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We use the best MEP tools, assuring that we’re only providing precise MEP designs.


Our services are reasonably priced, and we’ll make sure that your system operates and runs cost-effectively.


As we’re keen on providing accurate designs, we’re confident that your structures will last long.

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Cogeneration System MEP Design


Whether it’s for a large-scale system or a small-scale one, having a cogeneration system installed in your building is beneficial. It’s not only an efficient way of providing heat, but it’s also an excellent anti-pollution method that we all can benefit from.

If you’re planning to incorporate one into your building, it’s best if you have an MEP design to back you up. If you’re looking for one, we at are the ideal team for you. We have the best services not only in Chicago but in other states as well.

We offer a wide range of engineering, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing design services that never disappoint. So, to bring your concept to life, let us help you out as we come up with a precise MEP design for your cogeneration system project.

NYE Cogeneration System Design

At , expect that we thoroughly design your projects with precision. We do this by using only the best and the latest tools in the market right now. Also, to make each transaction smoother and more organized, we follow this standard procedure:

Step 1: We first start with knowing what your project is all about. In this way, we can come up with the ideal MEP designs that can perfectly embody your cogeneration system.

Step 2: We then send our principals to take a look at your area so that they can take the measurements and get any additional information needed for the designing process. Here, they will collaborate with you and take down notes to use as our reference. 

Step 3: At this point, our engineers will use the gathered information to create a precise cogeneration system model. You can already have full access to your cogeneration system model that we’re going to store in a database file. 

Step 4:  As we continue with the design stage, we’re going to use the best and latest tools and software for designing, assuring you that your cogeneration model is professionally and perfectly designed.

Step 5: After designing your cogeneration model, we’re going to send the design to you. We make sure to deliver it on or before the deadline so that your construction process will start on time.

With our cogeneration system design, you can surely maximize your productivity, thus allowing you to smoothly glide to the construction process. We make sure that your cogeneration design is precisely made so that from its conceptualization to its execution, everything will go smoothly for you. 

This is why we only hire the best design engineers. We believe that in order to become a reliable MEP design provider, it’s crucial that we don’t only employ certified members but also professionals who are more than ready to maximize their skills and experiences to create the perfect cogeneration system design for you.

We’re serious in taking care of our client’s needs. Thus, all of your structural, sustainability, commercial, architectural needs, and the like will be met. 

With our design, you don’t have to think about manual recalibration anymore. You can just rely on our models, and you can already significantly save construction cost, energy, and time. You can have all of these while lessening your risks of making errors, thus making your construction process faster and much more accurate.  

Allow us at to make an accurate model and design for your cogeneration system. We assure you that with our services, you’re certain that you won’t face any MEP-related complications during your construction process. With our team to back you up, you’re not only going to save a lot of resources and time but also speed up your construction procedure.

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Why Design Cogeneration System Design?


cogeneration system

We all know how beneficial cogeneration systems are. So, if you have a polished model and design of it, you can have these benefits:

  • You’ll have better decision-making skills when it comes to finalizing your cogeneration model.
  • You’ll have a seamless construction process.
  • You can document your construction process accurately.
  • You’ll have a precise cost estimation.
  • You’re likely to have thorough and proper operations and planning procedures. 

Especially during the construction phase, having a design that you can use as your guide is essential as this can help reduce your risks of committing errors, thus drastically improving your construction process generally. That’s why we’re here to help you create BIM-ready models for your business and engineering needs. And because we’re a team of professionals who values teamwork, we discuss, explore, visualize, and understand your concept and the models that we design with attention to detail. 

Why Install a Cogeneration System Design?

As stated above, a cogeneration system design is beneficial both on large and small infrastructures. With a cogeneration system installed in a building, it can already supply a large area with steam or heating. It can also be used in multiple buildings such as commercial and industrial structures.

If you want an efficient and up-to-date way of providing heating in your building, a cogeneration system design is low-maintenance, thus cutting your energy costs greatly.

Here are some other benefits you’ll get when installing a cogeneration system in your building:

  • Reduces Carbon Emissions

If you’re into sustainability, then having a cogeneration system in your building will surely help the environment. Our cogeneration system design is made to reduce carbon emissions more effectively as we’re creating our designs based on the latest, eco-friendly cogeneration technology.  

  • Lowers Energy Cost

A cogeneration system is already highly efficient, and it would become much more optimized once you have it designed by our expert design engineers. As we’re all about maximizing our systems these days, to lower your energy cost, a cogeneration system will not only provide heat to your building effectively, but it would also greatly reduce your bills.

  • Enhances Operational Efficiency

This system can also help lower your overall operational cost as well. As overhead costs are inevitable, this is the best system to incorporate in your building when you want to have a heating system and, at the same time, lessen your overall costs. 

  • Offers Energy Independence

A cogeneration system can give buildings better energy independence. This is because it moves a huge chunk of its load off the grid, and we can provide the best cogeneration system model design for this, thus ensuring that you’re not only having energy independence but also getting the best designs in town.

  • Updates Aging Infrastructure

As cogeneration systems are one of the latest methods of providing heating in a building, installing one updates aging infrastructure. If you have an MEP design from us, you’re not only having a reliable back up to guide you during construction, but you’ll also have an upgraded heating system in your building.

Having a cogeneration system in your building is definitely worth it. While installing one is costlier compared to other heating methods, it’s surely beneficial in the long run. With this heating system, you can optimize your energy, thus reducing your overall costs significantly. That’s why if you’re planning to install one in the near future, you can surely depend on us.

When it comes to providing cogeneration system MEP designs, we are the best team for you. You can rest assured that when you invest in MEP designs from us, your construction process will be smooth and hassle-free.

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Why Choose Us?


We are a team of trusted and professional design engineers that has been helping clients not just in Chicago but in other parts of the world too. Over the years, we’ve established a name in the world of MEP design, so we know what clients really need. With our years of experience in this industry, you can totally say that you’re in good hands.

Here, we guarantee you that we’ll offer all of these:

Reliable 3D Modeling Facility : We’ll give you a realistic 3D model that’s not only of high quality but architecturally accurate as well. This way, you can use the design as your accurate guide. 

Smooth Designing Process : From the simplest to the most complicated details of your cogeneration system model, we’ll surely design it smoothly. We have a step-by-step procedure, so everything is done is an organized manner. Plus, as we’re using the latest technology, the designing process is done accurately and quickly. 

Custom Design Budget : We will help create a design that’s customized for your budget and needs while still providing quality work, thus ensuring that mistakes that are MEP-related during construction are lessened.

Standard and Latest Tools and Software : As we want to provide our clients with accurate designs in a quick manner, we only use tools and software that are the latest in the world of MEP design. This makes sizing, balancing, and designing, in general, easier and much more precise.

Reduced Field Errors : You can rely on our cogeneration system design. We make sure that every model that we make and design follow the correct measurements and keep your exact requirements in mind, so you can be assured that you’ll reduce field errors during construction. 

Greater Productivity : Because everything is already prepared for you in the form of our cogeneration design, you’ll have more time to work on the construction than spend most of your time relaying your ideas and conveying your instructions. More productivity then naturally follows.

Trusted Specialists : You can also be assured that we only have trusted specialists in the team. At , we only have expert teams that are adept in creating efficient designs. Also, as MEP keeps on evolving, we don’t settle for less, so we keep on training our members and tackling research and development to get ahead of the curve. At NYE, you’re sure that only professionals and credible designers are working on your cogeneration system project. 

Great Experience : As we’ve already been in the industry for quite some time, we’ve accumulated vast knowledge when it comes to designing engineering-related projects. And because we keep on training our members, we are also increasing our knowledge and improving our skills greatly.  

Custom Design Services : We do follow a standard protocol, but because we put our clients’ needs first, we are willing to provide bespoke services. Thus, expect flexibility in our team as we’re more than ready to provide designs according to our clients’ requirements.

Quick Turnaround : We value every business and client, so we respect the deadlines agreed. The construction industry is a fast-paced field, and we understand this, so we do our best to not only send our designs on or before the deadline but with no errors as well.

Complete Accountability : If there are changes needed on the design, our clients can always rely on us as we’re a team that takes accountability on the entire designing process. So, any unwanted disruptions are taken care of. 

Affordable Prices : We know how costly construction is, and simply installing a cogeneration system in a building can already cost a lot. Thus, we at NYE follows cost-cutting methods to provide our clients with more reasonably-priced services. 

Labor Warranty : We are confident in our expertise, so we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our clients. We design a cogeneration system model in a reliable and professional manner not only by using quality software and tools but following a standard process as well. Here at NYE, you’re surely in good hands.

Your Reliable MEP Design Partner

If you’re looking for a reliable MEP design partner, we at will not only provide you with quality models and designs but also professional services. We have a variety of electrical, engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and construction-related designs, so you can always rely on our team and services anytime you have a project on the way. At NYE, you’ll surely make all of your construction projects come to life.

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