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We always try to be as detail-oriented as possible, allowing us to provide you with highly accurate and detailed design outputs.


Our floor drain designs are all about efficiency and durability so you no longer have to spend too much money on maintenance and repairs.


Our floor drain designs are intended to last for years. This way, you won’t have to invest in replacements and repairs which can be quite costly in the long run.

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NYE Floor Drains Design


Water damage can be devastating, especially if it happens on your business building’s floors. The same can be said to floods. In most cases, however, this can be solved with proper floor drainage. However, if your building doesn’t have floor drains installed, or the ones you have are already old, then we at New York Engineers can help you with our floor drain designs.

With our floor drain designs, you can get rid of all those water damages and flooding issues and potentially save tons of money on costly repairs and replacements. Regardless of where you are in Chicago or other nearby cities, we can help you design an efficient floor drainage system that will last a lifetime.

Let us help you with your drainage needs and do away with flooding and water damage issues for good.


Floor Drains Design Process

We know that when left unattended, water damage can quickly and easily deteriorate the interior of your building, including all your furniture, appliances, and other stuff inside the building. Due to this, we make sure that our floor drains designs are designed to prevent water damage from even happening in the first place.

For this, our team will follow a set of procedures so we can fully assess your entire project and formulate an effective design that will meet your needs. Here’s how our process goes:

  1. We start by asking for as many details regarding your project as possible. As soon as you contact us and seek our services, we will then get into action as soon as we both come to an agreement. As much as possible, we would like to ask accurate details about your building and draining needs so we can have a clear picture of what you really need.

  2. Once everything is agreed upon, we will then send our inspection team to conduct a site inspection. They will be the one to assess your building and check your building layout. This way, we will be able to formulate a custom floor drain design for your building. Also, since each building’s layout vary, certain factors will come into play such as the location of the drain, its size, and more. This explains why we need to conduct site inspection so we can take such factors into consideration.

  3. After gathering all the information we need, we will then start with the designing process. During this stage, we will formulate a floor drain design that will meet your drainage needs. Do keep in mind that the number of floor drains required will depend on how many floors your building has as well as its number of rooms.

    It is also during this stage that we would like to ask for collaboration with you. We want to make sure that our designs can meet your specifications and be as foolproof as possible. In this stage, the design isn’t yet in its final form. We will require initial feedback from you so that we can fix any possible issues or make any adjustments. 

  4. Once we received your initial feedback, we will then make any adjustments or fix any errors which we might have overlooked. After all the revisions and adjustments are completed, we will then run the design on a 3D environment. This way, you will be able to see how your drains will look like once they’re manufactured and installed in your building. 

  5. In this stage, we will finalize the design and make sure that everything is polished. At this point, we trust that you already have an idea on how the design will look like once it’s installed in your building. After you’re satisfied with the presentation, we will then send you the design.

    With our floor drains design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property won’t have to suffer from water damage which can only lead to costly repairs if left unattended. With the help of our professional engineers and designers who have been in the MEP design industry for years, we are confident that we can deliver you the design you need for your floor drainage system.

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Why a Floor Drain Design Matters?


Floor drains are an integral part of any building. Unfortunately, most drainage systems installed in most buildings tend to be inefficient at preventing water damage and flooding, and in such cases, poor design is to blame.

With a well-crafted floor drainage design, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Water damage prevention
  • Flood-free building
  • Less downtime brought on by flooding

By designing your floor drains, you will be able to customize your drainage system and even possibly include several areas which might have been overlooked otherwise. We can help you in that aspect and provide you with a final design which you can use to create a buildable design. This is made possible with the use of the latest tools and techniques in the MEP (manufacturing, engineering, and plumbing) and BIM (building information modeling) industry.

Design Considerations

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are certain considerations that come into play when designing floor drains. Due to that, we would like to ask you for all the details regarding your project. This way, we will be able to fully assess your building’s draining needs and formulate a working design for that.

During the designing process, we at New York Engineers take into consideration the following:

  • Building Regulations

Every drainage installation should abide by international regulations as well as local building codes. The same goes for drainage designs. For this, we at New York Engineers make sure to only create designs that comply with the local codes and regulations. This way, you won’t have to encounter future issues related to drainage regulations.

  • Waterproofing Requirements

Apart from local building codes, we also make sure that our designs comply with the waterproofing requirements which ensures that interior spaces are properly protected from unexpected water incursions. However, keep in mind that your choice of material will also come into play. 

  • Flooring Material

The material used for constructing your building’s floors will directly influence your drainage system. We at New York Engineers make sure this matter is properly met by conducting site inspection on your building. This way, our engineers will be able to know the type of flooring you have and formulate a design that is appropriate with your floors.

  • Material and Aesthetics

Just like the material your floors are made of, the material you plan to use for your drainage as well as its aesthetics are also important factors which we consider during the designing phase. This is because certain materials, such as stainless steel and satin nickel bronze, are best used in areas where they can enhance that said area’s aesthetics. On the other hand, materials like ductile iron gratings are meant to be used in industrial settings. By knowing which materials you plan to go for, we will be able to not only create a working floor drain design but an aesthetically appealing one as well.

  • Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the maximum amount of water drained in a gulley. Calculating the flow rate will vary as there are a number of factors which can influence it such as sump capacity, design, outlet size, and more.

At low water heads, the flow rate will be influenced by the grating free area’s size. Meanwhile, at water heads above 50mm, the flow rate will be influenced by either the grating free area or the body free area.

  • Pipework

Another important factor we consider during the floor drain design phase is the size and type of pipework. This is because this will allow us to properly design the gullies which go into your drainage system.

  • Load Rating

It is important that your drainage system can withstand all anticipated loads. Due to this, the load rating of our floor drain design will vary on the following load rating class:

  1. Loading K3 – this applies to areas that only allow foot traffic including bathrooms, schools, retail centers, terraces, washrooms, museums, etc.
  2. Loading L15 – this one applies to areas that receive light vehicular traffic such as domestic drives and cycle ways.
  3. Loading M15 – this is intended for areas that have heavy vehicular traffic like warehouses, factories, workshops, car parks, and more.

Why Choose Our Services?

If you want to prevent water damage due to flooding or water leakage, then a well-crafted floor drains design is what you need. We at New York Engineers are your best option for this. With plenty of years in the service, we were able to work with tons of clients and achieved 100% customer satisfaction in the process. Here are the reasons why you should work with us:

  • Team of Professionals

New York Engineers is composed of a team of professionals who have been in the industry for several years. We have skilled engineers and designers who are ready and willing to take on your job and meet your needs for an efficient and durable design.

  • Latest Tools and Techniques

To make sure that we can provide you with high quality designs that comply with the latest industry standards and various building codes and regulations, we make sure to use only the latest tools and techniques in the MEP and BIM industry. Such tools include Revit and AutoCAD which are the most important tools in our disposal. We also use several other supplementary tools for a few other tasks as well. 

  • Excellent Customer Service

Apart from being skilled and experienced in the field, our team is also made of friendly and approachable professionals who will cater to your needs and answer any inquiries and concerns you have. If you have questions you need to be answered, our customer service will be ready and happy to get in touch with you.

  • Affordable Rates

Other than our excellent and quality design services, one of the reasons why our clients were glad to have worked with us is due to our highly affordable rates. In fact, we’re one of the few companies that offer the most affordable rates in the MEP design industry. That said, if you are on a tight budget, we’d be willing to take on your project and discuss the details so we can come into an agreement.

Of course, even though we will do some cost-cutting measures, the quality of our work will still remain the same.

  • Error-Free Output

The use of advanced tools as well as doing a collaboration with you during the design process allow us to provide you with an error-free design. By asking for your initial feedback, we will be able to correct any errors and make any adjustments and revisions before we even call the design final. This way, you won’t have to worry about encountering any errors during the construction process of your floor drainage system with the help of our design.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

We understand how time-sensitive a construction project can be. Due to this, we make sure that we can send you the final design even before the deadline. We always make sure we can deliver ahead of time. This way, we can work on multiple design projects without worrying about delays.

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