Fire Protection Engineering Services

In high-rise buildings, fire can do a lot of damage - fast. Our systems call the fire department at first sign of smoke to help keep you and your building safe.

Experts in Fire Protection Engineering

Detects More Than Just Smoke

Our systems are equipped to detect heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide, ensuring you'll aways be aware of a problem in your building.

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Our rapid design process is flexible and agile, and allows us to have turnaround times 50% faster than anyone else in the industry.

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Calls for Help

You can never be too prepared for an emergency. Our systems call the fire department for you, so they'll arrive as soon as possible.

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Our Fire Protection Engineering Solutions

To guard against the building’s biggest enemy - fire - the fire alarm system automatically calls the fire department upon sensing smoke. We design the fire alarm system, including the various devices and sensors that feed into the fire alarm control panel. If the building is also sprinklered, the fire alarm system will integrate with the sprinkler system to call the fire department upon sensing sprinkler water flow. We interface well with the Fire Department of or your local fire department to ensure full compliance and signoffs.

We have expertise with a wide range of fire protection engineering projects. Know more about our industry-specific projects here.


Optimize Costs Without Compromising Safety

City has some of the most demanding fire protection requirements in the world, which is justified given the high concentration of buildings and persons. Engineers can help you meet the demanding code requirements for fire protection, speeding up project approval. A key element of our fire protection designs is optimizing costs without compromising safety.

Our fire protection designs ensure your building is equipped will all the measures required to mitigate the damage caused by fire, while providing occupants with the means of egress to evacuate the affected area safely.

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