Intercom Design

New York Engineers provides you with the customized and cost-effective intercom solutions from swiping employee cards for access to electronic doors to a group calling and paging system, according to the requirements of your facility.

Highly Customized

Our services are highly customized according to the requirements set by our clients. NY Engineers run various assessments to evaluate the existing intercom system (if any) and recommend upgrades accordingly.

Seamless Communication

NY Engineers provide you with the seamless communication system for your building with assessments and reviews for the existing systems.

Timeline Focused

Our team of professionals is highly proficient and they provide you with the best intercom solution within the given deadline without any influence on your project’s current operations. 

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NY Engineers Provides Best Intercom Design 

Improve Building Communication

Improve Building Communication by Installing the Intercom

There are different types of intercom and its dependent subsystems. The basic categorization varies according to the scale of different projects. There are commercial, infrastructural and residential types of intercom systems. Most of the large scale projects involve video as well as the audio element. The inclusion of video element ensures an increased level of visual verification for the caller.

It is important for you to know that intercom systems are not wired in conjunction with the various other communication systems including telephone and business announcement systems. Our professionally trained staff will ensure that the best intercom design solution is provided to your facility that meets all your requirements.

Requirements for an Effective Intercom Design

Effective Intercom Design

There are various key elements that should be kept under consideration when setting up these intercom systems. The door stations for these intercoms need to be located at all the external entry points. These stations must provide the means to forward the request to the operators of the facility. This needs to be done right after the ID verification of the individual. These points can also work well as the assistance points in the facility’s parking area.

Furthermore, these intercom systems need proper integration with the barrier or door they are controlling. This will require the involvement of a relay trigger for the purpose of opening a door lock or for raising a designated barrier to allow vehicles accessing or entering the premises.

Our engineers make sure that all the door stations have direct contact with the base station when installing intercom systems but it heavily relies on the system topology. In a commercial or residential setup, the communication configuration is either simplex or duplex. The duplex configuration works just like a telephone call while in a simplex configuration only one person can communicate at a time.

CCTV Intercom Design

Get an Extra Layer of Security from NYE

There are more IP solutions present with advanced level complications but they are mandatory for different dedicated networks. These solutions can be distributed over regular telephone systems that exist in a commercial building. Our engineers can also integrate these solutions with the current intelligent building system. This integration ensures that the residents and tenants have a one-stop solution for building security and intercom systems.

Our engineers can further add to the complexity of the system and activate the intercom’s call function as well. It involves a CCTV camera to record and monitor the misdemeanors. Again the system can be installed in any environment but is more popular with the infrastructural setups.  

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Types of Intercoms Solution NYE Offers


What New York Engineers Have To Offer?

As we deliver highly customized services therefore, we can install an intercom security system according to the demands of your project. We not only have the right set of tools to get the job done for you but our team of professionals has years of experience under their belt.  By hiring NYE you are in for getting the most professional service that will enable you to boost your facilities overall security level and keep it safe from external intrusions.

Our trained staff can install intercom systems that can be designed in a way to send you notifications straight from the sensors as soon as the designated door or window opens. You can also integrate your building’s security system with an intercom system. This will provide you with full access to your facility 24/7. Our team of professionals can install and integrate an intercom system design with a host of other components including sensor detectors, cameras, CCTV, systems for medical alerts, etc. 

Our intercom design solutions work well with different monitoring services to ensure the security of your facility. If you are not sure about what intercom design solution is best for you then you can hire our services and we will be more than happy to serve you. Our engineers will provide you with a host of different solutions for your building and will make sure that you don’t have to worry about any of those security breaches ever again.

With the completion of an intercom solution project, our team of experts will ensure that everything is working properly. Our engineers will also guide you through the entire process and all the features that it has to offer. NY Engineers can also arrange a training session for any of the staff members concerning the security of your building.

Types of Intercoms Solution
  • Hard-Wired Units

The hardwired units are one of the most common types of intercom systems. These are the simplest, and suitable for most of the small scale projects and facilities. Due to the fact that these systems are installed within the walls, we recommend installing them during the construction stage of your property or facility. These systems are slightly expensive as compared to the other types but they are far more resilient as well.

With most of the wired technology, the audio signal is excellent and similar is the case with wired intercom. This means that the communication that will take place between the individuals will be extremely clear.

  • Carrier Current Units

Carrier current units are less expensive as compared to the hard-wired units. These units are integrated within the electrical systems of a building and for this reason; the intercom systems system runs on electricity to establish communication with an individual on the other side. The biggest advantage of installing this unit is the cost and these units are way easier to install and maintain too.

  • Wireless Units

The wireless units don’t use the same types of radio frequencies as the previous listed two units do. The good thing is that these units are even less expensive than the carrier current units. Another great advantage of these units is that you don’t have to install them. They can be brought into use straight out of the box.
These units are powered by batteries and these batteries tend to run for a long time. The range of wireless units is the deciding factor. Some of the units also come with portable receivers and these devices enable you to run your intercom from various locations. The only issue that comes with these units is that the communication signal tends to develop interferences with the passage time. This means that with an old wireless intercom you will experience signal interruptions.

  • Auto Gate Entry Unit

This unit is useful for high rise buildings and complex facilities because you don’t need to be physically present at the door to open or close it for the visitor. These units have a camera installed and with it, you are able to see who is at the gate. There is a large display on the intercom as well for you to see your visitor and decide whether to open the gate or not.


Meet Your Security Goals with NY Engineers

Intercom design solutions and service are one of the best ways to make your facility safe from any external threats. These design solutions can work extensively well to improve the overall security situation of your facility.

Our team of engineers can provide you with assistance on all the information that you need in this regard. They can provide you with different reviews and assessments of any current security systems and how to integrate intercom design into it.

Going through these assessments will enable them to understand what the best possible solution available is. After the assessment, the agreed terms will be discussed and the best alternative solution will be provided. It will cater to all the business requirements and goals. After completion of all the assessments and execution of the plans set the installation phase will begin.

Once the installations are done the team of NY Engineers will guide the security staff of your business. This will include all the operational details necessary to run the system effectively. To address any maintenance concerns our team will set a schedule with your mutual consent and perform the maintenances operations. At NYE our objective is to enable you to meet your business goals effectively.

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Get The Best Intercom Design From NY Engineers?


Why Choose New York Engineers?

Regardless of the type of intercom that you want to install for your facility, our engineers will provide you with the best services while keeping the cost abreast as well. This makes us one of the best service providers when it comes with intercom designs. Our technical engineers make sure that they comply with all the requirements set by the Chicago Building Department and they make different recommendations according to the terms agreed by the client.

  • Cost-Effective

One of the primary features of the services that we provide is that they are highly cost effective. We assess the current aspects and requirements of your facility and recommend a system that will meet all the requirements effectively.

  • Customized Service

As every project is unique, we make sure that we understand the current business objectives and future goals. If an intercom system doesn’t address these aspects then the entire investment is going to lose its credibility. But don’t worry; NYE is here to handle things for you. Our trained professionals have years of experience in developing intercom designs and solutions. We can either provide you with a custom-station and a radio frequency to operate it as well.

  • Deadline Oriented

Our engineers have years of experience in and they have worked on countless projects involving intercom systems. For this reason, they know and understand different projects and which design solution is going to remain productive in the long run. They know what they are doing and they won’t waste time with trial-and-error testing.

  • High Compliance

One of the trademarks of NYE is the compliance with Municipal Code of Chicago. We make sure that we comply with all the standards and benchmarks set by the code. Our team of professional engineers will make sure that they understand all the needs and requirements set by the clients. Meeting customer’s requirements is among our top priorities at New York Engineers.

  • Top Notch Customer Support

It is part of NYE’s philosophy to provide the best services to all our clients. Our engineers believe in developing a collaborative relationship with the clients and work in tendon to find different solutions for a problem.

  • Maintenance Services

For high productivity, it is important that a system needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance ensures that business continuity remains top notch and cost factor remains under control as well. This will ensure that you don’t have to bear with those costly shutdowns and enabling you to emphasize on your core business activities.

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