Low Voltage Design

NY Engineers offers a low voltage design where all your appliances and electrical wiring are carefully controlled in case of voltage fluctuation and voltage drop.

A diverse range of Protection

NY Engineers provides a fully automated device coordination voltage stats software for steady state low voltage design and protection for devices.

Appliances Safety

NY Engineers offer solutions to provide a complete and intensive solution to help analyze and evaluate the electrical system to save appliance from getting damage.

Management Software

In order to provide full-time monitoring of the systems and devices in place, NY Engineers offer a model-driven management system to automate and optimize the system using simulations.

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Low Voltage Systems


How do Low Voltage Systems work?

The Low Voltage Systems were designed keeping the modern home in mind. Low Voltage Systems provides much more security and control over the devices and electrical wiring in the home. These systems use a unique mechanism of relays, triggered by a small electric current or low voltage. The relays are controlled by small switches which operate at very low voltages.

These relays only require a small impulse to switch around the current which means that the low voltage current will flow as long as the switch is pressed. This makes for a safer and economically efficient system of wiring and devices.

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An Array Of Low Voltage Systems By NYE

Security design

Security Systems

Building up a safe security system is one of the core objectives of NY Engineers. The Low Voltage Design also offers up a Security System that is equipped to handle all sorts of surges.

NY Engineers provides a smart way to wire up all of your CCTV surveillance elements such as cameras and monitors. This smart wiring will help to maintain the security system and watch the live feed remotely from the comfort of your bedroom or even your car.

Other than that, NYE also offers intrusion alarm systems that use sensors and alarms to alert you if there are any intruders inside your house. These are wired in a way that they automatically turn on when a vast majority of the house’s lights are off. And, if you are connected to a monitoring system, this intrusion alarm system also notifies the police of any unwanted intruders in your building.

NYE also provides an access control system through which you can allow a certain person or a group of persons from your personal access to some particular place. This is useful when you don’t want different departments meddling in the affairs of each other in your organization. This Low Voltage Access Control Systems use biometric scanners, retina scanners, and even handprint scanners to allow or restrict access to a particular location in the building.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection Systems normally consists of two units: a fire alarm and a fire repression system. The Fire Alarm alerts the people present in the residence or office in case there is a fire in the building. The Fire Alarm System can sometimes fail due to a high voltage surge which might cause the fire itself. However, the Low Voltage Design allows the fire alarms to still work even if there is a high surge of voltage.

The Fire Repression systems can sense when there is a fire erupting and deploy dry chemicals to douse the fire and prevent further damage. Some places use a sprinkler system that is designed to work in coordination with a fire alarm to keep the people in the building safe from any danger or loss of files or data. This system also works on a Low Voltage Design and does not let a high voltage surge to fry the entire fire repression system.

Communication Systems

Communication Systems

NY Engineers understand the need for communication in a considerably large office space. For this reason, they also offer up intercom systems which provide instant communication with people within the office space. The paging system also works swiftly to provide the communication necessary.

Nurse call alarms and ringers are also crucial for the people who are either sick or elderly and cannot call their nurses on their own. These alarms help to trigger an alarm throughout the space to let the nurse know that they are needed for helping the user out.

NYE also offers a mass communication system that allows you to get your message across to a large number of people whether on site or off site. You can send messages in the form of an audio clip, a video clip or even an email. These are efficient for emergencies when a quick message to a large number of people needs to be sent out.

Networking Systems

Network Security

Computer Networks are an integral part of the modern household or office. Without the internet, the place becomes practically unusable sometimes. NY Engineers understand the need to be networked with the several devices present on site. They also provide you with Low Voltage Networking Systems that automate the networks in your house or office.

Cabling is a very important aspect of Low Voltage Design especially when it comes to networking. The wires carry all the data in the form of electric signals transmitted from one device and intercepted by the other.

Our technicians choose from a variety of cables such as coaxial, fiber optic or shielded twisted pair cables. These cables can then be used to connect the electrical devices such as cameras, monitors and other kinds of screens to the main hub where they can all share information with each other. They can be connected to the access control system and hence automatically provide access or deny it based on the instructions you provide to the system through buttons or a voice command.

However, sometimes, using cables is not the best way to go and you will need to go wireless. In the case of cameras and cellular devices, wireless networking is a must as it is more versatile and flexible. Not to mention, it also gives you a lot of movement and safety. It provides safety because it eliminates the wires connected to devices which can often times get damaged.

The Low Voltage Wireless System is with its flaw, unfortunately. Unlike the wired systems where data is bound to be sent and received, the wireless system is a little less reliable as it sometimes does not get the job done.

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Why Should You Opt For NYE Low Voltage Design?


Control System : The control panels are provided by NY Engineers for all buildings which have their Low Voltage Design implemented. This is usually provided to a central control room or the master bedroom. This feature is a major convenience as you can control all the devices and lighting in your house or office from a single place.

You can rest assured knowing that all the lights and devices are out during night time. It also provides you the reassurance that all equipment is switched off before you leave for a vacation. This feature saves you money and time as well. It provides safety to your house against wandering wild animals and prowlers as well.

The Low Voltage Design also implements an easy 3-way switching system that allows you to create 3-way or 4-way functionality without having to perform any complicated wiring. This feature allows you to operate your devices and electrical equipment and appliances from many locations without having to complicate the process.

Safety : NY Engineers yearn to make homes and offices much safer than they already are. With Low Voltage Systems, your homes, offices and even garages are much safer. The Low Voltage Systems deploy a system of relays and light switches.

With a controlled electrical system, you can monitor all kinds of electrical anomalies in your system and take adequate steps for curbing them. The Low Voltage Design helps to alleviate all dangers related to short circuits, fires caused by electricity and even electrical shocks.

The Power Management System software provided by NY Engineers help to optimize and monitor the electrical devices placed in your electrical system in the house. These systems also offer more control over devices even at the far end of the building.

Eco-Friendly : NY Engineers care about the environment as much as they care for your safety and convenience. Since the Low Voltage Designs implement an efficient system of controlling the power and voltage, they produce a lower electricity bill. This, of course, means that you will be consuming less power which leads to a more environment-friendly residence or office.

So with NY Engineers’ Low Voltage Design, you always know that you are doing your part in saving the environment all the while saving a lot of money as well.

Save Money : All homeowners and office managers wish to save money on their electrical consumption as much as possible. With Low Voltage Systems, you can achieve just that. These systems help saving money in two ways.

Firstly, they operate on low voltages and hence assign less current to work electrical equipment, appliances, and devices. The low current and voltage usage make up for lesser power usage. This, in turn, will save you a lot of money on your power bill.

Other than that, the software provided by NY Engineers also helps to optimize any sort of problematic voltage conditions which also help lower the cost of the power bill.

Lastly, these systems also protect your devices and equipment against dangerous electrical impulses that can seriously harm them. Doing so also reduces the chances of you having to buy those devices and equipment again and hence, saving you a lot of money on devices and equipment.


Why Hire NY Engineers?

New York Engineers is a highly professional organization that provides top-tier services and solutions to all your energy-related problems and otherwise. NYE offers you the Low Voltage Design that is designed in a way that it benefits you massively. It saves you time and energy.

Not to mention, the Low Voltage Design is eco-friendly and saves your bill by a long shot. And not only that, but New York Engineers also boast several Low Voltage Design systems that can be installed in your house or office according to your request.

New York Engineers will aid you in understanding what kind of systems are necessary for your needs and how using those systems can be of advantage to you tremendously. Not only that, but New York Engineers also provides a detailed cost breakdown of all the expenses which may be needed for the installation of such systems.

This cost breakdown will make it clear if you can afford the systems or not and if in the case that you cannot, NYE’s professionals can help with that. The experts will aid you in figuring out which systems you should keep and which ones would be cost effective. In this way, you can easily opt for the ones you want to keep and opt out of the ones you feel are unnecessary.

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