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Accurate thermal load calculation in a building is vital as it lets you estimate the required capacity of your heating systems, thereby meeting the required temperature conditions in the conditioned space. Apart from that, it will also have a direct impact on your system’s energy efficient, air quality, comfort, and even the durability of your building.

We at understand that dilemma, which is why we offer our thermal load calculation service to make sure we can provide accurate calculations for your heating systems. Our team of professional engineers are ready to help you create an accurate thermal load calculation for your building, be it for commercial or residential purposes.

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What is Thermal Load Calculation?

GeoTthermal Heat Pump

Before you even plan to install an HVAC system in your building, a thermal load calculation should be carried out first. As the name implies, a thermal load calculation is done to estimate a building’s heat loss capacity during the winter season to ensure that it can keep up with the required heating capacity.

Usually, during the winter season, peak heating load will occur before sunrise and outdoor conditions remain almost the same. Aside from that, internal heat sources can easily compensate for some of the heat that’s lost. Due to this, we normally perform thermal load calculations with the assumption that the outdoor conditions remain consistent and without putting internal heat sources into the equation.

Basically, thermal load calculation is the first step we normally do when we conduct HVAC designs for our clients. This will make it possible to create a highly efficient system which aims to deliver high-quality heating to various rooms throughout a building.

Why Does an Accurate Calculation Matter?

Accurate Calculation

While it’s possible to do the calculation by yourself, the question is: should you? After all, if you have technical knowledge regarding HVAC systems, you’ll find the calculations to be quite complex. This is why it’s best to leave it in our hands. As experts in this field, we can carry out accurate thermal load calculation in accordance with your building requirements.

But before that, here are some of the reasons to get proper heat load calculation done by experts:

Pick the right system tonnage : Without a proper heat load calculation, it might be a bit difficult for you to pick the right AC system for your building. In the event you end up with an overly large system, it will cause you to cover for higher initial and operational costs. On the other hand, if you end up picking a smaller system, it will cause undercooling which, in turn, defeats the purpose of installing an air conditioning system in the first place.

On the other hand, our experts can create accurate heat load calculations and will even recommend the right system that will result in lower initial and operational costs. Also, if you plan to have your HVAC system designed by us, it would make the process a lot quicker and easier.

Prevent possible modifications in your room : By leaving the thermal load calculations to us, we will be able to pinpoint the right location for your system as well as the type you should be installing. If the thermal load calculation is done incorrectly, there’s a huge likelihood that you’ll have to do modifications in a room, thereby destroying its aesthetics.

Pick the right system type : After our experts have successfully carried out the calculations, they will then recommend which type of AC system you should install for your application. The type of system will depend on your building’s total heat load, which is why an accurate calculation should be highly emphasized.

Decide on the unit’s location : The location where your indoor or outdoor unit should be placed will depend on a room’s heat load and specific purpose. An indoor unit can either be placed at the top or on the floor while an outdoor unit could vary depending on where the indoor unit is placed.

Determine the right duct sizing : With proper heat load calculation, it will be possible for us to calculate the required CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air inside the room. This makes it possible to determine the right duct sizing with the help of three methods: constant pressure drop, constant velocity, and static regain.

How We Conduct Our Heat Load Calculation

The process of calculating a building’s heat load is quite complex and time-consuming, especially for the average individual. Due to this, we highly recommend that you don’t conduct heat load calculations on your own unless you have a background in the HVAC industry or you are an HVAC professional yourself.

Basically, our heat load calculation process follows these steps:

  1. Upon getting in touch with us, we will try to extract any information related to your project. This will allow us to have an initial assessment of your building even before we send our team for a site inspection.
  2. Once we’re able to come to an agreement, we will then send a team of HVAC professionals to your location.
  3. Our inspection team will conduct a survey of all the rooms located within your building then identify the heat sources present.
  4. During this stage, we will also make some inquiries and request complementary information regarding your building, such as its architectural plans. As much as possible, we would request you to provide detailed information so we can get on with the procedure as smoothly as possible.
  5. Once our professionals are able to gather all of the required information, we will then start with the calculation. Our professional engineers can do the procedure either manually or through the use of a special software.
  6. When it comes to manual calculation, we will analyze the data we gathered with the help of parameters and predefined equations. The equations we’re going to use will depend on the construction materials used for your building, its geometry, as well as systems and applications currently installed in its rooms.
  7. In terms of using a software for performing calculation, our designers will use specific software for conducting thermal load calculations such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Trace 700. Of course, the process still requires advanced technical knowledge, but most of the time-consuming tasks are made quicker and easier. Since automation is involved, it will result in a much quicker process.
  8. Once the calculation is done either manually or through a software, we will then recommend which AC system will suit your building best as well as its required capacity. This will prevent you from going for oversized systems that come with higher initial and operational costs as well as undersized systems which lead to inefficient performance.

We won’t just carry out heat load calculation on a single area in your building. We will perform them throughout all areas, and we will also determine the building’s overall lead. With these calculations, our designers and engineers can provide you with technical recommendations to help achieve optimal performance for your HVAC system.

Why Choose NY Engineers?

There are plenty of companies that offer the same services in the field of Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing. However, we are able to stand out from the rest due to various reasons. If you need help with your HVAC system, we at are your best bet, and here’s why:

We are a team of experienced individuals

We at consist of skilled and experienced professionals who have been in the MEP industry for years. This ensures that we can give you high-quality services and even expert recommendations for your HVAC system. In spite of that, we always continue to hone our skills and knowledge to make sure we can provide accurate and advanced results, especially when it comes to thermal load calculations.

Latest software and proven methods

We always make sure to use only proven methods and reliable software for conducting heat load calculations and other services, particularly when it comes to design. With this, you can expect accurate and reliable output.

Accurate calculations

We know that inaccurate thermal load calculations can negatively impact the overall performance and energy efficiency of your HVAC system. With this, we at ensure to provide accurate calculations for your building, allowing you to have a highly efficient HVAC system at reasonable costs.

Goal-oriented and focused approach

Since we always follow procedures and protocols when conducting a service, this only means that there will be more action out there in the field. You simply have to provide us with all the information we need, and our team of professionals will be the one to do the rest. This helps avoid any communication barriers and expedites the entire process.

Reliable design and modeling facility

After conducting calculations, you can choose to go for our design and modeling services for your building. For that, our design and modeling facility can cater to your needs. With the help of our experienced designers, they can come up with high-quality designs for your project based on your specifications and requirements.

Wide experience in the MEP industry

As mentioned earlier, we are a team of experienced professionals. That said, our experience in the MEP industry runs deep. We have worked with countless clients from various sectors such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, schools, restaurants, and more. The wide range of clients we’ve worked with in the past can attest to the quality of services we offer.

Quick turnaround time

NYE understands that your project also has its own time constraints. Due to this, we make sure that we can render our services promptly and provide you with results in a timely manner. However, while doing so, we make sure not to compromise the quality of our work. With this, you won’t have to worry about missing any deadlines anymore.

Custom services

If you have some custom designs of your own, we’ll be glad to do it for you. With our custom services, you can definitely find the output that is tailored to your specific needs. We do this by obtaining as much information as we can about your project before we even begin.

Custom rates

In line with custom services, we offer custom rates as well. This allows us to customize the rates of our services in accordance with your current budget and project needs.

Affordable pricing

Apart from our custom rates, we also have standard rates for our packages. However, to make sure that our clients can always rely on us, we provide them with high-quality services that come at very affordable prices.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We strive to make all our clients satisfied with our work as much as possible. With this, we are able to achieve 100% satisfaction guarantee, hence giving you and other future clients peace of mind knowing that their project will be in the right hands.

NYE: Your Ultimate MEP Partner

If you live in Chicago and nearby cities, we at will be ready to help you with your thermal load calculation woes. Upon contacting us and hiring our services, we will then deploy our team of professionals to your location to assess your building.

Apart from our thermal load calculation service, we also offer design services in the field of mechanical, engineering, and plumbing. We are your go-to company for all your engineering and construction needs.

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