Outside Air System Design

 Are you looking for better ways to improve air quality or maintain better air temperature in your commercial or residential setting? Or are you looking to reduce the number of pollutants being transferred between interior spaces? If so, then we at will be glad to help you with the design of your outside air system.

We are a certified MEP company that offers lucrative design solutions to clientele across Chicago and other parts of the world. Apart from designing outside air systems, we also have decades of experience in providing various electrical, mechanical, Plumbing and engineering services. Explore our services and expect the best delivery.

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Outside Air System

NYE Outside Air System Design

At , we use the latest technology and MEP software used by construction professionals worldwide in order to provide our clients with high-quality 3D drawings of their outside air system. Apart from the usual AutoCAD software, we also utilize multidisciplinary BIM software like Revit which enables us to produce top-notch, accurate, and coordinated designs and documentation.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Relay your needs and goals.

The first phase is to listen to your specific needs and requirements so that we can begin the initial planning. Basically, we will discuss the details involved in the project including its structure, budget, and materials.

Step 2: Site Inspection

Site inspection comes next. Here, we will send principals to the site area in order to take measurements and gather information that is vital for the design stage. You will also be required to provide our team will all the necessary documents and information so as to make this process as detailed as possible.

Step 3: Designing Process

Once we have gathered and discussed all the relevant information, we will begin the design process. Here, our team of experienced designers in Chicago will utilize the latest software to produce top-notch designs, giving you a clear picture of your future outside air system.

Step 4: Further Collaboration

After our MEP designers have created the design, we will send you the draft and give you a call to discuss it further. If the output does not meet your requirements, we will make the necessary adjustments until you are fully satisfied with the final output.

Step 5: Final Design

The last step involves sending the final design together with the final cost. This way, you can quickly begin your construction with ease and accuracy.

Our outside air system design will address the ventilation and air conditioning issues for your building while improving indoor air quality. With our superior quality designs, we will help align your project with the right documentation workflow from the initiation stage to the completion. What’s more, we can create construction documentation and perform building analysis.

Our certified and top-tier technicians have extensive experience in drafting outside air systems. After understanding your specific needs and requirements, our design team will make it their business to integrate creative and innovative alternatives in order to come up with viable and extraordinary solutions. We also take into consideration other necessary fundamentals like structural factors, sustainability, architectural design and more. What’s more, we use standard tools and technology to come up with the best outside air system designs for our clients.

As we create an outside air system for your building, we ensure to use sustainable systems and materials in order to improve the energy efficiency and gain optimal performance. Rely on our services to get 3D design that promotes efficient planning and higher sustainability.

A desirable MEP partner like NYE understands that complications are likely to occur on MEP projects due to faulty design software systems. For this reason, NYE is continuously updated with the comprehensive MEP industry practices, and our designers are equipped with advanced skills and solid expertise. This helps us to provide reliable design solutions to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Why Design Outside Air System?

There are many benefits that can be accrued from designing your outside air system. They include:

Quicker and More Informed Decision-Making

When you have our comprehensive design for your outside air system, it will be easier for you to make informed decisions once the construction begins.

Proper Cost Estimation

Having a design beforehand will enable you to save resources, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Correct Output

Construction projects are prone to errors. With this in mind, you want to ensure that you have an accurate design, so you can maximize your materials and avoid budget overruns. With our MEP design, you will have an accurate and seamless output to allow a smooth flow of your construction.

Seamless Planning and Performance

A well-structured design will enable you to plan for the construction faster and avoid the disruptions that may come with last minute rush. Our MEP engineering design team knows how fast-paced the construction space can be. For this reason, they ensure that the design process is completed on time so that you can get to the final phase as soon as possible.

Why Choose Outside Air System?

The outside air system is an HVAC unit that is set up outside, and it utilizes separate equipment to condition outdoor air (OA) delivered into a building for ventilation. Basically, the outside air system is designed to deliver the amount of air needed while keeping the temperature and humidity consistent. Below are some reasons why you should choose the outside air system:

Better Ventilation

While it is possible to achieve ventilation with a central HVAC system like VAV, they may not be the best option because they don’t comply with the ASHRAE standards. Outside air system, on the other hand, complies with these standards; it delivers the exact amount of ventilation required to different spaces in spite of the load size.

Here at , we will gladly design the outside air system according to the requirements of each zone or in conjunction with the available HVAC units. This will ensure that each zone gets proper and efficient ventilation.

Energy Efficient

With the rising energy costs, building owners are looking for ways to lower energy consumption. By using an outside air system to control the supply of outside air, you will be reducing the energy used for air conditioning, ventilation, and other fan operations. You can also switch off the local unit to reduce energy use when the outside air system brings in ventilation to each occupied space.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fundamentally, outside air system helps to reduce transferred pollutants between adjoining spaces. The unit is effective for getting rid of contaminants from the outside air before it is channeled into the building.

Effective Humidifiers

Another benefit that can be accrued from outside air systems is humidity control. The outside air system unit comes with systems that enhance proper temperature and humidity control. This helps to prevent problems that are brought about by moisture such as mold growth.

Outside air systems are an integral part of any building that looks to improve their indoor air quality while saving energy. You however need to ensure that the design of your outside air system is done by competent MEP design services like in order to gain optimal performance.

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