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Get a highly efficient IT design and infrastructure along with its allied solutions and services accurately based on your requirements to increase the overall efficiency of your business.

Highly Customized Design

NYE provides you with highly customized IT design services to make sure that you get the right solution according to your business needs.

Improved Overall Efficiency

With the modern day technology integration, NYE can assist you in improving your business functions and extract more value from it.

Reduced Costs

With the latest technology and support services, our technical staff will collaborate with your business and bring down the costs significantly.

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NYE Scope of IT Design Solutions and Services

NYE Scope of IT Design Solutions and Services

IT design solutions have a key role in improving the overall efficiency of a business. In the current business environment, they prove to be the basis of the current and future grow aspects of a business. It is important that business receive the solutions that are highly customized according to their short term needs and long term objectives. Businesses must look for the services that provide a strong base for future growth. They need a broad scale portfolio of end2end support and service. This support and service allow the businesses to lower their cost of ownership to a significant margin.

Why Should You Choose IT Design Services For Your Business?

Choose IT Design Services For Your Business

IT design and infrastructure along with all the allied solutions and services lay the foundations for the modern business functions and operations. With an effective IT design service, you can perform your simple day to day tasks along with different major scale strategic operations. IT design services are the cornerstones of your business.

The development of an IT framework and infrastructure services begins with a design. This design needs to be accurate and as per the demands of the business. It is for this reason the initial phase needs to be done well. All the business goals and objective need to be clearly understood and the design should be done according to those goals and objectives.

The design must integrate the present as well as future needs. It must feature the target performance, mandatory security, required availability as well as scalability for the future. If a particular design lags any of these critical points then it will initiate some changes in the overall course of the infrastructure as well as any solution development. Furthermore, it will create difficulties in any upgrades.

Therefore, for the purpose of preventing unwanted costs or issues within the business operations, it is essential to set up an effective and resourceful IT infrastructure and the allied IT solutions and services on a solid foundation. It is all possible with a well carried out design.

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IT Security : The solutions for IT security ensure that your business functionality and operations along with all the data and information are in safe hands at all times. In recent times, IT security and its importance have created plenty of ripples. The reason behind that is the increased number of cyber attacks and malicious activities over the internet. Therefore, it is critical for you to keep all the information about your business data safe at all times.

Benefits of IT security

  • Your business data remains secure in case of loss or theft.
  • It ensures the security of all the business processes.
  • You will have safe access to business data and applications both internally and externally.
  • It ensures overall security and guarantees a smooth continuation of business operations.

Networking Solutions : A high performing network or infrastructure features high stability, excellent data security, and exceptional throughput quality. These solutions will ensure that all the components within a network are working at their optimal level to improve more effective communication and transmission of information across different departments of a business.

Benefits of Networking Solutions
  • Networking solutions ensure the performance of all the business processes.
  • It also warrants secure transmissions of data and keeps it safe from loss and theft.
  • It improves the overall quality of video and voice communication.
  • Networking solutions allow savings within corporate communications with VPN technology and IP phones.
  • It ensures cost reduction for network upgrades.

Enterprise Mobility : With the expansion of the internet, there is an ever-growing trend of working outside the office with the help of mobile devices and laptops as well as multiple cloud services. These cloud services and mobile devices allow you to take your work anywhere with you as long as you have access to the internet. It means that you are connected with your clients 24/7.

Benefits of enterprise mobility
  • It can increase the overall efficiency of all your employees and improve their collaboration.
  • You can enhance your interaction with the customers.
  • It can also facilitate communication and exchange of information.
  • You can properly manage the mobile environment in a more secure manner.
  • It allows you to secure roaming within your wireless network.

Collaborative Solutions : One of the major issues that most of the businesses face is to develop a collaborative link across all the departments. If all the departments work as one unit, the business can experience double, triple growth in a small amount of time. This is where IT designs and infrastructure comes in. it can help the businesses to develop a competitive advantage and increase all the bottom line results as well.

Benefits of collaborative solutions
  • You will have high-quality as well as efficient communication with all the team members without any location based constraints.
  • It allows you to facilitate productivity and interaction among your team members.
  • You can boost the speed and quality of your strategic decisions.
  • You can reduce the time and costs associated with traveling as well as real-estate.
  • It also allows you to improve customer responsiveness.

IT Infrastructure : Adequately executed IT infrastructure according to the design plan is highly recommended for improving your current business operations. It can also provide to be an excellent starting point for any further development as well.

Benefits of IT infrastructure
  • It ensures easier adaptability towards changing business environment.
  • You have less risky and quicker executions of the latest technologies.
  • You can also improve the availability and manageability at all levels.
  • It also guarantees high level security of all your business systems.
  • You can enjoy a significant amount of cost reductions when it comes to upgrades and maintenances.

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IT Support : Top notch IT support can handle all the IT resources of your business in an effective manner. This support also provides your business with a quick and effective way to help resolve various issues as soon as they occur. It allows you to save plenty of time and resolve the issue before it starts to cost the overall productivity of your business.

Benefits of IT support
  • With IT support you spend less time on your business’s non-core functions and emphasize on different strategic initiatives.
  • You can limit costs for the support team of your IT department.
  • With IT support you can also get specific assistance regarding your business operations.
  • Allows you to use the latest technologies faster.
  • Add extra value in the form of specialist advice and additional services.

IT Consulting : IT consulting services are the best means to find out how you can utilize the IT resources of your business in an effective manner. These resources need to be utilized in a way that goes well with the company’s overall current and future goals. This service is extremely important to see if everything is going according to the plan.

Benefits of IT consulting
  • Your business can use modern day IT knowledge and skills to benefit the functions of your business.
  • You can conveniently emphasize on the core operations of your business.
  • These services enable you to reduce costs and take control over various operating expenses associated with your IT infrastructure
  • These services also allow your business to have easy access to technology vendors across the globe.

IT managed services : IT managed services include everything ranging from managing the private cloud to managing co-location and hosting. These services can not only assist in maintaining the IT resources of your business but they also ensure that every outcome aligns well with set objectives.

Benefits of IT-managed services
  • These services can provide the business with an opportunity to work on different strategic options that can really improve the overall worth of the business.
  • They provide you with real-time information to develop methodologies to tackle various operational issues before they occur.
  • Your staff will stay const antly up to date with all the auto-generated alerts in a timely fashion.

IT Solutions Design : The design and development of an effective IT network and infrastructure begin with a design that closely matches all the business requirement set by the client. It is important because the infrastructure will also come with its very own set of services and solutions. Therefore, effective design is going to help the cause to a great scale.

Benefits of IT Solutions design
  • Efficient solutions are available at your disposal and they add quality to your business.
  • You have access to more scalable solutions in association with the growth of your business.
  • You can also limit your operational overheads.

IT Implementation : The implementation and execution of an IT design are only useful if the design development integrates all the long terms business goals and short term business objectives very well. Otherwise, it is just going to be a waste of time and resources. The IT implementation without any hiccups is crucial for the development and growth of any business.

Benefits of IT implementation
  • IT implementation prevents any interruptions in the day to day business operations.
  • It ensures easy management and risk migration for the infrastructure.
  • Data mitigation is done in a more secure manner.
  • You can reduce your overall project costs because of the carefully devised action plans.

IT Networking Operations : The IT networking operations are important particularly when it comes to any upgrades or performing and maintenance activities. These networking operations ensure that your business’s IT structure doesn’t go out of order under any circumstances. These operations are of utmost importance for maintaining the integrity of the entire IT infrastructure.

Benefits of networking operations
  • It ensures the smooth operation of your IT network.
  • It also guarantees effective mitigation of risks and promotes the growth of your IT network.
  • With networking operations, quicker adoption of cutting edge technologies is guaranteed.
  • With these operations, you can reduce costs of maintenance, repairs or upgrades

Why Hire NYE?

A professional design service team can help you in creating a highly scalable and efficient platform to support all the business solutions. Such a team will develop designs for your business network and IT infrastructure, operations process, network management, and applications while keeping in mind all your business requirements.

New York Engineers is your one-stop enterprise solution firm. We provide highly integrated end-to-end infrastructural and networking services and solutions to your businesses. New York Engineers Inc can work like your system integrator that will bring in leading vendors and their best of breed technologies for providing cutting edge IT networking services. Design development and execution of converged networking infrastructures is what we do for the companies according to the present day and future needs of the business.

NY Engineers Inc has always delivered on its mission which is to surpass every client’s expectation in all services that we have to offer. We believe in being a premium quality technology solution and service provider for our clients. Our team of technical professionals develops a collaborative relationship with your team. It not only helps them in understanding the business objectives but also enables them to create a design that proves to be an answer to all your questions and to build long term partnerships.

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