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Roof Tank Design


Rooftop Tank

Whether it’s a residential building or a commercial one, roof tanks are necessary for ensuring that all occupants have an ample supply of water. Roof tanks utilize the natural pull of gravity to supply and evenly distribute to the upper floors of buildings; places where regular water pressure often cannot reach.

It is therefore vital to have a roof tank design that’s not only functional but also efficient and integrated well into the building’s overall design.

At New York Engineers, we use only the best tools in the industry to come up with designs and models for your project’s roof tank that are accurate and efficient. We provide roof tank designs for residential and commercial spaces, both in and out of the Chicago area.

We also pride ourselves on providing our valued clients far and wide only the best and highest quality designs and models for all your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and engineering needs. Our top priority is to ensure that your project is a success.

Allow us to help turn your ideal project into reality.


NYE Roof Tank Design

Working with our team at New York Engineers, you will see that we only use the best MEP software solutions to ensure that our designs are nothing but precise, cost-efficient, and of the highest quality. 

Our meticulous and comprehensive internal protocols guarantee that our designs are delivered to you on time and with every detail accounted for and properly documented from start to finish. This is true for every project we take on.

Step 1: For us to properly design your roof tank, we first need to meet with you and know exactly what you have in mind. Meeting with you and listening to your needs and wants for your project allow us to come up with designs and models that accurately represent your vision and project goals.

Step 2: After taking into account your needs and wants, we send over a team of principals who will inspect the area and gauge what is needed to ensure your project’s success. Furthermore, they will take into account any and all relevant information to guarantee that your roof tank design is as accurate and efficient as possible.

Step 3: Our team of highly skilled engineers will use all information collected during the inspection to create a detailed and precise MEP model of your roof tank design which you will receive in just a single database file. 

Step 4: After which, we start with the designing process, all the while coordinating with all relevant parties involved. Our systematic and meticulous way of relaying information allows for a smoother design process.

Step 5: Last but not least, we deliver the finished designs and models which guarantee high performance and maximum cost-efficiency; all within your specified budget and timeframe.

At New York Engineers, our main goal is to craft detailed, accurate, and high-quality designs and models that perfectly meet your roof tank and other MEP design needs and adhere to established engineering standards.

Our roof tank designs ensure maximum productivity and efficiency without increasing the cost of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, we make it so that our designs are integrated well into your project’s overall design and system which ensures that everything is in sync and operating as smoothly as possible.

We at New York Engineers also have a comprehensive documentation system that guarantees giving automatic updates to all relevant parties throughout the entire process. Involving our clients in the process as much as possible allows us to create designs that accurately represent the client’s vision and meet their project goals. Moreover, client involvement allows for smoother facilitation of the design process and prevents miscommunication which can lead to errors in the final output. 

In addition to all this, our team of highly skilled design engineering professionals is going to use their extensive knowledge and experience to give you the best results for your roof tank design. Every relevant information will be factored in to ensure that you get only the highest quality results. 

With the combination of our use of the best MEP design software solutions and the brilliance of our engineering team, you can rest assured that your roof tank is well-designed, efficient, and highly accurate. 

Partnering with the right engineering experts is the surest way to avoid wasting any time, money, or effort and to ensure your project’s ultimate success. We at New York Engineers will utilize every resource we have to deliver optimal results for your roof tank and other MEP design needs – all while staying on time and on budget.

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Why Design Roof Tanks?


Having a well-designed roof tank entails the following:

  • Flawless roof tank performance
  • Accurate estimation of overall costs
  • Proper documentation during each step
  • Efficient and well-integrated designs
  • Clear and hassle-free automatic updates
  • Optimal project results

Designing your own roof tank for your project prevents you from investing and inevitably wasting your time, money, and effort on a product that is inefficient and expensive to operate and maintain. Furthermore, having your own roof tank designs ensure that it is integrated well into your project’s overall system and enables you to avoid any incompatibility and field errors.

Customized roof tank designs also give you, the client, more control over your project’s final outcome. With client satisfaction being our top priority, we involve our clients as much as possible in the design process so as to avoid any inaccuracies and errors. This is done through proper and thorough documentation during each step which is then conveyed to the client via automatic updates. 

We at New York Engineers will help you with all your roof tank and other MEP design needs: from conceptualization to completion. With our industry-specific skills and tools, we have everything you need to turn your project from mere ideas into reality.


How a Roof Tank Works: The Things We Consider in the Design Process

Roof tanks are necessary for buildings, especially high-rise ones, for they are responsible for ensuring that all floors and occupants of the buildings receive an ample supply of water. Their key role in the even distribution of a building’s water stems from the fact that regular water pressure often isn’t powerful enough to reach the upper floors of a building. Roof tanks are the easiest and most cost-efficient way of distributing water among a building’s occupants.

The operation of roof tanks is pretty straightforward; with gravity doing the bulk of the work. Nevertheless, it is still vital to have a well-designed roof tank to ensure maximum productivity and cost-efficiency, and we at New York Engineers will be happy to provide you with such designs.

When designing a roof tank, there are several things we consider to ensure that they meet all established engineering standards and are up to code. 

The things we consider are:

  • Materials : What your roof tank will be made of is one of the major factors that we consider during the design process. The materials commonly used for roof tanks are wood or metal whose pros and cons we will consider when coming up with a design for your building. 
  • Sensor  : Although the natural pull of gravity does most of the work, roof tanks also have an electrical component which determines when to pump water to it. Most modern roof tanks have an electrical sensor which can gauge when the water in your roof tank is getting low and signals to the electrical pump to start pumping water to it. However, some use a simpler mechanism: a balloon like the ones found in toilets that gauge the water level in your tank.

We will consider the most efficient and least costly option for you and your roof tank and incorporate them into our designs.

  • Durability and maintenance of the roof tank : We will also take into consideration the longevity and the frequency and cost of regular maintenance of your roof tank. We will ensure that any designs we come up with for your roof tank project are durable and have a cost-efficient maintenance process.  

Roof tanks are the surest way to distribute water evenly among your building’s occupants. However, it is necessary to have a well-thought-out design and with New York Engineers, you can rest assured that all factors necessary to the success and flawless performance of your roof tank will be considered and incorporated into the design process.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


With New York Engineers, you can rest easy knowing your roof tank design needs are being met and even exceeded. 

We have an excellent and brilliant team of design engineering experts who have helped countless clients with their MEP and engineering design needs; something which allowed New York Engineers to cement their reputation as one of the best when it comes to designing your MEP and engineering needs in Chicago and beyond.  

We offer the following to guarantee the success of your project:

  • Faster turnaround rate : Delays, no matter how short, could mean big losses on your part. We know how valuable your time is; which is why you’ll benefit from our fast turnaround rate which is 50% faster than anyone else in the industry. You can rest easy knowing that our team of experts can bring you your designs in no time. 
  •  High first-time design approval rate : Full involvement in our process and having clear and active communication with our clients enable us to have a first-time design approval rate of 80% -- the highest you can find in the industry. Having such a high approval rate means we have the capacity to create designs that accurately represent your project goals; something that will readily ensure its success.
  • High-Quality but Still Reasonably Priced Designs : At New York Engineers, you can have custom, high-quality designs that accurately represent what you need and want for your project – all while still remaining within budget. 
  • Zero Change Order Guarantee : At New York Engineers, we enforce a strict protocol in the control of the quality of our designs which enables us to avoid any abrupt changes or disruptions and ensure that they are exactly as you want them. In addition to this, working with one of our partner contractors, you will get to enjoy our zero change order guarantee which ensures that your roof tank design is executed properly and accurately.
  • Industry-standard software and tools : Our use of industry-standard software and tools enables us to not only craft detailed and accurate designs for your projects but also allows us to automatically size and calculate everything needed for them to turn out the way they should. Furthermore, we ensure that we use state-of-the-art MEP software solutions and tools so that you get only the best and highest quality designs.
  •  Certified and Highly-Skilled Team of Experienced Specialists : New York Engineers is proud to feature a team of certified and highly skilled specialists whose vast experience and expertise will ensure that your roof tank designs are well-designed and highly efficient. They are responsible for coming up with the excellent MEP designs that allowed New York Engineers to continue being among the best in terms of catering to your MEP design needs, both in and out of Chicago. 

Furthermore, we train our team continuously and constantly to ensure that they are as competitive and up to date as possible. Doing so enables them to come up with brilliant solutions to your MEP needs and guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Labor Warranty : We have immense confidence in what we do which is why we feature a satisfaction guarantee. We can assure you that our roof tank designs are done with utmost care and consideration of your project needs and with the combination of our skilled team and top-of-the-line tools. You can never go wrong with NYE.


An Innovative MEP Partner You Can Depend On

New York Engineers is the MEP partner for your roof tank and other MEP design needs. Using only the best MEP software solutions, we can cater to all your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and engineering needs and create innovative and efficient designs that will ensure your project’s success.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to use their extensive knowledge on the subject matter to craft incredible roof tank designs and deliver them in a timely manner. We will help you with your MEP project needs, from conceptualization to the final outcome.

With New York Engineers, there’s no doubt that your vision for your project will become a reality.

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