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Static 3D modeling

AEC Gets a Revamp From Static 3D Modelling to Live BIM Modelling

Every industry specialist in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) landscape is now taking part in the wide adoption of BIM, what with all the multi-layered benefits this disruptive process has to offer. Be that your architectural, engineering or consulting firm is small or large in scale, one thing is for sure: BIM shifts your workflow from zero to 180° for a revolutionary change.

This paradigm shift in the AEC landscape started when the industry players made the move from 2D to 3D. Only one dimension was added in the horizontal and vertical axis of models but this changed everything in the face of an industry which ties project stakeholders together through visual communication—making 3D modelling an important precursor for the process called BIM.

BIM has a lot more in store for you, as more dimensions up until 5D are now currently saturating the AEC market to meet more complex demands. However, from the visualization standpoint, software and technology for the building industry will only get more sophisticated from here on. Case in point, BIM models are now making waves of innovative transition from static 3D models to live BIM models. No more still renderings in flat format vis-a-vis blueprints and paper sketches—you can now step into the scale literally with live BIM modelling.

How MEP Engineers Utilize Live BIM Modelling

Live BIM Modeling

If there's one core functionality that MEP engineers utilize BIM for, better name clash detection as the top item. Clash trade interferences are common in every building project, although coordination conflicts are reduced to some extent with a design-build scheme as compared to the traditional design-bid-build models due to lesser project stakeholders involved.

That doesn't mean that efficiency can't be achieved with the latter option of design-tender schemes. Although the former model fares better in lesser trade coordination, it only takes higher level of professional expertise and stakeholder collaboration using BIM to produce fast and quality outputs. At New York Engineers, we are fully aware of how construction trade clashes can move or derail your building project. Despite the notion that clashes can't be eliminated 100%, we are proactive in reducing clash detections throughout your building life cycle.

This is why from the onset, our forward-thinking engineers utilize BIM early on in the design phase to identify clash interferences which will otherwise impinge your building project. We collaborate with architects and consultants in designing specialized engineering trades for your architectural master model—ensuring that the mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of your building project all work on a holistic scale for your efficient building services.

Our meticulous engineers list all the typical design studio problems that we zero in better solutions for, namely:

  • Architectural trades such as blockwork installations taking up the geometric space for fire protection services
  • HVAC ducting system colliding with the electrical cable trays and chilled water supply on the concealed above-ceiling level
  • Structural beams of vertical transport systems interface directly with the MEP riser shafts
  • Electrical and mechanical zones intersect on the allowable clearances for optimized airflow, sizing and calculations

Even better as current technologies in the 3D-based building information modeling amplify the visualization scene, we can take you through a live virtual realm and mitigate design issues which could be destructive for the construction phase of your building project. At New York Engineers, we step up as early in the initial set-up for your greatest advantage.

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Live BIM Modelling From Design Studio To Construction Site


As we move your building project from design to construction phase, getting sucked into the vortex of errors is our top critical item for aversion. Errors can range in all kinds of ways from cost, schedule and quality-related tasks—paving way for domino reaction on change orders, delayed timeline and inferior project value.

Settling design issues early on and erring on the side of caution can help in preventing what could otherwise be potential disasters for your building project. Breaking ground and entering the construction phase means more complex coordination, and by all means you have to shift your perspective from design concepts to construction methodologies to build your project to reality.

What makes this transition even more complex is how you structure your contractor bidding process. In a traditional design-tender process where you either go for multi-prime or general contracting, our engineers know by experience that the latter depicts of much efficient coordination due to single point-of-contact.

However, as innovative as our engineers can get, we welcome new contractor structures on the rise such as:

  • Design-Build (DB)
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

The bottom line is, construction calls for coordination, and whichever way you level your contractor bids, you need a baseline comparison point in the form of live BIM modelling. But, why go this route? Other than evaluating mainly on the technical and commercial compliance of your potential contractors, you can foster improved decision-making on all project stakeholders when you utilize live BIM modelling for the advanced construction simulations of each bidder.

This way, you can discern which contractor can walk their talk in their proposed cost, schedule and quality constraints not only through the conventional format, but also through a live visual scale. There's no better way for innovating contractor bid leveling than by live BIM modelling. At New York Engineers, we help you make the right decision from the start by merging tradition with innovation.

Mitigating Risks and Solving Constructability Issues with Live BIM Modelling

After undertaking a rigorous contractor selection process, another core functionality that live BIM modelling can do for you is to conduct a virtual constructability review. Aside from awarding the contract to the bidder who's best suited to meet your project requirements on the cost, time and quality constraints, this pre-construction assessment helps you evaluate if your design documents are optimized for constructability.

When your designs are not cut out for constructability, you have your specialized consultants or client representatives such as construction managers as your first line of defense. What these industry professionals can do for you is to optimize your design documents for constructability by providing increased level of details that are at par with local and global construction standards.

In our case at New York Engineers, we are rooted in the maxim that the level of detail is directly proportionate with the reviewer's level of expertise. All the more that we reinforce the fact that live BIM modelling takes our expertise in virtual constructability review to higher levels.

Our versatile engineers list some of the usual constructability issues that you can subject for risk mitigation on-site, namely:

  • Complex architectural designs that are impractical and not optimized for buildability and value-engineering
  • Calculations for structural and MEP components do not meet the modern building codes, load designs and occupancy requirements
  • Insufficient clearances, tolerances and dimensions of building systems
  • Slow and inefficient construction methodologies against the fast-track, agile construction
  • Clash interfacing matrix with construction trades in line with build sequence

How Live BIM Modelling Enhances Site Logistics and Safety Planning

Getting your building construction project on a roll is no easy task, as attested by our experienced engineers. However, we can also claim that through expert handling of all project drivers, we can deliver superior quality outputs for your building project that are well within your budget and construction timeline.

We start with site logistics and safety planning. Take contractor's deliverables, for instance. In any such time that you hire an inexperienced contractor to do a specific scope of work, you are potentially risking your building project to construction delays due to late submittals that are in dire need of consultants' approvals for start date on-site. All this back-and-forth dialogue between your consultant and contractor can hamper the efficiency of your project especially when you factor in the demand and supply in site logistics.

This is how professional expertise and experience play a key role in orchestrating the whole construction scene, and New York Engineers serve as the conductor in delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

We show you how you can take your site logistics and safety planning to a whole new level with live BIM modelling:

  • Optimize contractor deliverables and submittals using advanced construction simulations in live BIM modelling
  • Real-time monitoring of construction assets such as materials, labor and equipment in line with the demand and supply of your building project
  • Early procurement of priority and long-lead items for mitigating price hike and markup of rush orders by suppliers, vendors and manufacturers
  • Eliminating liabilities such as idle workforce and unused construction equipment and vehicles
  • Identify hazard-prone areas for the safety of your construction workforce

In a nutshell, you spin your on-site BIM modelling with a live feature so you can best visualize in real-time how each construction-based task affects your project drivers on the technical, schedule and cost constraints. Effective critical path management sets up the success of your building project, and for New York Engineers, we are always on-the-go for proactive actions.

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Create Immersive Visualizations On Live BIM Modelling Through Revit

visualization in Live BIM

This is our principle in New York Engineers: visualizations are not just for aesthetic purposes, but more so on functional and strategic measures. We make these BIM visualizations come alive in the form of Revit, further challenging the notion of static images with live renderings of your building projects.

Through the merger of live BIM modelling on 4D and 5D BIM, our innovative engineers utilize these cutting-edge technologies to visualize the schedule and cost constraints of your building project, respectively. Here's where New York Engineers strategize: any design alterations proposed by project stakeholders can be visually updated in real-time, along with its accompanied timeframe and cost changes on estimation, quantity take-offs and bill of materials.

And when you put immersive experience right on the mix, you take visual communication to strategic heights for your all-in-one benefits.

Integrating Live BIM Modelling in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Long gone are the times when client-buy ins used to be blueprint marketing presentations—now you can immerse and step directly into the virtual world so you can optimize your building project's holistic success on the design, build, operations and facility management phases.

At New York Engineers, here are some of the advanced technologies that we utilize for live BIM modelling:

  • Laser scanning
  • Reality capture
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
Combine live BIM modelling with virtual design and construction, and you've got point-cloud data from your laser-scanned aerial images and as-built buildings. Easy to see how design and build intermingles when you equip your construction drones, vehicles, equipment and workforce with IoT sensors—enabling you to see in real-time through VR and AR headsets how each actual and planned component detail in your building project pans out for better performance optimization

Take Live BIM Modelling to a Whole New Level with NY Engineers

Unlock new possibilities of pragmatic creativity with live BIM modelling. BIM in itself is a powerful process, creating radical changes that shake up the whole AEC industry. When you put live feature into the equation, compound advantages are in store for you not only on the immersive visual scale, but more so on the technical and financial aspects.

Experience how you can reap the holistical benefits of live BIM modelling with New York Engineers. Schedule a consultation with us so we can walk you through on how live BIM modelling can do wonders for your next building project.

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