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can provide you with all wire sizing services and calculations with accuracy. Our expert engineers will take care of all commercial and residential wire sizing as per the required standards.


One of the best reasons to hire NY Engineers is that our experts will provide you with accurate calculations regardless of the natures of the project.

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Our technical professionals have a vast experience in the field of wire sizing. They will not take much time to calculate the amperage and related wire size.

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Expert Wire Sizing to Match the Amperage 


Accurate Wire Sizing

Whenever someone thinks about rewiring or extending a circuit or even in the case of new circuit installation, the wiring size should be appropriate. The technicians should make the new wiring, using conductors for wires. These conductors must have proper sizing to match the amperage of the circuit. We at NY Engineers make sure that the amperage rating fully matches the size of the wires to avoid any voltage drop.

The simple rule of thumb is that with the increase in the amperage of the circuit, the wire size will increase. This is important because the wires must tolerate the amount of heat that the current flow generates. If your electrician doesn’t take this point into consideration then the wire will melt. This melting of wires can also cause fires and explosions.

Several other factors also contribute to gauging the adequate circuit size or in other words the amperage of the circuit. There is a planned load on that circuit, its length, and the number of fixtures. As the electricians determine the amperage, they must use an adequate gauge to assess the size according to the circuit breaker amperage.

How NYE professionals size the wire?

 laptop for wire sizing

If you have gone through the process of buying an electrical wire then you would have noticed that electrical wires come in a variety of sizes and types. These variations are available to achieve different purposes. If you want to make the right choice, you must know your intended purpose. NY Engineers determine all the intended objectives within a circuit and only recommend a size that will cater to the demand.

Our professional technician will only use American Wire Gauge for the purpose of wire sizing. We must mention here that the meaning of wire gauge is the physical size of the wire which comes with some numerical designation. It runs in opposition to the conductors’ diameters. Therefore, if the wire gauge number is small then its diameter is going to be large.

Some of the common wire sizes include 2-gauge, 4-gauge, 6-gauge, 8-gauges, 10-gauge and 12-gauge. This is the size of the wire and it determines how much current can travel through this wire without damaging anything. Ampacity is the measure of electrical current and every wire gauge has a particular level of safe Ampacity.

current measurement

Amperage capacities

For a regular NM wire, the amperage capacity is listed as follows:

  • 2-gauge → 95Amps
  • 3-gauge → 85Amps
  • 4-gauge → 70Amps
  • 6-gauge → 55Amps
  • 8-gauge → 40Amps
  • 10-gauge → 30Amps
  • 12-gauge → 20Amps
  • 14-gauge → 15Amps

Keep in mind that all these ratings are for regular copper cable with NM sheathing. However, there are various instances that these ratings differ. For instance, some homes or commercial buildings feature aluminum wires. These wires have their own Ampacity. Aluminum was very popular in the past because it has a higher expansion profile in pressure or load. But one of the major flaws of Aluminum was that it loosened ends and consequently caused fires.

Now we are not saying that aluminum wires are not safe for your facility. The primary reason behind that is Aluminum might last forever only if you don’t put excessive load on the circuit. However, electrical loads never remain the same and this is where copper wires come in very handy.

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NYE Provide Sizing For Both Solid And Stranded Wire


Style of The Wire

We need to consider the style of the wire. Some wires feature a solid conductor of copper while others come stranded. During the installation that involves the metal conduits if there are so many bends, the solid wire is not going to pull conveniently.

On the other hand, this solid wire is much easier for securing under screw terminals. These screw terminals are the same as those receptacles of standard switches. However, in regular usage, the conductors within the conduits will vary in gauge from 10 to 14 that is a solid conductor of copper.

Why Wire Sizing Is Important?

Fuses and circuit breakers offer plenty of protection in case of an overload or overheating. But you must keep in mind that they don’t provide 100% protection either. Both the devices have a design where they can blow or trip upon detection of overloads. The tripping occurs before these wires can overheat but this doesn’t make them foolproof.

Guarding against the increasing amperage rating of any circuit must be your top priority. There is a reason behind that. Your electrical system will always remain at risk each time an appliance or a device tries to draw extra power from the circuit i.e. more than the gauge rating.

For instance, if you plug a heater that is of 20Amps within a circuit of 15-Amp with 14-gauge wiring then this entire setup will be at a significant amount of risk. If the circuit breaker doesn’t work as it should then the heater will extract more current as compared to the wires’ capacity. For this reason, the wires will melt down the insulation and will ignite the materials that are surrounding the wire.

However, there is no risk associated with plugging in appliances that have mild loads in heavy gauged circuits. The circuit will only draw the power needed and nothing more.

NYE Professionals Match Capacities

Any risk or danger is high in the case of using low-quality extension cords that are present in the residential setups. If you connect a heater with a lightweight extension cord using 16-gauge then there is a great risk of fire. A number of manufacturers don’t recommend using a heater with an extension cord. If you have to use a heater with an extension cord then you have to go for a heavy-duty, high-quality cord with a good rating of amperage. The amperage capacity of the wire must match with that of the appliance along with the circuit in which you plug it into.

Wire Use

Rated Ampacity

Wire Gauge

Lamp cord and lighting with low voltage



Extension cables or cords



Lamps, light fixtures, and lighting runs



Receptacles, inbuilt ovens, 120V air conditioners, and water heaters



Clothes dryers, inbuilt ovens, 220V window air conditioners, water heaters






Electric furnaces, large



Electric furnaces, large electric water heaters, subpanels



Service and sub panels



Service entrance

150Amps to 200Amps


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How NYE Can Assist You in Wire Sizing  

accurate wire sizing

We Don't Speculate

For determining the service amperage we can start by having a look at the service cables outside and their entry into the panel. This will tell us that your facility is powered by 120V service or 240V one. You don’t have to measure the gauge of the wire to find this out.

In most of the cases, the actual type of the cable along with its size is present on the insulation of that cable. You can also go for rough measurements and estimates. If your electricians can see all the ends of the entrance cable then they can also take the diameter of the metal wire. If the brand or manufacturer of the wire or cable is known then very close speculation can be made by your serviceman.

This is where NY Engineers can assist you in big time. Our professional staff has loads of experience in wire sizing services and they have worked in commercial, residential and industrial sectors. This means that they know most of the brands and manufacturers and understand what measurements of their wirings are.

This will save you a lot of time finding all the sizes correctly. Nevertheless, we also crosscheck the accuracy of measurements in a safe manner. Our engineers do this by examining the external side of the cable just outside the panel. This technique is far safer and quicker.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

At our primary focus is to provide our customers with high-quality services. We heavily rely on the years of experience that our team of professional technicians has in MEP engineering. We take into accounts all the regulation set by the Chicago Building Code along with the National Electric Code to provide best solutions to our clients. Our main objective is to deliver superior services in a cost-effective manner. Fast and reliable are two words synonym with .

The extensive experience of our engineers enables them to have a look at the issue and sort it out on-spot. You don’t have to bother about keeping your facility closed for the maintenance purposes. Our engineers know about wire sizes from various manufacturers and brands. For this reason, in most cases, they won’t even take much time in measuring all those wires. Nevertheless, for confirmation and better understand, they will double check the measurements using various tools. 

As we have mentioned above that the most important part is to match the amperage of the circuit with the wire size. Our technical professionals will ensure that the matching is done in an effective manner. Even a slight error can dismantle the entire electrical system of the facility. Therefore, we remain extra cautious here.

We Have the Best Team

Our engineers understand the risks associated with the entire electrical system especially when there are low gauge wires are present and are connected with heavy duty equipment. These are the connections that need your attention and our engineers will also look for the same.

After confirming the size and measurement they will start assessing which equipment is connected where and will make all the alterations within the system accordingly. Our team of professionals will deliver quick and reliable services with compromising on quality. You will not only get better results and output but will also get the peace of mind that you deserve.

NYE Add Value

We take pride in providing top-notch wire sizing services to our prestige clients. We will state that our engineers are the best in this field because they have years of experience in MEP engineering. Over the years, NY Engineers have serviced thousands of satisfied clients with its top-notch service. High-quality MEP services are what we aim for and we have been delivering them since the time of our inception.

If you are not sure about your facility’s wire size then give us a call today and we’ll be at your service in no time. Our engineers have expertise in all fields associated with MEP and for this reason; they are one of the best when it comes to wire sizing. Our technicians are equipped with an array of skills and that can easily solve all wire sizing problems within no time.

Our technicians at NY Engineering will provide you with high-quality services at a very decent rate because for us our clients are right at the heart of the business. Therefore, we look to provide quick solutions to all your wiring problems. Measuring the wires of your facility’s electrical system is a bit of a technical task but our engineers are able to tackle it in no time. They will take care of all the wire sizing issues of your facility’s electrical system and will sort out all issues by providing recommendations and solutions.

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