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Lighting is a critical part of every room, building, and office. Lighting is what breaks the room and makes you comfortable and confident. With the NYE custom lighting design, you can completely customize and personalize the space. You can choose where the lighting is needed, which light sources are to be placed and where.

When designing the LED design for the room, it is important to consider the aesthetics of the room. You can opt for the customized energy efficient LED design as it will bring you a cost saving.

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What Considerations Does NYE Take Into Account While Designing?

When designing LED lighting inside your house NYE focus on six essential aspects of the lighting. In the modern day and age, LED lights are more than just indication lights. NY Engineers can optimize and design the LED lighting in your house and make them look the best for your space.

Color Shade : A lot of the times, it may be possible that you purchase lighting for your house and you see that the color or temperature of the lighting is not at all what you wanted it to be. For this purpose, it is important to consider that LED lights work on wavelengths that need to be calibrated and checked in order to produce the correct kind of shade and temperature you want.

To get the kind of shade you want, you have to be wary of the wavelength spec of the LED lights which are usually written on the back of the box in which those lights are shipped.

NY Engineers order only the calibrated and optimized LEDs in order to get the kind of color shade you want.

Efficiency of the LED : The efficiency or power of the LED is usually measured in Lumens per watt. The Lumens per watt is basically the number of Lumens (packets of light energy emitted) emitted per 1 watt of energy. Normally, most clients tend to opt for 120 lumens per watt for the entire system as they feel this is the most optimum option for them.

NY Engineers only opt for the most efficient LEDs which are optimum for use in a particular area where you want them to be fitted. For example, an underpowered LED would not suffice in a study room where people need ample lighting. While this may save you some money and conserve energy, it is not good for the eyes in the long run.

Our engineers are trained to observe which room or area needs exactly what kind of lighting in a way that it is still efficient. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be saving money but still thriving in the LED’s light.

Angle Of Viewing : The viewing angle is a major factor of the LED lighting design. The viewing angle means the distance from the center of the ray of light where it is just about to lose half of its intensity. The viewing angle makes all the difference when placing LED lighting around the house. For this purpose, you also need to make sure that the source of lighting that you choose to illuminate a particular area, room or house must be suited.

NYE has trained its special team of engineers to always let you know where the optimum position is for a certain source of LED lighting. This can really help you out in placing the LED lighting as you’d not have to take it down later and install it again.

Visibility : Another important factor to consider when getting LED lighting design is visibility. The visibility depends on the viewing angle of the LED and also the output of the LED lighting. Our eyes are designed in a way to perceive light differently. This means that some of us may perceive a low powered green light to be as bright as a high powered red light. However, this may not be the case for all.

Our eyes are calibrated to see green much better than any other light on the visible spectrum. The visibility tends to decrease towards the red and violet part of the spectrum as those colors are considerably difficult for us to process. This is why you’d understand why NY engineers would opt for green or considerably colder lighting as compared to warmer lighting. Simply put, colder lighting is easier to see as it is better conceivable for the eyes and it costs less to operate them as well.

So, all in all, our designers have to keep a lookout for the Lumens output and the brightness of the LED lighting. Different lighting requirements need different sources and ratings of power for them to work efficiently.

Centralized Control : NY Engineers provide you with a centralized system, calibrated to control all the lighting in your house, office or room. The centralized control system is connected to the major structure of the LED design that incorporates wires and smart devices. With the centralized control, you can be in charge of all the lighting in the house and all the features of the lighting as well. You can control the color temperature, the brightness and even switch them on or off remotely.

The centralized system also comes with a comprehensive app that allows you to control everything while still having an appealing interface which is easy to understand and follow. The app also keeps track of how much energy is used up every day and each month in order for you to analyze where to cut down lighting from.

The app also suggests several ways in which you can optimize your space to use less and less power and energy to generate a significantly lesser bill. Other than that, it also lets you know when any LED light has stopped working properly and you need to replace it.

Benefits Of Getting LED Lighting Design From NYE

Optimize Natural Lighting : The top benefit you get from hiring NY Engineers is that we like to keep things optimal. The best source of lighting for your house is, of course, the sun. We do acknowledge that it may be difficult to imitate natural sunlight in your room, house or office. However, we urge you to seriously consider natural lighting as a definite home lighting option.

Our team will try to figure out where to install more windows through which we can imitate sunlight. With windows, it’s just easier for the light to stream in and enter the household. However, don’t worry about the place getting heated up, our engineers are sure to only pick out heat resistant glass which will save you a lot of money on air conditioning as well.

Special Effects : The customized LED lighting provided by NY Engineers also features some special lighting effects that can seriously optimize the way your house or office works. One of the most efficient special effects is the one where you can calibrate your LED lights to sense the angle of the sun and then adjust their brightness according to the angle. This can help you save up on energy as well as reduce your electricity bill for the month.

Not only that, but other specials effects are also available that increase the efficiency of your space.

Color Temperature Control : It is important to remember that your living space has a certain environment that is directly affected by the kind of lighting you have. And with that, you must also consider the color temperature of the LED lights.

NY Engineers provide a way for you to control the temperature of the colors your LED lighting may give off. Sometimes, you may prefer to use warmer colors of light in case your furniture and general aesthetic of the room is warm and you’d like your lights to compliment it. Or you may prefer cooler lights to balance it off so that your room or home doesn’t feel too much of one thing but rather a mixture of many.

Cost Saving : In previous years, several types of research have been conducted in order to figure out how to optimize lighting solutions so that they use up less energy. A major breakthrough in this area of development has been the LED lights. LED lights are engineered in a way that they take up lesser energy to operate than incandescent bulbs and even fluorescent lights.

Lit Up Remote Spaces : Normal lighting can be a bit difficult to install and place over places that are generally difficult. However, with LED lights you have a horde of opportunities to light up almost every place in your house. LED lights are so versatile and user-friendly, they can actually be placed on pretty much any surface.

You can use LED lighting to illuminate the dining table, the staircase, your china cupboard, and even your bed. The versatility of LED lights makes it so fun to work with.

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