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Air Cooled AC System


support the engineering industry by offering topnotch MEP design solutions across a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects. Rest assured that your Air Cooled AC System Design is in good hands with our brilliant and experienced team backing you up. We can help you meet your project goals in the most efficient way. NYE promotes clash-free installation and high sustainability above all else.


NYE Air Cooled AC System Design

Allow us to cover the concept visualization of your Air Cooled AC System project. Our 2D and 3D modeling services cover the cooling air distribution, flow simulation, geometric specifications, microstructure design, energy analysis, sustainability, and optimization method of your whole project. We aim to design in a way that lowers production costs, promotes efficient energy consumption, minimizes failure risks, lowers maintenance costs, and promotes the best performance for your air cooled AC system.

We have supported different constructions projects in various sectors including aviation, oil & gas, healthcare, automotive, education institutions, and heavy industries. Our design process complies with the regional and international engineering standards to offer our clients nothing but the best.

We invest in the right hardware and software tools and equip ourselves with the most comprehensive knowledge and skills to deal with the complexities and multiphysics involved in each MEP project. All we can guarantee is performance efficiency for your Air Cooled AC System project.

Here’s how we deal with every project:

Step 1. We meet with you and take note of all your goals, budget, and requirements.

Step 2. Our principals will visit your site to collect data such as the measurements and other facts that are essential to the design process.

Step 3. Our engineers review the data gathered to come up with a detailed 2D or 3D model for your project. Everything is in one database file, promoting easy documentation.

Step 4. We deliver the design on time and on budget and wait for your feedback and approval.

Step 5. Should you have final notes, we make the necessary modifications until we meet the exact output you need. We take pride in our 80% first-time approval. Most of our clients are instantly satisfied with our initial delivery.

We maintain all standards and corporate styles as per our clients’ specifications. We use the most sophisticated design tools such as web centric collaboration systems. are your reliable partner, offering high-quality designs with a quick turnaround. We take care of all MEP design projects, big and small. We are ready to be at your service.

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Why Design Air Cooled AC System Design?


With the right simulation in place, the design process can be validated in just a matter of hours. You don’t have to spend time, money, and effort manually simulating the project. Together, we can come up with novel air cooled AC system designs that achieve maximum efficiency, reliability, and performance without going through much hassle.

With our expert air cooled AC system design, you can expect the following:

  • Optimum performance
  • Thorough decision-making process
  • Proper documentation
  • Easy cost estimation
  • Seamless planning and operations
  • Quick energy analysis
  • Interactive modeling for client/team presentations
  • Easy improvements and iterations

If your project lacks proper design, complications crop up. If not done properly or not done at all, you may end up with iterative errors, ineffective collaboration, slow and inaccurate completion, and a total waste of time, money, and energy. can help you achieve the best level of productivity and efficiency all throughout. The design and documentation workflow we offer guarantees the success of your air cooled AC system project. From the concept to the actual execution, all complex parts of the process will be covered with our expert specialists taking care of your design.

Why Choose Air Cooled AC System

Choosing the right air-conditioning system can be confusing with all the air conditioning types available on the market. In the end, the final choice should boil down to your exact needs and budget. We can help you decide as to which type is most efficient in terms of installation costs, operational costs, and maintenance.  

As for air cooled air conditioning system, it functions by taking heat from the area right to the air outside the room. This heated air is from the room itself and expelled outside of the building. If you’re decided to go for air cooled AC systems, here are the advantages you should enjoy:

Lower installation cost

The installation cost for air cooled AC systems is lower than that of water systems since you won’t be needing water pumps, cooling towers, and other HVAC additions.

Fast and easy installation

In just a matter of minutes, your air cooled system can be installed anywhere in the building without requiring a water source.

Utter Portability

Air cooled AC unites are easily movable to various locations. Since you don’t have to think about proximity to a water source, you can move it around the site with ease. Portability brings in much convenience should you need to make changes along the way.

Indoor & Outdoor

Whether you need indoor or outdoor installation, AC cooled systems are a great choice. The location of the unit depends on where the heated air should be expelled to. If it’s indoors, the heat gets released via a duct through a fan to an area outside the room. If outdoors, the heat gets released into the space surrounding the unit. Outdoor installations need proper configuration and electrical control panels. NYE can help you deal with all the required conditions to promote easy installation, be it indoors or outdoors.

Water Conservation

The ambient air from your air-cooled unit doesn’t require any connection or cooling tower. It conserves water and is ideal for sites with water scarcity or those with cheap energy cost but costly water bills.

Eco-friendly Approach

Since there’s no need for water sources, this lowers the general environmental issues about water treatment and water removal. And since it conserves water, you’re doing mother nature a favor. It also promotes zero water wastage and there’s not chemicals involved, which ultimately helps the environment.

Less Maintenance

Going for air-cooled units enable you to enjoy less maintenance cost and effort. Thus, it’s generally more efficient in this aspect.

Overall, here are the different perks you can get from choosing air-cooled AC systems:

  • No water source
  • No water wastage and thus eco-friendly
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier to operate
  • No chemical costs
  • No water bills
  • No water issues in case of disasters

If you don’t know how to choose the right type for your building, we have cooling engineering specialists that are always up to help you. We make use of sizing factors to quickly gain insight into your system requirements. can help you get accurate, efficient, and durable structures while creating comfortable temperature for everyone in your building’s premises.

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Why Choose Us?


Your Air Cooled AC System design will be expertly handled here at NYE. We have extended our expertise to hundreds of clients in the MEP arena covering various projects big and small. Our years of solid experience have established our credibility in and out of Chicago. With , you can expect the following:

Reliable 3D Modeling Support

Our 3D models are delivered in a quick, easy, and realistic manner. We take care of all the details, particularly the architectural layout and the performance simulation. You can get all the perks of having an expertly done design with NYE by your side.

Thorough Design Process

Our process is comprehensive enough to take care of all the details. To come up with the most accurate design, we leave no stone unturned. We perform all the necessary calculations, cooling capacity requirements, and other technical aspects. We also gather data accurately to ensure precise outputs. Ultimately, we take care of the output while also bolstering customer support like no other.

Custom Design on Budget

We understand that the construction industry is an expensive field, and we try to be a cost-effective solution to our clients’ MEP design needs. Though we have packages in place, we try to recommend to clients the best routes that can help them meet their budget. We do our custom design with only the most high-quality standards in place, considering your unique specifications to the letter.

Standard Software and Tools

We use advanced tools like AutoCAD and Revit to generate auto-sizing, cross-referencing, balancing, cost estimation, and convenient collaboration. We also use the right tools to promote safety, reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Reduced Field Interferences

Collaboration and installation and all the field work will be made hassle-free with an air cooled AC system design ready. There will be minimal errors, and the team can avoid wasting time, money, and energy as the model accurately depicts all the requirements to guarantee the success of the project.

Maximum productivity

With our engineers taking care of the design, you have nothing to worry about in the field. No more faulty or time-consuming exchange of information or inconvenient language barrier issues as the design is the only document everyone needs to proceed with the project successfully. Less talk, less mistakes, more productivity.

Qualified Experts

Our expert team of design and structural engineers are your best bet. They are trained and experienced, and they constantly learn the new industry trends to up our game every time. We make sure to deliver state-of-the-art results backed by solid processes and brilliant specialists.

Vast Experience

Our engineering experience is vast in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing arena. With our years of expertise in the field, we can say that we can be your go-to design firm for your MEP modeling needs. From our tools to our staff to our portfolio, we are the real deal. We help various sectors in Chicago and beyond, and we are continually expanding our experience to satisfy more clients far and wide.

Fast Turnaround

We deliver projects on time, always. We do not tolerate delays and we respect how fast-paced this industry should be. We are a flexible and agile team ready to deliver the best air cooled AC designs and more.

ZERO CHANGE Order Guarantee

When it comes to offering a cohesive solution, NYE is your partner. We hold ourselves accountable in providing the best value for your project with our MEP design expertise. We always follow rigid quality control methods to ensure a smooth workflow and promote the best client experience. Contractors, engineers, architects, and businesses love working with us, and we want to help more entities along the way.

Reasonable Pricing

Out internal processes are streamlined to promote cost-cutting procedures and thus enable more reasonable rates for our customers. We believe that genuine value equals quality and competitive pricing. To help more clients, big and small, we strive to make our services budget-friendly while maximizing the best level of integrity.

Labor warranty

We hold satisfaction guarantee for our services. We are confident that we can meet and even exceed the design requirements of our valued clientele. Thus, we make sure to design your air cooled AC systems and other MEP projects with the right experts, the best tools, and the standard regulations in position.


A Reliable MEP Partner You Can Trust

Your air cooled AC system is a huge investment. Make sure to do it right with the right MEP design partner within reach. can help you achieve accurate, efficient, and long-lasting outputs. We also offer a wide range of design services in the broad field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing arena. With our experienced engineers and designers, advanced 3D modeling software tools, and years of solid experience, we are your engineering and construction partner that always delivers.

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