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Audio Visual (AV) devices help make events and performances fun and amusing. But without the proper knowledge and experience, setting up an AV design can be tricky at best.

At NY Engineers, you get a full setup of all the necessary AV and mixing equipment. Our team of trained technicians makes the most of your budget. Here at NYE, we provide full installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of all your devices. So you can enjoy the event while we do the hard work. NYE has always been at the forefront of customer satisfaction.

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We are one of the fastest growing MEP design firms in the construction industry. We pride ourselves on having a fast turnaround while providing cost effective solutions. We are licensed in 50 states and are your one stop shop for all MEP design needs.



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Why You Need Audio Visual Design From Professionals?

Our Perspective: Stay Resolute

Having the right attitude and a proper perspective is perhaps the most important part of specializing in AV design. The proper mindset to have is to identify a problem, create a solution, work on that solution, and keep working until everything is resolved. Staying resolute and motivated is an essential part of working with customers.

AV companies tend to lose this perspective and work for money and control. At NY Engineers, we believe that the customer comes first. We shape up our goals and run for the wind. NYE maintains a repute that hasn’t been challenged by any other.

We stay resolute and staunchly grounded on our goals. We don’t let any hindrance stop us from providing professional grade quality and support. And we certainly never let a short budget get in our way. Which is why you get the best AV design experience in town.

Why Should You Hire NYE Audio Visual Design Team?

New York Engineers is your best go-to option for AV design teams. Our MEP engineers are trained and specialized in audio visual design. And we create a plan which is within your prescribed budget. In this way, you get an AV outlook that is not only cost effective but suits your crowd’s mood and charisma too.

For many people, it just makes no sense. Most event organizers are under the impression that they can handle the entire project themselves. But with an event as big as a concert or a theatre performance, there isn’t enough time to spare. Workers and volunteers are busy in logistics and promotion. Others are more concerned about increasing hospitality.

And due to all of this, most people run out of workers for the audiovisual equipment. Even if you do manage to find someone, their level of expertise cannot be precisely estimated. Hiring an AV design team is a must in these circumstances. These teams are led by professional audiovisual engineers. The workers are all fully trained and professional.

Lighting and Camera : Any trained engineer knows that the mood changes with the lighting. And as the mood changes, so do the audience’s satisfaction. With the right equipment, changing the intensity and color of light can be a breeze. But without the correct training and expertise, even the simplest tasks become disasters.

Here at New York Engineers, we maintain a discipline of trained AV operators and lighting managers. The personnel assesses your audience’s needs. They install, operate, and change lighting and even guide other workers on how to maintain the mood.

Microphone and Speakers : Without microphones and speakers, every event is bland. At NYE, we maintain and enhance your AV equipment. Which means that you get the full blown experience at a minimum cost.

We will create a unique three-dimensional speaker setup for you that best fits the occasion. Our personnel will change the sound effects, toggling treble and bass. We even provide mixing equipment to boost your event. NY Engineers is set on just one goal: customer service.

Projectors and Screens : If you’re hosting a live screening of an event, then a projector and a screen are your best friend. Apart from cameras and speakers, NY Engineers also specializes in projector equipment. With our knowledge and inclination, we will create a dynamic environment filled with amusement and unity.

We specialize in setting up and working projectors, screens, stands, and lighting for the show. We will maintain and repair the projector if there are any issues. With such sensitive equipment, a light hand is a plus. Our specialized team of MEP engineers will take great care of all your equipment.

Get Highly INNOVATIVE Audio Visual Designs

What Audio Visual Services Do NYE Provide?

Installation : Conventional repair man struggle with installing technical equipment. Knowing where to connect the wires is crucial to setting up AV equipment. Our team of specialized engineers will do the hard work for you. We install and connect speakers, microphones, screens, projectors, and sound mixers. This means that our workers will get the entire plan set up and working in no time.

Operation : Not knowing how to work your way around the equipment is a major setback. Most people don’t even know how to switch on a microphone. However, with our trained team, you won’t need to feel embarrassed. The NYE team will operate all your devices. We will set them up, connect them, get them working, and instruct volunteers on how to operate them. With a touch of sensationalism and rationality, our trainees will get your equipment working in no time.

Maintenance : Audiovisual devices require more maintenance than you think. Dust, age, and water can all affect the audience’s experience. NYE has always been at the forefront of customer service. We look after your equipment, clean it regularly, and keep it safe. And all of this within a reasonable price. NYE also provides repair jobs. Without the required maintenance, AV design devices tend to break down. This paves the way to bad audio quality, an unhappy audience, and a financial loss.

Troubleshooting and Repair : Even when your speakers and mics stop working, there’s always an easy way out. At least, according to NY Engineers. Years of training has strengthened our team’s perspective. Now, we provide full troubleshooting and repair of all your equipment. Most of our selected products are as durable as the sun. But every now and then something falters and you have to look at additional charges for repair jobs. With NYE, the repair is done at a reasonable price. And our repairs make sure you won’t be coming back for a refund.

Why Rely NYE Team For Audio Visual Design?

With all our goals in mind, our team of MEP engineers thrives. At NY Engineers, we’re always on the run for the things that make this world progressive. As the world changes, so do we. There is no other company which provides more modern services than ours.

But being modern isn’t all. New York Engineers isn’t just some money hungry capitalistic behemoth that feeds off of circumstances and poverty. We make efforts to please to our customers, no matter what their income is. Which is what makes NYE the most customer-friendly solution to all your MEP needs.

All our works and projects are headed by experts. And we follow the Chicago Building Code to help make design plans perfectly stable. This means that you won’t be needing to hire lawyers and attorneys. Our work is within the municipality’s prescribed boundaries. We stand true to our goal of catering to everyone’s needs, and that includes the government.

Moreover, NY Engineers is more than just an audiovisual design company. We deal in all sorts of engineering and building projects. We install and design building plans, sewage systems, ventilation, fire exits, and much more. We build an architecture of all your hopes and dreams and bring them to life. NYE helps your company or institute raise itself out of loss and inflation.

And if you cannot believe in us then believe in the testimonials of over a hundred clients. Each and every one of them will tell you the same thing: NYE has always stood by their side. We find budget-friendly and time-efficient solutions to all your designs and dreams. NYE has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we resolve to maintain that reputation.

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