What Is A Grounding System?

In a grounded system, at least one electrode or conducting wire is driven into the ground. Usually, the wire or electrode which is grounded in the middle one. It can also be the neutral point in any generator or transformer. Grounded systems work more efficiently and safely than regular ungrounded systems.

Grounding is applied to commercial and industrial electrical systems. These include transformers and large-scale generators. Power plants and even your local transmission towers come under this heading. It’s an acclaimed way to allow voltage to flow to the earth within given limits. A grounded system also helps to identify and locate ground faults.

Which is why here at New York Engineers, we maintain discipline and quality performance. NY Engineers has always remained on the top of the engineering industry. We’ve provided electrical and mechanical aid to thousands of customers worldwide. Here at NY Engineers, we integrate a fully established grounded system that works best with your budget.

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Get The Best Grounding System

We provide adequate grounding materials along with hazard protection advice. NYE trained professionals are ready to help you all day. Our electrical solutions make for the most budget-friendly option.

Helps Control Voltage : Grounding helps to maintain control over the voltage. By adding the required grounding material you can limit the voltage passing through the system. This is especially helpful if your transmission lines use a high potential difference. By earthing the material, you can choose to limit the potential difference and have a safer circuit.

Metallic electrodes and conductors need to be kept at a certain voltage. Applying too much voltage can cause a surge. While surge protectors are available in the market, earthing is an easy way to remove the risk. However, we at NYE also suggest installing surge protectors as well.

Pinpoints Grounding Faults : Grounding faults can occur more often than you think. These faults can lead to major power loss and risk of property and life. A fault can be detected if your system is grounded in a proper way. Ground faults can produce a fire and electrocution hazard, which will also result in days of lost productivity.

A grounded system can help you detect an unwanted ground fault. At New York Engineers, we aim to earth the systems and maintain productivity. Our earthing will save you tons on repairs and replacements. We aim to protect your equipment at all costs.

Added Safety : Earthed systems act as surge protectors and keep the system safe from over-current, over-voltage, and power surges. Additionally, an ungrounded system can create a fire and electrical hazard. This can pose an electrocution risk.

For our part, we make sure that our grounded systems have all the necessary safety measures. We take great care to integrate the system properly. Additionally, we may also install surge protectors and over-current protectors to keep the system safe.

Easier To Maintain : With an ungrounded system, you have to buy additional equipment. This includes surge, short circuit, and reverse polarity protectors. But earthing your system does the job. You can add the protectors for added safety, but it’s not necessary. This means lesser frequent maintenance and a system that becomes easier to manage.

At NYE, we maintain and manage your electrical system. We keep a clear record of the highs and lows and keep your equipment in perfect shape. With NYE by your side, you can guarantee yourself low-cost repairs. Although you’ll hardly need them. NYE is always at the top of customer satisfaction.

What Additional Benefits You’ll Get From NYE Grounding Systems

NYE works to stay at the forefront of quality service and economic progress. We do not charge you more than what you can afford. And we figure out the best plan that will fit your budget. Our specially trained engineers make the best of everything you provide. We protect your system from over-voltage and short circuits. And our grounding equipment preserves power.

We maintain and hold that there is nothing as a perfect system. Whatever plan you might have, there’s always a way to improve on it. We stand by our customers and make their plans a reality, with little to no hassle.

Professional Work : Our team of skilled engineers will suggest plans and material according to your need. NYE remains staunchly to its purpose of providing adequate aid. Our professional teams have hardly made mistakes in the past. And the priceless smiles we bring on customers’ faces are sure evidence of that.

Safe and Secure : We would never put our customer’s lives at risk. Here at New York Engineers, we take great caution to ensure utmost safety and security. Unlike other systems, our grounding won’t leave your equipment faulty or overpowered. We even provide extra protectors to keep you safe at all costs.

Life and property are two of the most valuable things on Earth. Our experts work day and night to ensure that neither gets harmed. Our grounded systems are some of the safest in the world.

Speedy Installation : With a complicated system come longer wait times. But not if you choose NY Engineers. We strive to create a potential that will get the job done on time. Our workers integrate the grounding into the system within the nick of time. This means that you get speedy installation, and your projects can be completed on time.

Not only that, but our systems and engineers quickly catch any fault in the grounding and fix it. So you get a better installation experience within a short amount of time.

Budget Friendly : NYE never uses more than what you can afford. We only gather supplies based on your budget. We also have experts that help you decide on which plan fits your budget the best. NY Engineers uses top-class technology and statistics to gather data. We always plan according to your given budget.

Because of that, our grounded systems are some of the most cost-effective and economic plans out there. The extra safety features lower expenses and enhances affordability.

Satisfaction : With our trained MEP engineers, you have the official NYE satisfaction. We can ensure that all of our systems will work properly and efficiently. Not a single customer has had a problem with our grounded systems. We can provide plans to help you earth your power plant or transformer.

With our professionals, there is no need to hold yourself back. NYE has claimed the throne among other engineering services. And we strive day and night to improve on customer services and hospitality. With NYE, you can be sure that your chosen plans will be executed without delay.

Eliminate Ground Faults And Hazards

Ground faults tend to happen when an unwanted electrode is connected to the ground. This is mostly unintentional. But sometimes, due to lack of a proper plan, you might end up earthing more electrodes than needed. Ground faults result in huge power losses. Since more electrodes are grounded, you end up sinking more voltage than previously planned. This leads to immense power wastage and low voltage.

A ground fault can be detected if your system is already grounded. Otherwise, you must cycle each feeder breaker over and over again. This should be done until the three light shine with immense luminosity. With a grounded system, however, you can check for any faults. This makes detection and troubleshooting a whole lot faster. And will save you on tons of power.

Another hazard that an ungrounded system presents is that of a power surge. This happens when there is too much voltage being passed and nowhere to sink it. Because of this, the equipment can short circuit or catch fire. Appliances can burn and circuits can cause electrocution. It is immensely important to have surge protectors and other equipment installed. But even with these, there is never any guarantee that your system won’t falter. Grounding your system will create an easier passage for a surge of voltage.

When you work with New York Engineers, you get as much safety as possible. We have systems in place which make ground faults easier to detect. Our earthing equipment helps us keep track of any and all grounding faults. We provide adequate measures to fix the problem. And we maintain and hold all discipline and work ethics.

Choose NYE For Professional Grounding Systems

NY Engineers uses a handful of skills and techniques to maintain the grounding system at full potential. We maintain safety and security. We attach protectors and reduce the chances of risky hazards. Our grounding protects your system from power surges and equipment damage. Moreover, our installation is as quick as can be. Your project will be over before you know it. We earth the system very carefully, so as to avoid any grounding faults and reverse polarity.

Grounding or earthing your system should be the first thing on your mind. Without proper earthing, you risk losing the effectiveness of your equipment. But more so, you risk putting lives at danger. With a grounded system, you can maintain a decent flow of voltage through your circuit. Grounding is an essential part of working with heavy electronics. And is necessary for protection and safety.

Apart from that, grounding helps to locate and troubleshoot grounding faults. Left unattended, these faults can lead to immense power leakage and under-voltage. Grounding is used in transformers, heavy generators, and power plants. This makes the transmission system easier to manage. Otherwise, power outages are inevitable.

At New York Engineers, we maintain and hold the discipline of customer service. Our executives have hired over a hundred MEP engineers. All our trained professionals have expertise in a certain field. Our grounded systems are the most cost-effective and power-friendly. We use advanced technology to demonstrate how the plan will work out. We detect, locate, and identify any grounding fault. And our specialized team works to undo it.

But the one thing that makes NY Engineers different from the rest is our customer service. We focus more on giving you the best experience than capitalizing off of you. We do not leave our customers hanging, nor do we disrespect their choices. We like to make a few suggestions, but the final decision will always be yours. We dare not begin a project without your prior consent.

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