Value Engineering Services

Construction bids too high? Our unparalleled Value Engineering Service cuts through the fluff to get your project back on budget.

Expert Value Engineering Solutions

No Aesthetic Changes

All proposed value engineering will be taken out of the MEP systems. The architectural beauty of the space won't be compromised. All the money we save you will come from construction behind the walls.

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This service is no risk to you, our fees are based on how much we save you. If we can't save you money, we charge you nothing.

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Identify & Eliminate Over-Engineered Systems

Too many systems are over-engineered, which drives up costs with no benefit. We identify these systems in your project to cut costs down.

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Our Value Engineering Solutions 

Do you have construction bids that are too high? Over-engineering a project drives up construction cost without any benefit. Engineers cuts through that fluff, offering an unparalleled value engineering service to get your construction project back on budget. We have value engineered over $50M out of MEP systems, and our coding expertise reduces the MEP system to code minimum.

To help you save money, our value engineering service reviews drawings and bids, identifying signs of the over-engineered system, and other high-value areas to save you money. We will perform a detailed analysis with our savvy engineers, and deliver new bids to you. Our fee is only 10% of the construction cost saved. There is no risk to you; if we can't save you money, we charge you nothing

We have expertise in a wide range of value engineering projects. Know more about our industry-specific projects here.


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"I just want to tell you how highly I think of Jahnavi. She was in a meeting today with the client and commanded the room, was totally informed, and very helpful in moving the process forward to conclusion."

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