Battery Calculations

Batteries play a critical role in most modern portable power systems. To optimize performance, you need to perform battery life or battery capacity calculations. NY Engineers can perform these calculations on your behalf.


Our battery calculations are always accurate. We are well-rounded in all the power metrics to produce a comprehensive technical data.

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We perform battery calculations and undertake battery testing, discharge testing and impedance testing as well.

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All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

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Why Battery Calculations?

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From your power tools that you use in home improvements to your smartphone’s portable lithium batteries to the vehicle’s lead-acid or AGM batteries, battery calculations have proven to be paramount. When you perform these calculations, you can understand the capacity of your battery to power a certain power system. In such cases, you have to take into account the amp hours and the voltage needed.

Batteries are portable power sources we use on a daily basis, but not everyone understands the chemistry behind these batteries or the calculations. Take into account the voltage, current, voltage, amp hours, and other metrics that are used in these calculations. They may seem cumbersome to amateurs. Tech-savvy people can find it easier to deal with the metrics.

Avoid the confusions and let perform battery calculations for you. Batteries generally have a finite lifespan. It is therefore important to undertake the calculations in order to understand if your battery has the capacity to power your critical power systems.

Inadequate maintenance and other severe operational conditions contribute to a deteriorating battery. By performing comprehensive battery calculations our engineers can let you know if the battery is still in an optimal condition or not. Do not wait until you are stuck in a middle of nowhere with a flat battery.

Advantages of Battery Calculations

Battery manufacturers resort to different displays of battery information. At times you find a battery printed 12V, 2.2A, for instance, and you do not know what really this means to your power output. To decipher these finer details, you need to understand the mathematics behind calculations. For example, to determine the battery’s capacity, we convert between amp hours and watt-hours.

Our engineers know the relationship between these metrics and will therefore easily perform them for you.

In a net zero energy building, for instance, you may be having solar panels that draw solar energy for use in everyday power systems. In order to use that power later on during unfavorable sunny conditions such as winter, you have to store that energy in high capacity batteries. This goes back to understanding how much capacity you need for 12v solar panels rated at 100 watts. can help you determine that.

When battery calculations are done properly, there will be no inconveniences of running out of power supply due to a mismatch of the battery power output and the load. Such mistakes can be catastrophic. When recharging batteries, for instance, some may explode into flames that could be dangerous for human life nearby. Batteries do not need to be overcharged beyond their voltage input. It is only with accurate calculations that you will know how much you can put in and how much you can draw out.

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Understanding Battery Calculations


The intent to have battery calculations depends on the main purpose of the outcome. For instance, if you want to determine the lifespan of your battery, you have to understand how to calculate its amp hours. To determine how long your battery will last you have to calculate its total capacity and divide by the power. Let’s say a battery is rated at 2300 amp hours with a current of 20 amps. You divide 2300 amp hours and 20 amps to get 115 hours of battery life.

However, calculations are not always this simple as the illustrated example above. There is more information to draw from the battery calculations. can detail all information by performing the calculations.

In other instances, you may need to determine the amp hours of your battery. That too requires a comprehensive computation of amp hours from watt-hours and volts. Let’s say you have a 250 watt 110 volt light bulb that you want to run from an inverter for 5 hours. You would carry calculations as amp hours @12 volts = watt-hours / 12 volts which gives 1470 / 12 volts and final answer equals 122.5 amp-hours. If you are a beginner you may find these calculations too challenging to grasp. We reiterate that with our professional engineers everything can be demystified.

Amp hour is a critical measurement you should be familiar with if you want to decipher battery calculations. The standard amp hour rating is taken for 20 hours. Take, for example, a 100 amp hour battery into account; it simply means that the battery gives 100 amp hours if you draw power from it for 20 hours. The amount of current draw depends on the load connected to the battery. If you increase the load, the capacity of the battery reduces.

Other computable metrics to consider include the cold cranking amps which are a measurement of how many amps the battery can deliver at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. Those riding in cold climates will appreciate higher cold cranking amps ratings. In fact, this is an important feature to consider when shopping for batteries on the market. Alongside cold cranking amps are marine cranking amps and reserve capacity. All these computations seem complicated to an inexperienced person not .

Choosing the best battery based on calculations

Because with the calculations you can determine the life and the capacity of your battery, you can use these figures to choose the best battery on the market. When you know how much current the battery outputs, you will be able to match such output with your load capacity. Note that the relationship between battery capacity and load is not necessarily linear.

Although manufacturers are accustomed to putting different power measurements, can decipher that with ease and find out if the manufacturer is hideous. It can be challenging to understand the technical data displayed on batteries if you are not tech savvy. Many people end up falling for low-standard batteries because they failed to interpret the technical data. It is easy to get tempted that a higher voltage converts into a high performing battery if you are inexperienced in these batteries. With our engineers you are safe.

Technical data is not the only metric to use when choosing the best batteries on the market. These batteries come in different chemistries from nickel, lithium to lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries, for example, are energy intensive hence they are frequently used in portable devices such as torches, light bulbs, and smartphones.

Lead acid batteries should be familiar by now since they have been available many years ago. There are, however, variations of these batteries. We have wet, gel and AGM batteries, with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries at the forefront of technology due to their convenience and maintenance free. Which battery is the best depends on your applications! Our engineers can help you pick the right battery for your desires.

AGM batteries are known to be sealed and maintenance-free. For this reason, there is no periodic replenishment of water as it the case with deep cycle lead acid batteries. Nonetheless, expect to break your bank when buying these batteries. Lead acid batteries are old-age, bulk but more affordable. They are still used in today’s applications in spite of their demands for a regular maintenance.

Why Outsource Battery Calculations?

The need for professional engineers in battery calculations extends beyond dealing with complex technical data. , for instance, can carry out battery testing to ascertain if the battery is still in its optimal performance or one or more of the cells have been damaged. We can undertake comprehensive testing to diagnose your battery. This helps prepare you for any unforeseen inconvenience of running out of power in the middle of the highway.

Our battery computations can help us diagnose underlying problems with your battery. Batteries deteriorate over time, but a correct alignment of their power output with the load and minimization of discharge rate can lengthen their lifecycle. If you perform the calculations on your own you might miss this important step of testing the battery for its peak performance.

Also noteworthy is the discharge testing that our engineers can carry out on your battery. We take into account the ISO9000 standard in ensuring that the battery complies with quality management systems. By performing discharge testing we are able to determine if the battery is still in a good condition and can perform to its specification in your power systems.

Furthermore, we can carry out impedance testing. The impedance of your battery increase with each discharge and age of the battery. is an expert in such testing to determine if the battery is still performing accordingly and there is no corrosion underneath. This minimizes the risks associated with battery failure.

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Replacing Malfunctioning Batteries

After performing the battery calculations, we will explain the technical data to you. In some instances, you may feel the need to replace or repair the battery. The best and viable solution is to replace a worn out battery to ensure that your power systems continue working at peak performance. Avoid the hassles of maintaining batteries unless it is a lead-acid battery.

Our engineers can help you replace old batteries. We abide by the environmental legislation and so we will follow the correct procedures to dispose of unused batteries. When choosing the next battery, we will help you assess the power ratings based on power outputs needed per your loads.

How to make your battery durable

Although we discussed the replacement of your battery above, it is equally important to know the tips on how to make it durable. Many people are in the dark in this regard. For instance, avoid discharging your battery extensively below 50%. Lead-acid batteries often have the sulfate sticking onto the cells as they get discharged. Failure to recharge immediately may lead to a permanent loss of battery capacity.

Get your battery tested regularly to ensure maximum performance. If we carry out battery calculations for you, we can similarly test if the battery is still in its peak performance. We can help you maintain the batteries.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

For many years, we have been mastering the art of providing unmatched services. We specialize in a broad range of MEP engineering services from mechanical to electrical, plumbing, sprinkler engineering, CAD designs to construction administration. This shows how multitalented our engineers. We have a team of experts who can carry out almost any engineering task within our scope.

We have been carrying out battery calculations for many clients. This puts us in a better position to offer you the best technical data. Our battery data calculations are accompanied by additional services of testing and maintaining the battery. We cater to all types of batteries from portable lithium batteries to AGM batteries. Our engineers all the chemistries of old and modern batteries.

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