Quantity Surveying & Estimate Integration (5D BIM)

Cover your financial bases along with faster project schedules and quality control through a higher level of cost management in 5D BIM.

Integrative Technology

Replace outdated workflow and automate labor-intensive and time-consuming cost estimations for efficient optimization.

Positive ROI

Aim for a healthy construction cash flow where your inflows and outflows retain at a certain equilibrium all throughout the design-build phases.

Value Proposition

Achieve higher business valuations and profit margins on your operational stage with 5D BIM-enabled building facility.

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Experts in quantity surveying & estimate integration (5D BIM)

5D BIM Surveying

5D BIM Redefines Quantity Surveying and Estimate Integration

Any building project will not move towards completion if healthy cash flow is absent. Cash flow, from design to construction, is the life blood of your project's cost constraints. Fixed or variable inputs relating to your project budget can result in ripple effect with your scheduled timeframe and quality outputs.

Often, for experienced engineers like us, contingency is factored into the equation to account for unforeseen elements. This experience combined with expertise make our quantity surveying and estimate integration a right mix of balance—not going overboard with overestimation or underestimation to account for higher profit margins and savings for all your project stakeholders.

Calculating for your project cost drivers used to require a taxing amount of our time, labor and money. But, with digital age comes efficiency. What used to be so capital-intensive in conducting construction cost estimation, bill of materials and quantity take-offs for your building project can now be solved in just a short time.

5D combines all solutions for you in the form of smart automation on cost-efficient options. Take the revolutionary workflow of BIM with its smart 3D-based models, and add project timeline into the equation for 4D BIM and cost factors for 5D BIM, respectively. Imagine all the value-engineering items that you can get with time-cost merger. At , we do not waste time in executing all your visions to life.

Why You Should Consider 5D BIM for Your Building Project

Setting up a local perspective in understanding the efficiency of 5D BIM might not get you sold especially if the advantages do not relate to your core functions in the AEC industry.

This is why it's important to see how 5D BIM works in a holistic scale, and our engineers take you through on what it's like to see all industry players through a financial lens:

  • Clients can utilize 5D BIM for managing the target financial goals, especially when project funding for the building facility came from business loans
  • Architects and engineers can present specific and accurate cost estimations despite unending design iterations due to 5D BIM's automation features
  • Construction managers can make use of auto-generated cost reports in 5D BIM, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time, on quality and well within the budget
  • Contractors, vendors and suppliers can levelize their bids and take up increased profitability with accurate markups facilitated by 5D BIM
  • Facilities managers can account for all possible costs in the operations and maintenance (O&M) of your building facility through a design-construction cost reference from 5D BIM

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How 5D BIM Streamlines Cost Optimization From Design To Operations


In a building life cycle, everything starts from the design studio. All engineering ideas pop up in a room full of specialized engineers, where brainstorming and multi-collaborative efforts happen to bring into the mix all our specialty trades for your building project.

Our proficient engineering team takes you through every stage of the building life cycle in light of how 5D BIM makes a real impact:

  • Design

Design, per se, is inclusive of stages namely schematic design (SD) and design development (DD). We engage in a continuous design dialog with the architects—continuously finetuning your building facility from schemes to detailed drawings on a technical, aesthetic, functional and structural aspect. Our engineers enter 5D BIM into the equation by simultaneously yielding cost attributes from the designed components of your 3D-based BIM models. In turn, we give you a ballpark figure of how much money you need to shell out for your building project's completion.

  • Construction

There's an overlap between design and construction phase as construction documents (CD), bidding and construction administration (CA) usually step on the latter option. Nevertheless, your design drawings transform from unworkable schemes to painstakingly-detailed construction documents ready for on-site mobilization. As cost-effective engineers scrutinizing the constructability review of your building services, we render you a detailed construction cost estimation which could be exported directly from 5D BIM—saving all project stakeholders a huge amount of time and labor costs which could otherwise derail your project's efficiency.

  • Operations

As your building facility nearly approaches the as-built condition, positive cash flow should still be your number one priority in light of higher business valuations. Being your trusted advisors in the testing and commissioning of your building services, our expert engineers facilitate through 5D BIM all integrated design-to-construction cost propositions for the operations and facilities management of your building project.

At , we give you a blow-by-blow update on the cost constraints of the building project for your audit review and progress tracking of the financial discrepancies across each stage. We aim for flawless execution on your building's commercial compliance.

Automating Efficiency on QTO and BOM with 5D BIM

Just like any other tool, 5D BIM is only as good as its users. All this means that you need our core engineering expertise driven by innovative technology to further meet the demanding commercial and financial requirements of your building project.

Our cost-effective engineers utilize the data-rich environment of 5D BIM to process the essential financial drivers of your project, namely:

  • Quantity take-offs (QTO)
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Construction cost estimation

Accurate construction cost estimations largely bank on precise QTO and BOM. Hence, the need for you to get it right from the start so as to mitigate any far-changing reactions and last-minute decisions, which can be costlier down the road.

In a 5D BIM model where all components are explicitly tagged with cost attributes, our engineers translate efficient results in the form of data extraction, automated financial reporting and change management. By all means, any design intent changes you propose are automatically highlighted in real-time updates for QTO and BOM—yielding you accurate cash outflows for the streamlined process of fabrication, logistics, assembly and on-site installation of your building components.

Managing Demand and Supply in Site Logistics Through 5D BIM

In a building construction project, it's important to understand how the trio of cost, quality and time work together independently and interdependently. Hence, the need to have professional experts on your side who can analyze your project on an aesthetic, time-sensitive and economic scale.

At , we delve down deeper into the economic aspect of your building project by discussing the interlink between demand and supply:

  • Low demand and high supply equate to abundance
  • High demand and low supply mean scarcity

All your construction site logistic elements ranging from materials, labor and equipment follow this economic principle. What you want to aim for when weighing the demand and supply of your logistical elements is abundance, as this directly translates to cheaper costs whereas scarcity oppositely demands higher purchasing orders in line with rushed timelines.

Here's why you need 5D BIM and our engineering expertise for your cost benefit: we know how each building component works from the get-go so that we can calculate how much lead time we have for your advanced procurement—resulting in value-engineered items of fair-priced but quality construction assets. In 5D BIM, you have the power of combined project cost and scheduling features right at your hand, and through our proficiency, we can help you reach its full potential for your all-in-one benefits.

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Cost Drivers In 5D BIM, From A Commercial Standpoint


Any business clients can attest to how financial cash flow serves as an essential item in the success of an organization. Especially for first-time building owners who undergo either new construction or renovation, handling cost constraints can sometimes spell the end or bankruptcy of your project, or increased value appraisals on the positive extreme.

From a business standpoint, our budget-sensitive engineers clue you in on the financial factors you need to take into account when constructing your building facility:

  • Cash flow
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Financial statements
  • Inflation
  • Profitability margins
  • Maximum ROI
  • Value propositions

5D BIM goes way beyond the build. All the ins-and-outs from your construction cash flow usually start even before the project breaks ground. Design is your starting point, where initial project estimations and quantity surveying give you a ballpark figure of how much you need to invest in your project. As you go along the construction phase, you need to take into account how site logistics work to effectively control your inflows and outflows for materials, labor, equipment and transport vehicles. Factor in inflation, as unforeseeable price hike on your materials can take a toll on your construction cost estimations.

Our cost-efficient engineers take you through the intricacies of 5D BIM, so that you can make a detailed audit of all the elements that serve as assets and liabilities for your building project—consequently saving up on valued resources and eliminating wastage from design to operations. Everything is interconnected in 5D BIM, and with a cost add-on right in your digital arsenal, you can better set up your building facility for success in the form of increased profit margins and value propositions once facilities management breaks through. At , we get down to business with a touch of engineering expertise.

5D BIM Shapes the Future of Innovation with VDC

BIM is causing a paradigm shift in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry—and all for the right reasons. Take the unending development of building information modeling from 3D to 6D, where each add-on dimension specifically correlates to its core functionality.

5D BIM redefines on a whole another level how each engineer performs construction cost estimations, QTO and BIM for your project. If you think you can't see cost on a visual scale since you got used to flat 2D presentations of client buy-ins, then you're wrong. 5D BIM makes the impossible possible through immersive visualization experience of your project budget on a virtual realm. What lies behind the aesthetics of this impressive marketing tool is its core function of real-time changes on the cost drivers of your 3D models—giving you a local and global perspective on your project budget.

Our MEP engineers anticipate what's next for BIM, and we believe the best is yet to come. But for now, we revel in the fact that we are trail-blazers in setting up the forefront for your cost-effective change through 5D BIM.

NY Engineers Elevate Cost Management with 5D BIM

Take quantity surveying and estimate integration to a higher level with our 5D BIM expertise. Find out how our MEP engineers zero in cost estimations on a right balance, so all project stakeholders can benefit two-way: clients garner savings from maximum financial paybacks, while contractors gain cost advantages with higher profits from accurate bids.

Hitting the right note means you don't end up paying more than what you owe with underestimation or overestimation. At , we veer away from the status quo and make innovation our norm. Scan our versatile project portfolio and experience for yourself how we set up cost control points for our top clients through 5D BIM.

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