Custom Air Handling Unit Design

The custom air handling unit, or the AHU for short, is a very important part of your office or home because it pretty much controls all the air flow in the building. It circulates the air that comes from the air conditioning system, the heating system, and the overall ventilation system. So you can imagine how important this machine is if you want to have clean air.

We at provide high-quality MEP designs for both commercial and residential AHU’s in Chicago so that you don’t only have high-grade designs for your machines but very cost efficient ones as well.

Here at our company, we can make all your needs and wants come to life with our 3D models.

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NYE Custom Air Handling Unit Design

How It Works


The reason why we can boast about our services is because of our extremely thorough process. When we handle projects, we make sure we come up with the best designs and with the most detailed documentation to boot. All of these are done on schedule.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We will send a team to jot down all your needs and wants with regard to your machine design.
  2. We inspect the area and get all the measurements so that we can make a design that is as accurate as possible.
  3. We will send all the information right to our engineers for interpretation and conceptualization.
  4. Our engineers will use the information to create the design model and create a database to keep all the documentation in.
  5. We set a schedule in which we will complete the design and send it over for approval.
  6. Our engineers will work on the design and discuss with you whether any other revisions will need to be made.

We pride ourselves on our process as it not only saves time but also maximizes quality. We follow our process strictly so that we can ensure that the schedule is followed for your custom air handling unit. That is why we are confident that we can deliver a very satisfactory finished product to your table based on your own needs and wants.

Our certified engineers will not only create your MEP design but will also make sure you have all the documentation for the details of the custom air handling unit. The thing about custom air handling units is that they have to be tailor fit to the needs of both the client and the building. With that, you’ll need a perfect design that is feasible to execute so that when the finished product comes out, it’ll be equally as perfect.

That is where the documentation and the component analysis would come in.

Our software allows us to create a single database that has all the figures, details, and measurements of the design organized completely so that the designing of the machine will be flawless.

At our company, we aim to be as perfect as possible because we want you to avoid the hassle of manual recalibration due to certain errors or problems that may pop out halfway while you are using the machine. With our model, we can immediately spot possible errors that may come out and fix them earlier on. A precise design will ensure that these errors will be dealt with even before the construction of the machine. With this, we are able to guarantee better quality projects that have utmost accuracy for building time.

No longer will you have to worry about imperfections or defects in the design because we will clear that all for you in the designing stage. All you have to do is simply let us know how you want your custom air handling unit to be designed, what specs you’d like, and what specific features you want customized. From there, we’ll help you design the most precise 3D MEP model for your very own custom air handling unit.

Why Design Your Custom Air Handling Unit?

There are many reasons as to why it’s more advantageous for you to create an MEP design for your custom air handling unit first. But we’ll talk about some of the main ones:

  • Flawless custom features
  • High-quality performance of the actual machine
  • Proper and organized documentation of figures
  • Cost efficiency
  • Accurate 3D design representation

These are some of the main things that you’ll be able to enjoy when you partner with us in the creation of your own custom made air handling unit model. With our very smooth process, we’ll make sure that you have your project created in no time.

What We Consider When Designing Air Handling Units

When we design your air handling units, our priority would be to take into consideration your own specifications and customizations. However, we do take note of other basic things as well when we create your AHUs. Here are a few of the things we note:

Anatomy of the AHU

The first thing that we take into consideration would be the overall construction and anatomy of the AHU. Make no mistake that a really well-designed AHU has a lifespan of more than 40 years depending on its usage and maintenance practices. Of course, this will only be the case if the AHU was built well with the right design. This is exactly what we strive for-- the most well-designed AHU that can last many years without breaking down.

Building Codes

We are very particular when it comes to building standards because we want to ensure that you won’t have any trouble with local regulations when you make use of our design. At the get-go, we will have already discussed with you the building codes and standards, so we can follow it and expect a smooth experience down the road.

Measurements and Compatibility with Building

This is the very reason why we always inspect the area before we create your design. Our professionals will be creating a mental picture in their heads about how the air handling unit looks like inside the building. They will also be visualizing how it works with your current air filtering system. With that, we always ensure we create the most accurate 3D model based on the exact measurements in place.

Energy Efficiency

We understand that machines such as AHUs use a lot of energy to function. That’s why we also strive for total energy efficiency so that you can cut costs on your energy bills. Your savings will definitely be our success as well.

Cost Efficiency

Aside from saving money on energy, we want to also save on your overall construction cost. That is why we will design a machine that will fully optimize your budget but with true value. All you have to do is give us your budget and we’ll discuss what features you can get through the budget. From there, we will create a design that can meet your needs.

Low Maintenance

We know that constant maintenance of your machine units is not only a big chore, but it is also a strain on your funds. With that, we strive to create designs that require the least amount of maintenance work to be done. We believe that with a good design, manual recalibration and constant maintenance can all be avoided.

Here at , the goal is to create a design that is flawless so that the end product will also be foolproof. By identifying all of the necessary parts and putting them together at the designing stage, it is possible to avoid the errors that may be encountered during the construction stage. With a good design, you will definitely get a good finished product.

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