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Sump pumps are built to be reliable, and New York Engineers (NYE) will deliver the perfect design for the reliable sump pump that you need.


Sump pumps take up power, and designing it well ensure that it works perfectly at the least amount of energy usage.


Sump pumps are meant to last for decades. At NYE, we can come up with a design for a durable sump pump that can last for over 30 years.

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Sump Pumps Explained


What are sump pumps anyway? Basements of many buildings and homes can collect water from different sources like rain or groundwater. In order to prevent the buildup of this water, a sump or a pit is constructed in the basement to collect the water. A sump pump is then used to remove water from the sump, thus keeping the basement waterproof. The water is discharged either to the sewers or somewhere that won’t cause any problems.

Why Do You Need a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is important because it is part of the safety controls of a building. Waterproofing systems for basements are required in some states and cities particularly for those areas where the buildings are at or below the ground level resulting in basements below the water table. Without a waterproofing system, water will stay in the basement making it unusable but more importantly, making the soil wet and unstable. Unstable soil below a building or a house can cause serious damages.

This is why a sump pump is important. It keeps basements free from water and the ground soil stable. At New York Engineers, we understand this and that’s why we offer services to design the sump pump that fits perfectly with what you exactly need.

Sump Pump Design Service

NYE has a wide array of design services that cater to specific solutions to different problems. Designing a sump pump is one of those services. We offer our services to both local (inside Chicago or outside) and international clientele. Since we understand how important a sump pump is, we take extreme care in our calculations and models. Our design service follows a foolproof process that makes everything ready for construction. On the other hand, we understand how important time is to our clients, and that is why we’ve developed a Rapid Design Process that comes up with the most reliable designs at the least amount of time needed.

Step 1: Initial Data Gathering and Planning

We can work with you the moment you reach out to us. We will hear you out and collect as much data as we can. We will also set an initial timeline as to when the design can be finished. NYE has an 80% first design approval rating. This means that most of the designs delivered to our clients are approved during the first presentation. One of the secrets to this is clear and collaborative planning with the client.

Aside from the accuracy of the design, budget and timeline are the most important considerations when starting a design job. We’ll make sure that cost and deadlines are agreed and understood properly during the first step.

Step 2: Site Inspection and Data Analysis

In order to gather more accurate and useful data, a site inspection will be conducted. Our principal will take measurements of the building or house and take note of all the vital information. Groundwater level will be determined and possible discharge channels will be surveyed.

Once all of the data have been gathered, our team of engineers will perform data analysis and come up with a basis for the design of the sump pump. It is at this stage that we finalize all the data that will be used to design the sump pump. We will present to you a summary of these data and some options that can be taken as to how the design will be carried out.

Step 3: Selection and Design Process

This step is probably the most important step and where most of the work is put into. Three things make the design process a success, (1) an accurate basis of design, (2) a team of skilled designers, engineers and architects, and (3) the correct MEP tools.

An accurate basis of design has been prepared from the first two steps. This basis will be vital when doing the selection process. Sump pumps come in different sizes, types, materials, etc. and only the most appropriate options must be selected.

New York Engineers take pride in its skilled and experienced engineers who work tirelessly to come up with the most efficient and durable sump pump designs. The different MEP software that we use produce comprehensive and reliable models. Some of the tools we use are Revit and AutoCAD. These two are among the prized software solutions that are used by design companies around the world.

Step 4: Design Review

The next step is to present the first design to the client. Again, we are proud to say that NYE has an 80% first design approval rate. If the client is satisfied with the design of the sump pump to be constructed, they can approve it right away. In some instances, there are areas of the design that will be identified for revision. Our team will work right away on these revisions to produce the correct design.

Step 5: Finalizing the Design

Once the client has approved the design, we will send the final file together with the updated details such as the costing and the estimated timeline of the construction. The design phase of any construction project can sometimes take as long or even longer than the construction stage depending on the complexity of the design. As agreed during the first few steps of the design process, we will deliver to our client what we promised: an accurate and fast sump pump design.

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Why Design a Sump Pump?

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A sump pump is not just a simple pump. If it was, you would just look for the next cheapest pump you can buy and have someone install it for you. The complexity of the sump pump is one of the reasons why a design service should be sought after. Furthermore, the performance of the sump pump is critical to ensure that the safety controls of a building or house are in place. Installing a sump pump system will take a considerable amount of time and delays due to incorrect installation. This can have great cost implications in the overall building construction project. Here are the reasons why a sump pump must be designed:

  • Choosing the Correct Pump Type and Specifications

A sump pump is generally classified into two types: pedestal and submersible. This decision alone requires a proper collection of data and a good basis of design. There are other several design considerations for a sump pump. These include power rating, head pressure, power cord length, phase and voltage rating, type of water level sensing switch, and a backup system. All of these are analyzed by our team of experts with years of experience in the field, so you can be sure that we are providing you with the design solution specific to your problem.

  • Ensuring Smooth Construction and Installation

Having a design or model to the sump pump system will help visualize the project not just how it will look like physically but how it will be constructed and installed. Having a model will help smoothen the construction and installation stages because it will serve as a guide for the contractors, engineers and architect. The design file will be accessible and can be viewed on mobile devices.

  • Providing an Accurate Cost Estimation

It is part of the service of NYE to provide you with an accurate cost estimation of the sump pump that is within the agreed budget. This will provide peace of mind and confidence to our clients that their projects will continue without delay due to cost issues.

  • Reducing Costs and Any Uncertainty

Another reason why a sump pump should be designed is the opportunity to reduce cost and to remove any uncertainty. Cost reduction can be easily identified if there is a detailed design. Costs that are associated with reworks on the construction and installation can also be prevented. Some uncertainties that are overlooked before the construction phase can cause serious delays and a lot of money. A well-designed sump pump brings out these uncertainties and deals with them accordingly in order to avoid their effects.

  • Improving Productivity

Productivity escalates when you have a design service company to help you out. You can allot the rest of the time and energy to some other activities of the project which can drive productivity higher. Any hiccups along the way may not be much of a big deal if you have time and energy to spare.

  • Ensuring Quality and Durability

A good sump pump can last up to 30 years. This can only happen if the design is appropriate for its application and condition. A proper materials selection is also vital to ensure the durability of the sump pump. All of these things are considered when a design process is employed.

  • Allowing Building Turnover and Management of Facility

Once the construction and installation are finished, the maintenance and management of the building or facility including the basement need to be done. The design of the sump pump will be useful to better maintain and manage it.

A design service is necessary if you need to construct a reliable, efficient, and durable sump pump and NYE can provide you with the exact design that you need. We will help you, and together, we can give you the perfect basement waterproofing requirement you need, specifically a sump pump.

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Sump Pump

New York Engineers has been serving clients all around the country (Chicago, New York, etc.) and also internationally-- each with their own different needs. We offer a wide array of services which include:

  • MEP designs for HVAC, Sprinklers, Fire Protection
  • Value Engineering and Energy Modeling
  • Construction Administration
  • BIM Services, CAD/Revit Modeling
  • Building Commissioning, Utility Filings, Engineering Reports

We boast of several qualities that set us apart from the other design service providers. These qualities are:

  • Faster Design Process – We have a turnover rate that is 50% faster than all other design service providers 
  • Strict Quality Control and Zero Change Order – We always follow and comply with pertinent building codes and laws to ensure the quality of the construction. If you work with our certified contractors, we can provide you with a Zero Change Order guarantee.
  • Higher First Design Approval Rate – We have 80% first design approval rate.
  • Experienced Team of Designer Experts – We have a lot of team members who have at least a decade of experience.
  • Use of latest MEP Software – We use the latest versions of MEP software including their add-ons that provide industry-and location-specific construction features.

NYE: Your trusted MEP Design Partner

New York Engineers always work to provide its clients with the best engineering solutions to their specific problems. We work closely with our customers so that we can come up with the right design, at the right time, and at the right price.

We’ve worked with many clients before and they have been satisfied with our service. Some of the projects that we’ve worked with are the Hilton Hotel Suites, AKA Hotel in Central Park, and Uniqlo in Herald Square. Our high-quality designs speak for the care and dedication that our team exerts in every design project.

Our designs using different MEP tools allow the clients to appreciate more the whole project because it provides a clear visualization of the final output and at the same time, gives the engineers, architects, and contractors the guide that they need to proceed with the project smoothly.

Work with us at New York Engineers and we will deliver to you with what we promise. Let us make your construction project a reality without having to go through countless delays, uncertainties, and unwanted costs. Contact us and request for a proposal now.

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