Booster Pump

A booster pump boosts the pressure of your water supply or gas supply. It is a solution to low-pressure water coming from your kitchen faucets or shower heads. New York Engineers designs, installs and maintains booster pumps for commercial and residential applications.


Our water booster pump solutions are designed to ensure optimal  performance in boosting water pressure in your household.


We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

Built to Last

All of our water booster pumps are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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booster pump

Booster Pump

What is a booster pump?

A booster pump could be a water booster pump or a gas booster pump. A gas booster pump refills your gas cylinders or increases the pressure at which gas is supplied to your home. A water booster pump, on the other hand, helps increase the pressure at which you get municipal water supply or draw water from the tank. The water booster pump is popular.

New York Engineers designs any type of booster pumps to help you achieve your mission of increasing the pressure and flow rate of liquids or gases into your home. In large buildings, for instance, you are faced with multiple floors whereby the pressure of water from the ground could decrease the higher you go. Even if the tank is put on top of the building, the pressure is susceptible to decreasing per floor. As a result, you will tend to get low-pressure water through your faucets or showerheads.

The water booster pump is all you need to ensure that you get high pressure water to fill your pots or wash your dishes. Commercial restaurants can relate to the need of high pressure washer to wash dishes. Our unmatched booster pump designs can help achieve that mission.

Is a booster pump really effective?

Industrial water meter

In our years of experience, we have seen how water booster pumps played a significant role in increasing the pressure of water supply in high rise buildings in particular. The pump works just like a centrifugal fan with impellers in an enclosure and a motor as well. When the impellers rotate, they exert pressure onto the water through the outlet.

The pump has the inlet and the outlet through which you can attach your plumbing piping network from the main riser. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated or confusing, our professional MEP engineers can figure it out for you. We excel in plumbing engineering services and our systems are optimized to draw minimum power. You save a lot with our optimized piping system.

If you have to draw water from miles away to your household, you can relate to the difficulty of maintaining the desired pressure into the pipes. The booster pump can come to your rescue and boost that pressure to increase the flow rate and the pressure. You will enjoy getting water from the household tabs.

Furthermore, if you have sprinkler systems installed in your building, particularly large buildings, you may have to consider the booster pump to increase the pressure of water in the case of a fire emergency. Any type of sprinkler system requires pressurized water to effectively suppress fires at an early stage. Low-Pressure water will be disastrous because the fires might rage more.

When installing sprinkler systems, our engineers ensure that there is sufficient water supply at required pressure levels. We can help you configure the system and install the booster pump that will synchronize with the fire sprinklers.

Given these functions, a booster pump is really effective. But, note that there are different booster pumps and may differ from one situation to the other. Factors such as the amount of water supply will determine what kind of a booster pump you need and what size of the pump you should look for. New York Engineers can help you figure all that out.  

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Designing Booster Pumps For Your Household


Oftentimes, homeowners shop for readymade booster pumps from their local stores or online. It can happen, however, that the pumps do not boost enough pressure per the number of household faucets or building floors. In that case, you may need to do some calculations and purchase the right pump with the right sizing.

New York Engineers specializes in expert plumbing solutions that are designed with efficiency, functionality, and longevity in mind. We design the best booster pumps for water and for gasses. We customize our designs to your building to ensure a proper fit so that you get maximum pressure of water and gasses.

Designing booster pumps is a demanding task when you take into account their components. From the impellers to the motor and the enclosure, they have to be of high quality. There is no doubt that our designs are unparalleled in New York and beyond.

We can also configure the system so that it does not consume more power than necessary. You are going to need it for a long time and frequently, and so letting it consume excessive power could hurt your monthly bills.

Because our engineers broadly specialize in plumbing solutions, we can offer you plumbing services beyond the design of the booster pump. It is of no use to install an effective booster pump while having a mediocre piping system that might compromise the increased pressure.

There are other factors that are attributable to reduce pressure in your water supply. With careful analysis and assessment of your pipes, our engineers can decipher the real problems. We can design the entire network of pipes and include the booster pump. That could be more beneficial in a commercial building because what you need is a high performance. Low-pressure water compromises that.

Installing a Booster Pump

plumber installing

Do you have a booster pump and do not know how to install it? New York Engineers can help you with that installation. No booster pump design is difficult for us to install since we have been in the industry for a long time designing, installing and maintaining an assortment of booster pumps.

Installing the pump can be demanding in a way that you have to cut your original piping to insert the booster. When in action, we disconnect the water supply in your household and make sure all faucets are dry before installing the pump.

The best place to install the pump in the case of improving water supply into your household is at the riser. We have the proper tools to integrate the pump into your piping network to boost the pressure. Our engineers can achieve that in a short period of time and let your water run again with a boosted pressure.

After installing the pump, we will then conduct a system test to see if all the water outlets discharge water at the expected pressure and the flow rate. We bear responsibility for any failure should there be any. However, we guarantee you the best results after installing your booster pump.

Maintaining a Booster Pump

Maintaining a booster pump is yet another struggle that not everyone can keep up with. These tools have numerous components such as impellers, sensing devices, motor, inlet, and outlet. All these components are susceptible to deteriorating as time goes on, and thus you have to keep an eye on them.

Our engineers can accomplish the maintenance ask for you. We will ascertain that the fan is still operating effectively in pumping large volumes of water. Also, we will ensure that the overall mechanical performance is on par. We design, install and maintain booster pumps, and so it will not be cumbersome for us to diagnose problematic pumps if we encounter one.

One of the factors that could lead to the deterioration of booster pumps is unclean water with impurities. We will help you ensure that the municipal water or sewage water pumped does not clog the pipes or does not affect the fan speed negatively. That could lead to a malfunctioning of the equipment. Consequently, it could lead to costly maintenance or replacement.

New York Engineers can schedule maintenance of booster pumps to ensure that they continually perform to the highest. If a booster pump is not used frequently, it can be prone to rust. We can disassemble it to clean the components and re-assemble it.

The vibration of booster pumps is another problem that many households face. If New York Engineers installs your pump, we will compensate for this vibration during the installation. We know that the vibration can affect the entire plumbing system and so we will prevent that during the installation part by using the flex connector for the inlet and the outlet.

If the pump has been installed without one, we can retrofit that. Your household cannot stand the nuisance vibration every time you turn that faucet to discharge water. Let us come to your rescue.

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Benefits Of A Booster Pump


With a booster pump installed, you can enjoy highly pressurized water from your faucets. Low-pressure water is not only annoying but also costly because you need too much to do a simple task. For instance, in a case of pressure washing, you may need more water at low pressure and that is an added cost to your water bill. Our water booster pump can prevent such unnecessary costs on your bill.

To extinguish fires effectively using sprinkler systems, you need pressurized water. Low-pressure water will not incur the cost to your bill but also lead to fire damage due to an ineffective suppression of water at an early stage. When firefighters arrive they will find the fire raging with severe damages and could be costly financially to your property. Avoid such inconveniences by considering a water booster pump from .

Imagine the inconvenient waiting time for the faucet to fill your bathtub while you have an important meeting to attend. The same applies to a low-pressure showerhead. With the booster pump, you can expect convenient baths and filling of pots. Ultimately, it will save you more water and bills.

The Cost of a Booster Pump

The cost of a decent and high-performance booster pump for water averages around $800. That is not too expensive considering the indispensable function of the equipment. It saves you lots of water and money in the long run. While considering the cost of the pump, also factor in the labor cost of installing it, which could amount to $1000 depending on the features and the complexity of the pump.

With New York Engineers you can expect affordable costs of installations. We can design the pump at affordable costs without compromising the quality, and also install it. Also, consider maintenance costs. If you have a dependable MEP partner in plumbing engineering services, you can rest assured that costs will be affordable while receiving top-notch quality services.

While considering the need for the booster pump, consider also the need for an overhaul of the old plumbing system for your household. Sometimes the problems of low-pressure water can be traced to clogged pipes instead of a booster pump. The pipes may need complete maintenance of repair. With our plumbing expertise, we can achieve that.

Why Choose New York Engineers?

We have been in the industry offering unmatched plumbing engineering services. This gives an assurance that we can offer you the best booster pump. It’s time to let go of the nuisance low pressure of water. Our engineers are experts in a plethora of plumbing services. We can therefore design and install the best pump in your premises.

We do not overcharge services and we do not compromise the quality. After installing the pump, we can schedule maintenance to ensure that the pump continually functions to its best performance.

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