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Our meticulous and detailed way of handling our projects allows us to make a very accurate rise replacement model you need.


When we create our designs, we make sure it is well structured so that your machines can last longer than 20 years.


All our designs focus on being energy-efficient and therefore cost-efficient at the same time, saving you big time in the long run.

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NYE Riser Replacement


Do you often experience low water pressure? Or maybe you have noticed that the odor of your water is pretty different than what it used to be? Both of these problems and many other problems are usually caused by a worn-out vertical riser. That means that you’ll need a good riser replacement. While getting an immediate riser replacement is often the course of action that most establishments would take, we believe that it’s better for you to design a good riser replacement first, so you can be sure that the actual product will be in good working condition.

That’s where our services would come in. We will provide you with a design for your riser replacement using MEP designs so that you can view the actual product before you even make it. Doing this allows you to already see what you need for your riser replacement. At New York Engineers, we cater to customers both from the residential and commercial sectors from various states including New York and Chicago. If you want to have a flawless vertical riser, let us design it for you and expect excellence.

Our Step-by-Step Process

When we complete our projects, we like to be very systematic. This helps us increase productivity, lessen meeting times, and overall provide the best quality output.

When we streamline our tasks, we follow the following steps:

  • We Discuss

As much as possible we want to get to work on the field than in the office. That’s why we will do all discussions at the onset. During the discussion stage, we will get all the features, functions, and customizations that our clients require.

  • We Inspect

As part of our goal to make the most accurate representation of your riser, we first inspect the area and the old riser. We then make measurements of the whole system and how the new riser will fit. That way, you can see the exact outcome through our model.

  • We Design

After we get all the necessary information that we need, we will start getting to work on the design. Our principals will pass all the information to our engineers. From there, our engineers will get to work on the design using the information gathered. 

  • We Present

Finally, we will present our design to you for your approval along with all the documented data in a single database. Should there be any revisions, we will discuss revisions with you and make necessary changes. 

With our very strict step-by step-design process, we will ensure that all of our work gets done in no time so that we can present the final output to you as soon as we can. With this process, we don’t miss any deadlines that we schedule. You can enjoy fast turnaround times with a guarantee for high quality.

A good design from us will allow you to have a smoother water flow because the design is free from errors. One of the biggest cause of errors would be flaws in the initial design. With flaws present, you will usually have to diagnose the problems like clogs or low pressure pretty often. However, we can provide you with an MEP design that allows you to simulate the actual end result allowing you to observe which parts will need recalibrating. This allows us to fix those aspects easily. With that, you will end up with a seamless design during the construction stage. 

With an almost perfect design, you won’t have to worry about all those issues since they can already be addressed at the onset. With the skills and expertise of our qualified engineers, we can come up with the best MEP design allowing you to simulate the actual finished product. With that, you can see how well your riser will work even before it is constructed.

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Why Use an MEP Design


Now, a lot of customers have asked us why using an MEP design for their piping riser replacements is the best thing to do when they want to get a new one. Well, it would be because an MEP design offers a plethora of benefits. These include:

  • Flawless operations
  • Proper documentation of data
  • Long shelf life
  • Ability to prevent manual recalibration
  • Customized features

Because of these features, it is definitely more advantageous to use an MEP design before constructing your vertical riser. You can get a good end product through a perfect design and also have all the tailor-fitted features that you want for your piping system. 

Types of Vertical Risers We Design

Generally, a riser is a broad term for devices that connect two floors by breaching through the floors and ceilings. At New York Engineers, we can design vertical riser ducts, vertical riser pipes, and vertical riser cables. These are important components in plumbing that are needed for proper water pressure and overall clear water emission. We will be sure to make these vertical risers compatible with your existing piping system so that it can function smoothly.

We also specialize in designing vertical risers for firefighting purposes. There are typically two types of risers that are available for building owners. These are the wet risers and the dry risers-- both of which we can design. So what exactly is the difference between these two types? The dry riser is connected to the exterior of the building and has easy access to fire hydrants in the event of a fire. The wet risers are a little bit similar in function except that they are connected to the water supply of the building. These types of risers are usually connected only internally and will not be found outside the building. 

Without a well-designed riser, you will experience problems from time to time with your piping system such as fast depreciation, water pressure issues, clogging, and many more. For that very reason, having a perfect design even before the construction stage will enable you to have a durable and efficient end product. Let us handle the creation of your vertical riser replacements and we will be sure to exceed your expectations.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


We believe that we have an edge over our competitors simply because we promote a customer centric type of culture in our company. With that culture in mind, we always consider the needs and wants of our clients first before we go to the design. That is how we were able to create a good name for ourselves in various industries and in various states such as Chicago, New York, and many more. Our reputation is a testament to how well we can understand and serve our clients. 

If you decide to partner with us, you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits:

  • Proper Documentation

First, we can highly assure that all of your data used for the MEP design are properly organized and documented under one single database that can easily be accessed when you construct your vertical riser. All the schematics, figures, measurements, and performance analyses will all be documented in the database. 

  • State of the Art Tools

In order to provide the best design for your vertical riser, we use only the best tools at our disposal. We make use of two of the best MEP design software in the market. These are AutoCAD and Revit. With these two software, we can create some of the most high-quality models that you can get. 

  • Realistic 3D Model

With the measurements and the exact figures that we get from our inspection and our discussions, we can create the most realistic 3D model for your vertical riser. The realism from our models will allow you to have somewhat of a simulated experience with how the riser will function once it is installed to your piping system. We will also explain how it will work in your building. 

  • Fast Turnaround Time

One of the things that we are proudest of would be a very fast turnaround time. This is because we have a very strict way of dealing with work through our streamlined process. Through our process, we can schedule realistic deadlines and meet them without any delay. One of the things that our customers constantly commend us on would be our ability to deliver our outputs even before the deadline. 

  • Reasonable Prices

Our goal is not to squeeze money out of you but to also help you save more and get the best value. That’s why we do not impose too high of service fees for our MEP services. We believe that customers must always have access to quality services at prices that are within their budget. With that, we will fit our customized services to your desired budget. With our reasonable rates, you won’t have to worry too much about shelling out that much money. 

  • Customized Features

We are extremely flexible with our designs because we believe that our customers should get features for their MEP designs based on their own needs and wants. Each customer will want their own set of individual customizations which is why we always have a full length discussion session before the project is done. We want to know what specific features and functions you want added to your machine or system design so that we can tailor fit it to your needs. 

  • Experience and Credentials

One of the biggest factors as to why we have a cemented reputation in the market would be trust. In order to fully serve our clientele, we only get the best individuals to be a part of our team. All our engineers are licensed and certified to work on projects such as these. They also have vast experience in their fields allowing them to totally accommodate to what you need. 

  • Customer Service

Aside from just technical skills, all of our personnel have very high levels of customer service skills. We completely make sure of that before we let our staff handle our clients. In our effort to fully cultivate a customer centric environment, we go by the principle that “the customer is always right”. That’s why our staff know exactly how to treat our clients. 

  • High First Time Approval

Here at New York Engineers, we take pride in our zero change guarantee and our high first time approval. As per our experience, our customers hardly make any changes to our outputs as most are already satisfied. Also, we have a very high first time approval of 80%-- that means we  can get what our customers want at the onset 80% of the time! That is why we are extremely confident with our ability to please our customers. You will definitely enjoy our services if you decide to work with us. 


The Right Partner You Can Count On

If you need designs for any mechanical, engineering, or plumbing project, then we’re the company that you’ll want to work with. With a great team of engineers, a task process that promotes productivity, a cemented reputation, and very reasonable rates, we will be the best MEP partner that you can find.

Not only will we be able to design your vertical risers for you, but also other machines, systems, or engineering devices as well. If you want to know the various services we offer, you may check out our Services page. You can then pick out the services that you want and give us a call. We also do custom jobs wherein we’ll create the design of a specific machine or system that you want in your facility. Contact us and we can send over a proposal that fits the bill. 

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