Site Logistics & Safety Planning

Aim for maximum productivity and scalable solutions on your building project through effective management of construction assets.

Streamlined Proactivity

Factor in fixed and variable inputs on your logistical plan ahead of time so you can prepare for contingency, priority and long-lead items.

Cost-Effective Options

Manage the inflows and outflows of your building project through cognizance of direct relationship between site logistics and supply chain management.


Hazard Identification

Transform your construction workplace from hazard-prone to safe so you can safeguard your labor, materials and equipment from harm.

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Logistics and Safety

Introduction to Site Logistics & Safety Planning

Logistics can mean all different things to wide-ranging industries, but by definition in the AEC landscape, this refers to the sequence order of planning, execution, procurement, delivery transport, inventory management and stationing of your resources on a construction site. In a nutshell, logistics specifically pertains to the movement of labor, materials and equipment as per demand and supply in your building project. Safety planning, on the other hand, tells you all that you need to know to make your construction site a sound workplace for your workforce.

As experienced engineers working in all range of small-scale to large-scale construction projects, site logistics is the vehicle that determines if your building project will lean towards great success or complete failure. Anytime a constraint is factored in, there’s a domino effect that will move all involved construction elements. Our goal at is to develop your site logistics and safety planning at an optimum performance and function, so you can gain huge savings in time, money and other resources.

Factors to Consider in Construction Site Logistics

Several factors coming into play make construction site logistics a very complex task. Although novice engineers can be pragmatically inventive in completing such rigorous undertaking, engineering veterans who have the experience and expertise to handle such complexity give stability in a fast-track construction. Case in point, your team of engineers should be a mix of both so you can reap sound, but innovative results. Name to deliver those two-in-one solutions.

Using the choir-orchestra analogy, our experienced engineers serve as the conductor in orchestrating your whole construction site logistics. We plan and fine-tune every unprecedented detail, so we can execute directly on-site with lesser errors and get fast approval from the authorities with complete compliance on best practices.

Below are some of the main critical considerations that we factor into your site logistics and safety planning:

  • Materials required for every construction phase
  • Frequency of deliverables including preparatory excavations and demolition work
  • Equipment, tools and construction cranes for hoisting
  • Access routes to and fro the construction site
  • Transport and delivery using logistic vehicles
  • Vehicle types including size and weight
  • Loading and unloading locations for materials
  • Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
  • On-site and off-site storage, inventory and warehouse management
  • Safety around the site proximity and pedestrian boundaries
  • Supply chain management and procurement methods
  • Off-site prefabrication assembly
  • Zoning restrictions and development control

With all these factors at play, it can take a toll for an inexperienced professional to handle such immense workload. At , we welcome the challenge and exceed your expectations in efficiently orchestrating all the elements for your construction site logistics plan.

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Gain Advantages With Construction Site Logistics Plan


Failure of your construction build can only mean one thing: inefficient planning of construction site logistics. Strategic planning is the key here for your success, and this is what our expert team of engineers can do for you.

Learn more of all the advantages that you can get with a construction site logistics plan:

  • Financial paybacks

Any influx on your material purchase orders leads to surplus—effectively leading to wastage which could have been spent and utilized for other resources needed for your building construction project. On the other hand, delivery and transport can often make your quality materials unusable due to negligence. These scenarios can often hit you for negative cash flow, considering the time and money you invested.

As your trusted engineering consultants, developing a cost-effective construction site logistics plan is our number one priority for you. In turn, you’ll recoup maximum returns on your investments, with a healthy cash flow in-and-out from the start to the completion of your building project.

  • Labor efficiency

Here’s another advantage that you can get with construction site logistics plan: fast and quality output from your workforce. Since you are in control of the sourcing, procurement and delivery of your materials, you also gain an advantage in planning the deployment of your crew for work execution on-site. Real-time monitoring of the delivered materials and the equipment to be used in-situ can help you allocate your construction workers at the right time, at the right place and at the right quantity.

Being your professional advisors, we eliminate idle labor time as this can impact the bottom line of your business. We make sure that you get your money’s worth anytime your construction crew is deployed for labor, assembly and site installation.

  • Environmental benefits

Sustainable measures in the building industry do not only account for the construction itself, but also on your transport logistics. Anytime a transport vehicle moves to deliver your material supply, your building carbon footprint increases whereas if you have a construction site logistics plan in place, you can efficiently contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in your building project. Even more so with material tracking, you can manage which waste can be sent to landfill or for reuse and recycle.

With build opportunities comes the power to change and improve your surrounding built environment for the better. At , we believe in the dictum that being environmentally-conscious will pay you off in the long run.

Dealing with Site Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Being a pro in our field, our engineers recognize that there’s a direct correlation between construction site logistics and supply chain management. In a construction project, you need three things: materials, crew and equipment. If there’s one element missing, this could put a halt on the progress of your project. Supply chain management for other industries might pertain entirely to the distributed materials itself, but for construction project, we beg to differ as it refers also to your labor supply.

In all simplicity, supply chain management looks like this in sequence:

  • Raw material supply
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • End-users

As a client or building owner, you can treat yourself as the end-user in this sequence. For your building construction to progress near its completion, you need to source and procure materials either from retailers, wholesalers, distributors or manufacturers. It’s always best to keep a contingency backup contact aside from your usual vendor, supplier or contractor, since unforeseen and uncontrollable factors can sometimes impede the labor and material supply for your project. This is why aside from strong business relationships, you need industry experts to conduct technical and commercial compliance on your materials and equipment for fair evaluation.

Aside from professional review, you can utilize our engineering expertise to juggle all the different elements at play in a construction site. From raw materials down to end-users, logistics play a central part in instigating the movement of the linear cycle.

How exactly does construction site logistics enter into the cycle? Our skilled engineers make use of planning expertise and technology to track the material inflows and outflows at a right equilibrium—ensuring that there will be no surplus or scarcity in labor and materials. Both scenarios lead to an undesirable financial common ground: surplus supply leads to wastage, while scarce supply mandates higher purchasing price.

At , our foresight helps you in construction risk mitigation, safety planning and logistical coordination.

How Site Logistics Affects Project Constraints

When you know how site logistics work, you are in for better and efficient results. Tackling all project constraints requires expertise on your part, and any component that slides from the usual position can produce a ripple effect on the cost, quality and schedule aspects of your building project.

Take imported materials, for example. Unlike local available resources, imported materials have to go through customs and tariff barriers, wasting more time and money than if it had been spent on competitive local counterparts. On the other hand, your schedule and cost investments can yield you greater payback down the line if your imported material encompasses superior quality. Subpar materials consequently follow labor and material costs on maintenance and repair. In the end, you will have to weigh which option is better so as not to drag your site logistics.

Efficient planning is your solution to the conundrum of complex site logistics, and as such, you need our expert engineers on your side. Each factor, whether it would be small or big in effect, is painstakingly calibrated into how we visualize our proactive workflow. We plan for long-lead items ahead of time to resist higher purchasing on rush orders, and we coordinate with your suppliers to keep the material inventory in check for urgent items to be assembled and installed on-site.

Our proficient engineers are well-versed in making the elements of time, cost and quality constraints in sync—giving you the guarantee that we take your construction cost estimation and project timeline into account, while pursuing quality control on the delivered pre-fabricated materials and construction methods. At , we excel in transforming the complex to simple.

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Recognizing The Core Elements For Effective Safety Planning


Materials and equipment in your building project won’t function unless you have your most valuable asset: your construction workers. That being said, establishing protection for your construction crew should be your topmost priority, as any disregard can lead to undesirable repercussions and liabilities.

Our up-to-date engineers list some of the recommended OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines for implementing a safe construction workplace for your building project:

  • Hazard corrective actions
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Signs, signals and barricades
  • Fire protection and prevention program
  • Safety training
  • Documentation and recordkeeping
  • Illumination and sanitation
  • Material handling, storage and disposal
  • Scaffold requirements
  • Electrical safety
  • Fall protection
  • Toxic and hazardous substances
  • Cranes, hoists, derricks and conveyors
  • Demolition
  • Traffic protection
  • Dust control
  • Occupational noise exposure
  • Stairways and ladders

Transforming Site Logistics & Safety Planning Through VDC

Thanks to innovation, site logistics and safety planning are now even easier to track with virtual design and construction. VDC enables you to see your building project from the get-go, giving you a macro virtual view from the early planning to the facilities management phase through integrated BIM models.

Instead of implementing last-minute changes on your already-built construction project, our expert engineers can help you make critical decisions on your building project through highlighted predictions and assessments via VDC. This way, you can develop your site logistics and safety planning at its optimal peak—rendering you efficient labor-material supply on your project, and advanced insights on the safety of your construction workers with identification of hazard areas.

All this factors translate to your higher profit margins, reduced construction liabilities, and immersive experience on the side.

NY Engineers Redefine Excellence in Site Logistics & Safety Planning

Underneath all the executions are the visions propagated by experts. At , we start from the ground, so we can take it to the top. We revel in delivering simple solutions to complex problems—understanding the essence of orchestrating a large-scale movement from business-to-business for your benefit.

Through a seamless merger of expertise and technology, find out how conduct efficient site logistics and safety planning in our list of industry-specific projects.

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