report in convenient electronic formats for easy access directly in your inbox.

A Phase IV ESA RAP generally leads to Phase V ESA where the plan is implemented. We can also help you perform Phase V and Phase VI ESAs ending in site closures for certificates of clearance.

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Why Choose New York Engineers?

New York Engineers is a leading environmental due diligence provider helping clients with Environmental Site Assessments. We undertake the whole process from Phase I to Phase IV ESA, helping you identify the environmental implications or concerns of your property.

Our Remedial Action Plans have been used in hundreds of projects around the country enabling clients to meet their remediation needs with high success rates. We have planned RAPs for residential, commercial and industrial properties which gain quick approval from environmental agencies.

Our team can also help you implement the Remedial Action Plan through our recommended contractors for maximum efficiency and quality. We will be there to inspect each piece of work and ensure strict compliance with the plan and regulatory codes and standards.

Whether you need a Phase I ESA or Phase IV RAP, our adept environmentalists can stay by your side and guide you through the right steps to take. We adopt an environmentally sustainable approach in everything we do so that we can always ensure maximum safety for your clients, employees and occupants.

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