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Retention Tank Design


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Retention tanks have been prescribed by numerous government authorities and councils in order to handle stormwater surge better. We can help you accurately configure the range of water tanks for stormwater applications and more.

As we progress in the design stage, we make use of accurate and effective drawings and help you experience easy installation and maintenance. With our years of experience in the MEP design industry, we work with contractors and consultants closely and help them achieve success. Our professionals also understand the constraints and requirements of every MEP project while taking care of the architectural and structural components. We use Revit and AutoCAD to bring accurate models to life. We also maximize advanced technology to share files through our online collaboration systems along with our topnotch mark-up tools. 


NYE Retention Tank Design

From simple to complex retention tank projects, we can help you achieve your project goals on time, on budget, and on point. To ensure a smooth progress, we make sure to follow the steps below: 

Step 1. We take note of your specific requirements and ask the right questions important to the successful completion of the project.

Step 2. Principals will visit the area to gather the measurements and other important information required for the design stage. 

Step 3. Our design engineers will review and integrate the data gathered into the MEP model of your retention tank project. We save the progress in a database file, and you can expect a thorough model done by experts. 

Step 4. We allow all stakeholders of the project to coordinate as the design stage gets started. This is to ensure the right results in no time.

Step 5. We will send the final draft and make changes when necessary. However, most of the time, clients approve our models the first-time they see them because of our meticulous design process.

You can optimize the documentation and design workflow of your retention tank project with its design covered by the most experienced team. We help you take care of the concept, so you can rest easy knowing that the execution will be trouble-free. We also send instant updates across the whole model should modifications crop up. Our professionals can take care of the performance analysis of your retention tank, the documentation process, and other key parametric elements to ensure the project’s fruitful completion.

In general, you can expect to enjoy the following with us getting you covered:

  • Better decision-making early on in the design stage
  • Efficient and optimized performance as the conditions can be simulated without manual calibration
  • Accurate and easy documentation, enabling everyone to access and collaborate conveniently
  • Thorough cost estimation, helping you meet the budget accordingly
  • Proper planning and successful project stages. 

Without proper design, you’re risking your time, money, and energy if you end up with an inaccurate or under-performing structure. With our BIM-ready models, you can look at the model beforehand and make design decisions early on to achieve the best performance, set the right features, meet the right budget, and achieve the project you envision without a glitch.

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Why Do You Need a Retention Tank?


A retention tank has two sets of fittings. The bottom part holds the water and is just similar to the regular water tank. However, in a storm, the water accumulated above the retention level gets released slowly from the discharge outlet. 

Water tanks are important for storing water, like rainwater, gathered from rooftops and other hard surfaces on the property. Whether you’re in an urban or rural area, retention tanks can be of great help.

Here are the top conditions that call for retention tanks:

  • If you live in a place where water restrictions are tight
  • If you’re in a Council area and have to install a tank but got no access to town water service
  • If you are looking to harvest rainwater for your garden irrigation
  • If you want to top up your pool without relying on mains water
  • If you don’t want to drink water that may have added chemicals
  • If you’re tired of washing your car with just a bucket
  • If you want to save money on your water bills

Also, if you want to avoid floods due to heavy rain, retention tank can be of great help. As the storm water gets stored and retained, the water is then fed into a large tank where it’s gradually released by gravity or by pumping right into the discharge location or the sewer system. This way, water volume does not go out of hand, thereby preventing flood. 


NYE Design Considerations

With NYE, you can get to view the 3D presentation of your retention tank project to identify problems during the design stage. This helps you keep the costs down during the construction phase. With our master plan, the actual work will be made easier, faster, and error-free. 

We also do systems coordination check to ensure that there are no in-field clashes on the installation day. 

We have helped MEP consultants, contractors, facilities management firms, design consultants, and more. Our trusted MEP design services are what you need to ensure your project’s success. 

NYE will design the right retention tank setup for your project, from the size to the ring stiffness and other key parameters. We also make sure that our approach is suitable for the soil and water conditions of your project. We can install retention tanks in either dry or watered ground. Whether you need tanks to be overground, underground, or partially embedded, New York Engineers can help. 

If you want, we can even help you design the mechanism for you to reuse the tank water for washing clothes, flushing toilets, washing cars, watering gardens, and more. You’re conserving water and making the whole setup extra efficient. We can help you maximize the water volume in your retention tank by taking care of the design in relation to the downpipes, roof, and tank location. We connect as much of your roof area to the retention tank. We can also integrate a slow irrigation dripper line to the garden area to make sure that the tank always captures water. Rest assured that we can meet your needs, no matter how specific they are.

When designing your retention tank, we keep the following in mind:

  • Install flush device to avoid water contamination in the tank
  • Do light-proofing and proper plumbing to minimize algae growth
  • Install leaf stopper
  • Make gutters easy to maintain
  • Make sure the roof surface can indeed collect rainwater
  • Install screens on the inlets, vents, and outlets
  • Secure tank cover
  • Design the structure in a way that it’s far from overhanging branches
  • Set up disinfection systems, like chlorination, to kill disease-causing microorganisms

We also choose tanks that are:

  • 100% leak free
  • Highly durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Quick and easy to assemble

In our design stage, we make sure to factor in the best materials—those that are lightweight but strong, easy to transport, can be buried, and suitable even for difficult-to-access sites. We also make sure that the lengths and dimensions are suitable to your exact location.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


We at New York Engineers are committed to helping you experience the following:

Reliable 3D Modeling Services : We can help you design, plan, and analyze the performance and reliability of your retention tank early on. We do this with your exact requirements in mind. We also make sure to meet your expectations and deliver genuine value.

Thorough Design Procedure : We follow a systematic approach every time a new customer needs help. We make sure that the experience of every client is easy and the results are delivered as agreed. Our internal process is also streamlined to uphold organization in the firm. 

Custom Design on Budget : We understand that every client has different needs and also have their own budget range. We support them by recommending the route that can help them get the best of both worlds. Our designs are customized to ensure total usability and the rates, reasonable enough to support clients’ specifications.

Standard Software Tools : We can automate the sizing, balancing, performance analysis, cost estimation, cross-referencing, coordination, and more with our expertise in advanced tools like AutoCAD and Revit. 

Little to No Field Interferences : If your retention tank design is ready and is prepared by experienced design engineers, you can enjoy the guarantee that there will be little to no mistakes down the road. Since everything is modeled accurately, your project can be completed without time, energy, and money wastage.

Better execution : With the documentation properly set in the design, you don’t have to verbally set the instructions. And if there are language barriers at work, they will no longer be an issue since our retention tank design gives everyone guide and clarity. Execution will then be easier and faster.

Qualified Professionals : We only work with trained and certified engineers. Our brilliant team is committed to integrity and efficiency from day one onwards. We also constantly widen our knowledge base and improve our skills with constant training and quality control measures. We take care of client satisfaction to the core.

Fast Turnaround : We know how fast-paced this industry is, and like you, we hate delays. Any delay could lead to budget overruns which hamper the timetable and the overall plan. Our production line is stable enough to process orders well and scale with your needs.

ZERO CHANGE Order Guarantee : Our cohesive solution guarantees meticulous quality control. Since we take ownership of the whole process, conflicts, errors, and delays are kept at bay. You also get to enjoy warranty protection with this promise.

Competitive Rates : We want to be a go-to design firm that offers both quality and affordability. That is why we adjust the internal parts of the business to cut costs wherever possible and make our pricing more affordable for our clientele. We want to help more and more customers, and keeping our rates competitive is essential to achieve just that.

Labor warranty : We are confident in our delivery. We design retention tanks with utter expertise, and we use standard tools and principles to achieve efficient, high-performing, long-lasting structures. We give a guarantee that your retention tank will work optimally with our design as your guide.


New York Engineers: Your Ultimate MEP Design Partner

We take care of clients from Chicago and other parts of the world. We employ the best software tools to achieve proficient drawings and designs. We know the most innovative technology in the market and apply modern approach that maximizes productivity and efficiency. From residential to industrial to commercial buildings, New York Engineers is a strong player that offers utter reliability and value. We cater to clients’ custom requirements, meet deadlines sharp, use updated software, adhere to industry standards, and ensure that your project is delivered in the best way possible. We solve spatial issues, structural barriers, and the like. Whatever your setting is, we can bring the best retention tank setup to life. 

Together, let us make your retention tank project run smoothly. We will provide the clear path to build your project without a hitch, saving you time, money, and energy.

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