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Hire one of the most versatile service providers in the industry to get your site’s fireman telephone needs fulfilled. We can provide you with cost-effective solutions to your site’s safety concerns.

Safety and Security 

Our engineers run a number of tests to balance out the system and check for any errors before handing the project over to the client.

Code Compliance

The National Electric Code and the Chicago Building Code have set some rules and our design engineers will comply with them while meeting the demands of your project. This will keep all the penalties and charges at the bay. 

Cost Efficient

Our engineers will provide you the best solutions to all your safety needs and they will also match all your budgets requirements keeping all the cost in control at all times.

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Why are fireman telephone services mandatory?

First, the firemen use their radios for the purpose of communicating with each other. But when they are putting out a fire in a particular building, these radios won’t work. Therefore, the firemen have to use specifically designed firefighter’s phone systems for the purpose of communication.

When in large confinement or a building when firemen are battling with fires, they need to talk to each other to exchange information and for this; they use their 2-way radios. But in certain situations, the radios stop working. In such a scenario a fireman’s telephone system is the next best option for communicating.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone System)

Plain Old Telephone System

This firemen’s telephone system is your stand-alone system that just works like any dial-up system and for this reason, it is named as a plain old telephone system. The primary difference between a firemen’s telephone and a ma-belle is that you can’t dial to any other building and there is no dial tone either. And for this reason, there is no belling ringing voltage as well. You just pick up the receiver and start talking. As there is no ring, the phone at the command center will just detect another lined plugged in and will sound alert tones until you answer the phone.

Wiring in the building

The network of wiring in the building is going to be a 2-wire system that will link the firefighter’s phone with the fire command center. To debug the 2-wired system for the fireman’s telephone system you will have to link,

  • A butt set
  • Regular telephone
  • Wall jacks that come as supplies and plug the handset into these jacks.

For the purpose of troubleshooting the primary difference between the regular telephone and a firefighter’s telephone is that the wires of fireman’s telephone are supervised for shorts, ground defaults and opens. The wiring system of the building is a Class B scheme of wiring and it is complete with resistors (end-of-the-line). It can either be Class A scheme where the wires go back to the primary panel right after you daisy-chain the jacks. If one of the wires breaks, the circuitry of supervision present at the command center will jeopardize.

Capacitor Network in the Handsets

This is where the fireman alarm installer or technician can get into some serious problems. Right between the two wires of the wiring of the building along with the earphone or microphone that is present within the headset, there is a need for a capacitor or a resistor. All of these telephones have this kind of network and its equivalent.

Based on the manufacturer of the system, the network might be right behind the wall-plate in the wall jack or within the handset itself. Usually, if you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer the parts and components that are compatible with the system from the same manufacturer are used. As an installer, you don’t need to be too much concerned with this. Nevertheless, with those elevator cars, there can be an exception.

Elevator jacks

There is a good chance that the fireman’s phone jack that is present inside and an elevator car is not going to be a type approved by manufacturers. This wall station is going to be good looking jack that the fire alarm technician has wired into the system.

A request to the installers of the elevator for providing a single-gang hole for the purpose of installing fireman’s wall plate along with the phone jack will be ignored because elevators are expensive and the site owners don’t want to see these rugged-looking telephone jacks.

Our engineers understand this and they also understand the fact that this practice violated every code in the book. For this reason, they will be able to wire the jack with creativity that it doesn’t look odd and goes with the aesthetics as well. Tech support can also provide assistance in this regard.

For seeing how the wiring can be done within the elevator car, our engineers will take a close look at the wall’s wiring. This wiring is used for the rest of the fireman’s phone system as well.

  • If there is a capacitor or resistor network present on the back of the wall jack for the entire system then copy that entire wring in the same fashion and this also includes capacitor and resistor values.

If there is no resistor or a capacitor network that s present behind the jack then our engineers will copy that wiring.

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How NYE Professionals Ensure Your Safety


Our Process

For the purpose of emergency announcement and fire detection systems, NYE only uses the platforms that are recommended by the code. Our engineers are and technical supervisors make sure that all the networks and telephone systems are closely integrated.

This is highly effective in high emergency situations. The reason behind that is during the emergency situations it is important to establish effective 2-way communication for the purpose of information exchange. The software and the hardware need to be up-to-date as well.

Our engineers will make sure that they design a system that can cater to all the safety and security needs of your entire site comprehensively. All the devices and the components within the systems need to be working adequately so that the flow of information is not interrupted by any means.

Assessment and Evaluation

If there is any current system available and the client has demanded an upgrade then our engineers will assess the existing system and its working. Our team of technical professionals will see that what the current output of the system is and whether it can be optimized according to the demands of the clients or not.

After that our engineers will provide the clients with a few suggestions while keeping the budget in mind. One thing that our engineers will focus here is to understand the demand and projects goals that are set by the client. It is important and our engineers will list down all of them before the designing process begins.


Our understanding of the short term objects and the long term goals, our engineers will start redesigning the system if there is an existing system present. Our team will integrate all the upgrades that your current system needs for an optimal output that align with your current and future goals.

In case of a new design, our professionals will make sure that the design process not only stays coherent with the present and future objectives but they also stay consistent with the obligatory requirement set by Chicago Building Code and the National Electric Code.

NY engineers will also make sure that there is plenty of room for any enhancement or improvements. Our engineers will also take care of the fact that the designing also integrated scheduled maintenance and repair operations too.


After the approval of the design, things get a lot simpler. The primary goal here is to follow the design plan strictly. Our engineers have years of experience and they also have a history of getting more than 80% of the designs approved in the first time.

This allows them to save a lot of time for a careful installation process.  During the installation process, our engineers will make sure that all the components remain in their proper order and condition so the system continues to work. Our engineers will also make installation process well versed with any repair or replacement procedures.


New York Engineers is committed to providing our clients with high-quality services. For this reason, we make sure that everything is up and running without any errors. To tackle this issue we have made testing an essential phase of all over projects.

This will allow us to check that current systems are working as expected or not. Our team of technical experts will execute this process before they turn over the project to you. This is a quality assurance procedure of New York Engineers

Repairs and maintenance

As the installations process keeps room for any repairs or maintenance, our engineers will visit your site on a scheduled basis for these activities. We will make sure that these operations don’t halt your working hours either. These systems need to be checked on a frequent basis to make sure that they are working and are in the best conditions to rely on in emergency situations.

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Why Should You Choose NYE?

New York Engineers is the name you can trust because we have been in service for a few decades now. Over the years we have expanded the range and area of our services. New York Engineers is one of the fast and most reliable MEP service providers across the nations.

We can take care of your entire projects and will keep the costs to the minimal. One of the benefits of handing over a project to a single contractor is that your project costs remain well controlled and you don’t have to deal with different parties. For this reason, NYE Inc has been very effective in providing high-quality services to its clients.

Handling the safety and security procedures and systems of your entire site is critical because your site needs to be safe and secure for its occupants and surroundings. For this reason, you must only hire highly experienced professionals so that everything stays top notch in terms of performance and durability.

We only believe in delivering high-quality services that stay coherent with the present and future goals of the clients and these services are provided well within the timeframe as well. This approach has allowed us to garner a lot of value and respect in the industry and for this reason, our clientele is increasing rapidly with the passage of time.

Highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel : We only hire engineers and technicians who have more than eight years of experience under their belt.  Additionally, we provide them with our own training to make them well-versed with the current demands of the MEP market. For this reason, our engineers are highly knowledgeable and they get the solution to your projects the first time around.

Tailored service yet cost efficient : One of the primary reasons why we are miles ahead of our competition is that we provide our clients with highly customized services. Our engineers will understand what your current requirements are and they will develop the services accordingly to cater to all those demands. It ensures high customer satisfaction and it also keeps the costs under check.   

A high rate of 1st-time design approvals : As our engineers are highly experienced they will provide you with top quality design ideas and get everything sorted out the first time. This will not only save a lot of time but will also keep the costs limited. And this is our primary goals in the first place.

Testing the systems before turning the project over : Our team of technical professionals will make sure that they all focus on quality assurance. For this reason, they run frequent testing procedures and get everything sorted out before the project is turned over to the client. We ensure that everything is in perfect condition and it’s running at its optimal level to ensure high productivity right from the beginning.

Scheduled maintenance and repair procedures : We will guarantee that our engineers will set scheduled repair and maintenance procedures that won’t interrupt your current business operations. We will quietly continue to work in the background so that your operations and activities don’t get interrupted. Scheduled rapier and maintenance procedures will ensure that everything continues to run at an optimal level.

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