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We design and prepare all filings for your new water, sewer, electric, or gas services to the utility company with the professional expertise required for sign-offs.

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Our Utility Filings Solutions

Are you in need of utility filings for your electric, gas, sewer, and water mechanisms? If so, we at will give you a hand. Known as one of the best MEP design providers in Chicago, we assure you that all of our MEP designs will make your construction process smooth-flowing.

As utility filings are necessary for every building, whether you’re operating a minor structure or handling a massive building, allow the construction process to move speedily and smoothly by getting your utility filings designed by our topnotch members.

Here, you’ll never have to start construction without an organized plan. With a team of experts to back you up, you’re sure that each step taken is precise. As making your ideas come to life is one of our primary goals, allow us to work on your utility filing projects, and soon, you’ll see progress right away.

NYE Utility Filing MEP Design

In every MEP design that we make, we always use the latest technology, software, and tools so that our outputs are not only accurate but thorough as well. From the most complex engineering projects to the simplest construction tasks, we can properly document and create MEP designs in a quick manner. This is because we’ve been following a standard procedure every time we work on a project.

Step 1. The key to forging a successful relationship with our clients is to collaborate with them. As communication bridges us and our clients, here, we work together to create models that are not only ideal for our clients’ needs but are also perfect in terms of representing our clients’ businesses.

Step 2. We will send over our team to inspect your area after agreeing on an MEP model. This is essential so that we can gather measurements and other useful information that we can use to make the designing process much more precise. Here, our principals would take note and accommodate any extra needs you have pertaining to the design.

Step 3. With the gathered information from our principals and with the design agreed on after collaborating, we will make the final MEP model for your utility filing needs.

Step 4. We begin by designing the MEP model. Here, we can collaborate so that we’ll have more clarity when it comes to how you want your final design to look like. 

Step 5. Finally, after finalizing the MEP design, we will send the output to you. We make sure that all outputs are delivered on or before the deadline. This is to ensure that we’ve not only proven you our quality standards but also making your construction process start on time.

Utility filings are necessary for a company. That’s why professional help is always welcomed. During construction, it’s important that you gather expert teams to help you speed up the process and aid you in making your construction procedure a success. Hence, be on the lookout for some of the best engineering teams that you can find.

When it comes to MEP designs though, you don’t have to look further anymore. This is because we’re sure that our design can boost your overall productivity. With us professionally working on your MEP design needs, we can effectively help you with conceptualizing and executing your utility filings.

We do this by not only using the latest MEP design technology, software, and tools, but we also achieve this by constantly training our professional team of experts. They are not only ready to use their skills, but our members are also excited to showcase their own individual expertise. In addition, aside from our professional team and thorough procedures, you’ll also get all of these services at an affordable rate. So, at NYE, everything is possible!

With our team and software to work on your utility filing, expect that you’ll not only get the output right away, but you’ll also have one that will accurately represent your business.

Why Design Your Utility Filings?

Having properly designed utility filings will get you to enjoy all of these benefits:

  • You can make decisions faster when it comes to designs.
  • You’ll have fewer errors during construction.
  • You can properly document your construction process.
  • You’ll have better cost estimations.
  • You can plan your operations more thoroughly.

When you design your projects, whether it’s for your utility filings or not, the output would always lead you to success. This is because you’re less likely to commit errors, and you can significantly reduce your risks too, allowing you to deliver your project more successfully.

At NYE, you don’t have to fear anymore if you don’t know where to get MEP designs. In the Chicago area, we’re deemed to be one of the most reliable teams when it comes to these kinds of projects, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. In no time, you’ll see that your construction project has never been this smooth-flowing and hassle-free.

Utility Filing Services We Offer

Because we would want to make your construction needs met and your construction process to work smoothly, we make sure that all of your gas, electric, and sewer construction projects are provided with MEP designs that you can totally depend on. Here are some of our specific utility filing services:

Whether you’re in need of gas service for your new building or existing structure, we at NYE will make sure to design a gas utility filing that would provide a detailed site survey of your area. In this way, getting approved is much quicker and easier for you.


What’s convenient about partnering with us is that we are already working with National Grid and Con Ed, so your turnaround time is significantly quicker during the application process.

We also have new electric service utility filings. Here, not only are we going to provide you with a detailed MEP electric service design, but we are also going to submit your application. We will also estimate your electrical load. With this and your application, we’ll wait for your approval.

What’s great with working with us is that we’re not only adept at making MEP designer, but we’re also great at working on any engineering-related tasks, so you’re sure that every step that we do is done precisely and with accordance to the laws in your area.

For those with a problematic sewer system or are in need of a permit, we are also offering a new sewer service utility filing. This is because new businesses need to be connected to their city’s primary sewer systems, or, perhaps, one needs to upgrade his sewer system in case it overflows when there’s heavy rain. Regardless of the reasons for getting this service, we at NYE will handle everything professionally.

The good news is that you don’t have to work on anything anymore. Let us do the task for you. Here, we will come up with a design with all the needed detailed and calculations so that we can file to the DEP and get it approved – everything is going to be quick and easy, we assure you that.

Lastly, if you don’t have a backflow preventer in your building and DEP has already warned you of this, don’t worry as we can help you with this dilemma. While we all know how notoriously slow the approval process of the backflow preventer is, we at NYE assure you that we’ll work on it and have it approved much quicker than the other similar providers in the area.

Because it’s a mandatory mechanism that must be placed in your building, we’ll have to start with designing an MEP backflow preventer. Then, we’ll submit your application so that the survey can begin. Though this process may sound worrying, for the fear of not being approved, NYE assures you that we have a 90% one-time approval score, so there is no need to stress on this.

This is because we’re experts when it comes to backflow preventers. We’ve been in the industry for quite some time now, so we know how this project type works. Plus, as our engineers are always on DEP, it’s easier for you to get approved, allowing you to be free from this process just within an estimated 1.4 months.

Utility filing projects are not only time-consuming, but they’re also some of the most tiring and stressful construction-related tasks that you can think of. This is mainly due to the fact that these projects need time, effort, and approval. That’s why it’s important that you pair up with us as we’re not only experts in this field, but we’re also connected with a lot of construction groups, companies, and businesses, allowing you to have a speedier approval process.

To make these projects simpler for you, give us a ring, and we’ll start designing your utility filing MEP design – all of these done accurately, professionally, and reasonably.

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Why Choose NY Engineers to Work on Your Utility Filings MED 3D Design?

A project this serious and time-consuming should only be dealt with by professionals. That’s why for every utility filing project that you have, it’s best that you rely on us for our services; this is because we have all of these:

  • Knowledgeable Team of Professionals

One of the main reasons why you should partner with us is that we have a team of knowledgeable professionals that is adept in not only creating MEP utility filings but is also great at getting your utility filing applications approved. With a team this knowledgeable, all of your queries will be answered, and all of your worries will be put at bay.

  • Latest Technology, Software, and Tools

We’re also proud to say that all of the technology, software, and tools that we use in designing your utility filings are topnotch and up-to-date. As calculations are needed here, it’s only appropriate that we use precise methods in coming up with a detailed design that you can send for approval.

  • Organized Procedures

Starting from the collaboration to the execution, every procedure is done in an organized fashion. This is because we believe that following protocols during the entirety of a project means that we’ll make fewer errors and have a much smoother ride. In this way, we’re not only saving your time, but we’re also simplifying everything for you.

  • Affordable Rates

We all know that utility filings do not only take too much of our time and affect our stress levels, but they can also make you go bust from all of the revisions and resources that you’ll go through. That’s why here at NYE, we’re not only offering you organized procedures to cut your construction time in half, but we’re also giving you affordable rates. Partnering with us will definitely save you your time and expenses!

  • Great Connections

Lastly, we are a team that has a lot of connections. Being in the industry for quite some time now, we’ve not only had the skills and the know-how when it comes to utility filings, but we’ve also made meaningful connections with the right people. Through our expertise and our wide range of relations, you’re sure that your utility filing application will go smoothly and quickly.

NY Engineers – Your Reliable MEP Design Provider

Anytime you’re ready, will back you up. Not only are we adept in making utility filing applications successful, but we’re also experts at providing a wide array of services when it comes to anything related to electrical, engineering, mechanical, and plumbing construction projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Our certified team of experts are more than ready to share their ideas and skills with you, so let’s start working on your utility filing project today!

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