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NYE provides the best services and solutions when it comes to the fire alarm system. Our NICET certified engineers are here to serve you with all their knowledge and experience in this field.

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Our engineers will make sure that they use all the available resources to equip your site with a fire security system that provides you with timely alerts and prevents any unwanted incidents.

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We ensure that all the departments that are interconnected with the system remain under a single control for highly efficient management.

Efficient Design, Testing, and Maintenance

Our team of technical professionals will make sure that they find the efficient possible solution at the most effective rates for you.

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Why Choose a Fire Alarm Bell System For Your Site?

Fire alarm bell systems tended to overlooked by the management until a crisis occurred. Most of the sites didn’t even house such a system until something out of the ordinary happened. But things have changed dramatically in recent times.

Due to recent requirements set by the states governments as well as the local authorities, it is mandatory that a site must be equipped with an adequate fire alarm system and all other integrate safety and security measures. For this reason, the Chicago Building Code as well as the National Electric Code has also highlighted the importance of having these systems in place and made it mandatory for the site owners.

Having these systems installed and properly working will ensure that your site remains in foolproof protection all the time and you have plenty of time to react and contain any crisis situation. However, with that being said your system must also be able to respond in a variety of ways. For instance, the system must also be able to take care of any false alarms generated. Plus, it should provide with a variety of solutions that the management can opt for in an emergency.

Integral Components of NYE Fire Alarm System

A detector : There are different detectors or sensors present within a particular fire alarm bell system. Their role is to evaluate the conditions and trigger alarms. Each of these detectors comes with a head that needs to be cleaned frequently or the fire alarm systems won’t trigger alarms adequately.

Manual call points : In addition to the detectors, there are call points present within the systems. These call points are useful in initiating the alarm signals manually. These call points work with a simple button that the user needs to push in case of emergency. The manual versions are parts of the overall fire alarm bell systems while you can also opt for the automatic call points.

Fire alarm bell :  Equally important, the fire alarm bells are active components of a fire alarm bell system. This component uses audible stimuli for the purpose of alerting the occupants in case of an emergency or fire situation. In case of a manual call point, the bell is directly attached to it and it will start ringing upon the press of the button. On the other hand, automatic call points come with sensors within them and they can trigger the alarms in case of an emergency.

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Different Types of Fire Alarm Bell Systems NYE offers


Traditional Fire Alarm Bell Systems

Fire Alarm Panel

The conventional or traditional fire alarm bell systems comprises of numerous detectors and call points. All these components are wired directly to the control panel of the alarm system. Each one of these detectors and call points has its own flashing light as well as a display panel. This network is critical for the fire brigades along with the security management staff and the site owners. Traditional systems for fire alarm bells are best when you are looking for cost-effective security solutions.

Addressable Fire Alarm Bell Systems

These addressable fire alarm bell systems have their own detection principles but they are somewhat very similar to their traditional counterparts. The slight difference between the two systems is that the control panel in the case of addressable system is able to exactly pinpoint the call point or the detector that triggered the alarm.

This can be a real time saver in times of emergency. In this system, the detectors are just like the ones that are used in the traditional system but all of them come with their very own inbuilt address as well. The security engineers will program this address within the control panel and due to which the panel will be able to display the information that is needed when a specific call point is activated. These systems offer a perfect balance between price and features.

Analog Addressable System

Analogue Addressable Systems for Fire Alarm Bells

The analog version of the addressable systems for fire alarm bells are most commonly called the intelligent systems for fire alarm bells. Now there are different types of analog systems as well. Each one of them can be determined according to the protocol types that have been used in it. All detectors in this system can effectively incorporate its very own computer. This computer is able to assess the environment that surrounds it.

The computer is also able to communicate and exchange information with the control panel either in the case of fire or fault or if the head of the detector requires some cleaning. The analog systems are way more complex as compared to the previous two types that we have mentioned above. However, these systems also come with most facilities especially if you compare them with the traditional or addressable systems. These systems are highly effective in controlling any of those false alarms.

Wireless Systems for Fire Alarm Bells

These systems are the latest editions of fire alarm bells and they work way better as compared to the traditional variants in a variety of different applications. The wireless systems can utilize radio frequencies that are secure for the purpose of interconnecting the sensors as well as the devices that are directly linked with the control panel.

Wireless systems are by far the simplest ones of them all when it comes to installation. They provide with a number of unique advantages and they also work in a similar fashion as the analog systems work but without any wires or cables. These systems are expensive but they also offer high value.

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why you need fire Alarm bell services from NYE


Experienced Professionals : We at New York Engineers Inc only hire the engineers who bring a minimum of eight years of experience with them and even after that we pass them through our own uniquely designed training sessions to further groom their skills. These tactics allow us to have high-quality technicians in our team and it ensures that we always deliver on the expectations that our clients have from us.

Faster Turnaround : If you hire New York Engineers to handle your projects, we will make sure that you get more than 50% faster turnaround. Because most of the MEP projects are fast paced and you will experience high-cost overruns even with the delays of a few hours, we guarantee that your project will stay on course at all times.

We make sure that all our projects complete well before the deadline. It allows us to run all the system tests and assure that we hand over a project that is fully optimized and running according to the set aims. For this reason, all of our design processes are agile and flexible. Our technical and design experts will guarantee to deliver the results 50% faster than any other entity within the industry.

Zero Changes : Another advantage of hiring experts with experience is that there are very few chances of errors. This means that the design approval will occur the first time around. It will not only help in saving the time but will also assist in saving a good chunk of costs too. NYE applies a wide range of measures to maintain strict quality control.

Due to high standards in quality assurance, our design engineers will produce conveniently built and flexibly priced designs that will be free of any errors and will meet all the expectations of our clients. NYE also provides a Zero Change Order Guarantee because we stand behind the skills and expertise of our certified contractors.

80% Approvals the First Time : Our team of professionals always looks to develop close relationships with the onsite management team. With the help of these relations, our team is able to develop effective communication and collaborate with your staff. The result will be clearly understood by long term goals and short term objectives.

In addition to that our team will also able to provide training to the onsite management team for effective control of the project in the future as well. We understand the requirements of our clients and for this reason, we develop the designs that closely align with the project needs. It will not only save cost but the project will be up and running in no time.

Project Assessments : The first step in our projects is the project assessment, in this step, our engineers will visit your site and upon meeting with the onsite team they will try to understand what the needs are and what the targets that the project will achieve are. Our team will also assess the resources available and will make sure that these resources are utilized to their fullest extent. Any existing designing or systems will be assessed in this phase as well.

Designing or Redesigning : After going through the assessment the next step in our process is the designing or a new project plan or a redesign of the existing one. Our team of engineers will align all the project goals and client requirements here. In addition to that, they will also ensure that all required obligations are met entirely to avoid any future penalties or charges.

Installation : The next step that comes in is going for the installation procedures. Due to the fact that our design engineers get the design approvals the first time around, the project will be on its way in no time at all. We will be starting the project well ahead of the schedule and we will make sure that the timeline stays the same way the project is completed. During the installation process, our engineers will also keep in mind any future maintenance and repair needs. In case of any existing systems, we will make sure that all the components go in according to the design.

Testing Procedures : Starting well before the timeline will enable us to finish the project before time and this will make room for our engineers to run a variety of tests to check the integrity of the system that they have installed. This is a quality assurance measure and is an integral part of our process.

Maintenance & Repairs : During the installation process, our engineers will keep in mind that they have to make room for any repair or maintenance activities that will occur in the future. These procedures are well integrated within the design process as well and for this reason, the installations also address all repair and maintenance issues comprehensively. The entire project runs smooth and it will not only keep all the current needs met but will also address all the future goals.

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