Electronic Sub-Metering

Get an efficient electronic sub-metering system enables that enable you to bill the tenants for using measured utility individually. New York Engineers allows you to benefit from its team of highly skilled engineers improving the overall efficiency of your site and reducing costs.

Peak Demand Management

We at New York Engineers take each project individually and allows peak demand management to our clients with highly customized services. NY engineers can handle all your project goals within the given time frame.

Accurate Billing 

Get your hands on accurate utilization of resources. New York Engineers will not only help you to control energy losses but will also assist you in providing a transparent sub-metering system to your tenants.

Energy Management

New York Engineers highly prioritize cost reduction. For this reason, our technical team will collaborate with you to efficiently control costs and boost the overall productivity of your facility.

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Manage Your Demand With Electronic Sub-Metering

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Why Opt For Electronic Sub-Metering Services?

Electronic sub-metering is a process that allows landowners, property management firms, and various other multi-tenant properties to transfer the responsibility and associated costs for utility consumption to all individual residents within all multi-unit properties. These sub-meters are the devices that can monitor, water, gas, electricity and all other utilities. All this process will benefit the facility managers to control the consumption patterns of energy at their site.

The National Electric Code and Chicago Building Code are two regulating authorities with set rules to ensure that the facility managers can participate in different green building programs including the likes of green globes and LEED. The codes are very strict on conserving energy. It is mandatory for the facility managers and landowners to keep their sites under check or they have to bear with different penalties. To avoid the entire hassle it is critical to choose electronic sub-metering not only for the compliance purpose but to also reduce the overall cost and improve the productivity of your site.

Control Unfair Allocations

control unfair allocation

A major disadvantage of having a bulk meter installed in your facility is that tenants will receive unfair energy allocation that can also drive costs high and reduce the overall productivity. Sub-metering can resolve this issue for you in a convenient manner.

A user-pay system can help you in understanding how different behaviors drive energy costs. This will enable the facility managers to mitigate the risks associated with increased utility rates. The savings can be carried forward to the end users and the entire project works at an optimal level. 

Sub-metering provides the facility managers and owners with an opportunity to transfer their increasing utility costs to their tenants who don’t have the ownership rights or any control over the utility efficiency of the structure. In addition to that, it can work in a commercial setting where there are a number of departments that are running different equipment and appliances. Some of these appliances and equipment can directly connect with software that can provide with data o consumption patterns.

On the other hand, some of these appliances or equipment can directly link with a sub-meter. The data associated with consumptions pattern provides information on any leaks or other high consumptions trends. The facility managers can use this information to redesign their energy utility network and reduce costs by conserving energy.

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Benefits Of Sub-Metering From NYE


Primary Benefits of Sub-Metering From NYE

In addition to the individually billing the tenants, following other benefits of electronic sub-metering are:

  • Effective management of overall energy usage
  • Accessing all the details regarding the timing and amount of energy consumption. This can allow you to make various adjustments accordingly and can also assist in savings.
  • The load data profiles provide uninterrupted information on usage patterns of energy.
  • Enable the facility managers to identify and execute different operational strategies for controlling as well as managing load factors, reducing energy waste and also managing peak load effectively.
  • Electronic sub-metering will allow the managers to understand as well as improve different consumption patterns.
  • Gauge and tally all the expected energy savings by assessing different modifications of energy efficiency.
  • Electronic sub-metering can underline various anomalies associated with energy consumption.
  • Identify and evaluate real-time values and their fiscal impact on the overall energy framework of your facility.
  • Receive different notifications either via mobile or email about any setting of higher peak demand.
  • Sub-metering can also provide you with instant access to real-time data measurement using a local area network or the internet.
  • When your peak demand takes place you can trace your energy usage, power factor as well as load.
  • Underline and assess peak demands for the purpose of avoiding high costs associated with utility bills.
  • Helps you in creating baselines and benchmarks for comparison in energy variation over time.
  • Electronic sub-metering can help you with correlating energy consumption to costs.
  • Limit and even reduce all the energy costs for your facility and can also validate the utility bills of your facility.
  • Guide you in performing highly accurate forecasting for different budgeting objectives.
  • Optimize your energy consumption and improve the dollar amount in your bottom line.

    Control Energy Consumption & Reduce Costs

    In numerous automated systems, electronic sub-metering is mandatory apart from the basic monitoring of electrical parameters. This energy sub-metering is critical for the purpose of understanding different energy patterns and profile for the facility. It also assists in devising consumption saving plans, accurate energy balance, monitoring of equipment as well as anticipated repair and maintenance.

    The data linked with energy sub-metering enables cost reduction and improving sustainability by assessing and evaluating energy consumption along with maximal demand. Our engineers use a variety of devices that fit various energy needs for sub-metering. These devices range from the basic all the way to state-of-the-art.

    The New York Engineers billing service is included within the sub-metering solution and service package. This online service for billing assists a facility that features a multitude of billing requirements. Such requirements include general tariffs, demand charges, time of use along with a host of other additional costs.

    The billing service from our engineers will also include complimentary calculations and estimations linked with your facility’s costs of central air-conditioning, water metering as well as gas measurements. For this reason, New York Engineers is your one-stop solution for all the utility requirements for billing.


Typical Sub-Metering Requirements

There are various requirements set by the Chicago Building Code and NEC for the facility managers and site owners. These include:

  • Accounting and audits
  • Monthly charges
  • The expense and financial reports
  • Common cost distribution
  • Utility bill comparison
  • Management of multi-tenant
  • Development of a plan for real-time energy management according to the time of use and as per location
  • Delivering added value to the tenants such as consumption trends and tracking anomalies with an alarm mechanism

New York Engineers cohesive service and solutions for all commercial, residential and industrial consumers answer the needs of multi-tenant sub-metering. These solutions rely on the latest and new generation branch feeder monitoring devices for multi-tenant projects.

These devices are best for both new as well as retrofit projects. Our engineers use these devices to monitor energy on the multi-tariff basis. It ensures handling high demands and also performing data logging to the devices’ non-volatile or permanent memory. Some of our devices can sub meter twelve 3-phase tenants, eighteen 2-phase channels and thirty-six single-phase tenants. You can also go with any other combination as well out of these.

The cost efficiency and flexibility make these devices particularly suitable for multi-tenant sites and projects. These may include shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, universities, hotels, government facilities, etc. Our engineers also go for infrastructure cost savings and considerable installation for maximum efficiency.

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NYE Electronic Sub-Metering Services and Solutions

  • System Development

New York Engineers will develop a customized sub-metering system design suitable for your facility. NYE understands that uniqueness of every property. Hence, our team of technical design engineers will specifically create a system that meets all the requirements of your property as per its layout. This layout includes the utility electrical as well as mechanical systems along with the reading or billing options as per your demands.

  • Supply Equipment

Through years of experience, we have been able to develop long lasting relations with our suppliers. This means that we have direct access to different types of utility-grade meters as well as systems for Automated Meter Reading. We guarantee that our engineers will only use the equipment that meets every regulatory and accuracy requirements set by the NEC and Chicago Building Code. Before installation, our team of technical experts will configure all the equipment and devices at our office.

  • Installation

Our team of engineers will do all the sub-metering installations while considering the code as well as all your requirements. The team’s primary objective is to reduce costs for your site and increase its productivity. We only hire certified technicians and also put them through various intensive programs so they are properly equipped with expertise and knowledge on the field.

  • Reading Meters

New York Engineers can remotely monitor and read the monitors on a monthly basis and can also evaluate your facility’s utility consumption.

  • Assess Utility Tariffs Individually

Our engineers will import the data associated with meter consumption into the billing software. This will enable them to calculate all individual tariffs while relying on actual utility rates.

  • Bill Residents

The benefit if using the web-based software is that it allows us to send the residents with their utility bills via email. You can also opt for in-house collections or you can allow us to take this matter into our reliable hands.

  • Summary Reports

New York Engineers can also send summary reports to facility managers regarding all the details associated with utility tariffs and consumption totals. This information is also accessible by importing it into most of the major site management software and our engineers can do that for you.


Why Hire NY Engineers?

New York Engineers is your complete one-stop solution and service provider for electronic sub-metering. Our team of technical professionals has all the experience to take care of your entire project by reducing costs and boosting efficiency. At New York Engineers serving you is our top priority and we do that by developing a strong partnership with your engineering team and understanding all the goals and objectives of your business. It is important that you hire a single service provider to handle such projects for your facility. Going for multiple contractors will not only complicate the entire project but it will also drive costs high.

Our engineers make sure that they use the devices that can easily fit into your current panel boards. It will eliminate any requirements for those expensive retrofit installation projects as well as for reallocation of extra space. For the billing objectives, our engineers will define the single or multi circuits for each client individually. This flexibility also allows reassigning different circuit groups to altering clients without complicating the electrical procedures. It also allows easy modifications when the tenants move or shift.

Our team of technical engineers uses easily configured and user-defined alarm system ensuring preventive maintenance and repair to avoid unwanted energy or utility outages. The state of the art sub-metering devices combined with New York Engineers comprehensive web-based service allows the users to monitor real-time energy data and power quality. NY Engineers completes the overall solution for sub-metering of multi-tenant projects.

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