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Enhance the safety of the environment you work or live in with NY Engineers. Our pull station systems are some of the most efficient and trustworthy. You will never sit at your home, studio or workplace in fear with our pull stations ready.

Quick and Effective Response

With NY Engineers’ pull stations installed at your residence or workplace; you will never have to worry about quick responses to an emergency. With the responsive and quick mechanisms and circuitry, the pull stations are able to respond to an emergency as quickly as they happen.

Ensure Safety

Pull Stations provide safety from all kinds of dangers including fire, smoke, and even dangerous gas leaks. You can rest assured that your residence, workplace or any other space is safe from any kind of dangerous situation.

Get Customized Design

NY Engineers yearns to provide customization for the pull stations at all levels. Whether this customization is for the structure or the organization of pull stations or the pull stations themselves, NY Engineers will make sure that you have what you need.

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Ensure The Safety Of Your Workplace With Our Pull Station

Pull Station

Why do you need a pull station?

A pull station is basically a manual fire alarm that works due to human intervention. This pull station utilizes the alarm and sound system present in the building to alert people about a dangerous situation. Normally these alarms are fit onto the front part of any floor or near critical areas such as electrical rooms or mechanical workshops. This is because these places are much more prone to fires than any other place in the entire building.

The pull stations are connected to the sound system of the building otherwise a separate sound system is installed for these pull stations to be effective in an evacuation. Once any person seizes the opportunity to activate the pull station, a loud siren is broadcast to the entire building indicating that something is wrong.

Different types of pull stations NYE offers?

Pull station types

Pull Stations are mainly of two types depending on the standard which they follow and also according to the region you are in. The most common kind of pull station is the T pull station. The T pull station uses a T shaped bar at the front of the pull station which can be pulled to initiate the procedures. Once the T bar is pulled, the pull station sounds the alarm through the several speakers and alarm systems it is connected to via data cables.

The EU type pull station is called the call station. This is also a wall-mounted pull station which is supposed to be pushed in order for the alarm systems to get into place. The call station is then pushed through human intervention which allows it to send a signal to the entire building through special speakers.

Many times these pull stations are also connected to visual media such as screens, where a pre-recorded message is displayed on the screens. Most of these pull stations are used for evacuation purposes, however, some can also be used for simply getting rid of the emergency.

Pre-installation procedures

NY Engineers aims to build the safest environment for you and your co-workers or for your family. Pull stations are an important part of the safety for any building or area. The pull stations provide a unique way to trigger all the safety procedures within the building in order to pull off a successful evacuation.

Since pull stations are such a huge part of the security or safety system of a building, it is necessary to strategically place them everywhere. This is crucial because they cannot just be placed anywhere. These call points or pull stations need to be placed at a convenient spot in every accessible corner of the building in order to provide ease.

For this purpose, NY Engineers will first send out a team of experts and senior engineers who will survey the building or residence. They will also ask for a comprehensive blueprint plan of the building and each floor in that building. Our team may also ask any follow-up questions about the building and several places or systems installed. After this, they will survey every nook and corner of the building to figure out which places are most prone to emergencies and which places are the best to place these pull stations or call points.

After this, our engineers will prepare a proper plan for the building. This will be dependent on several factors and may differ from floor to floor and from building to building according to the needs and wants of the same. The cost will depend on how critical each area is and how well integration can be provided from the existing sound and visual alert systems. This is important because if they cannot be expanded or connected to the pull station, then new systems must be installed and wires which may increase time, effort and cost as well.

The plan can be negotiated upon for any price or safety related issue. Our engineers will make sure to provide you with comprehensive presentations on the plan so you have full disclosure of what the team is about to do. You are free to ask any questions and make any significant yet safe changes to the plan.

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What Features NYE Provide In A Pull Station?


Prominent Appearance

We highly suggest you get the fire pull stations which are traditional and simpler in appearance. This is because these pull stations are easier to use and train. When experts train the employees or residents of a building about the pull stations, it is just easier for them to see a big red outlet with a call point or a T-bar. The simpler and traditional design is less complicated and allows for quicker responses to emergencies as you don’t have to figure out a lot about the options on there.

We would also recommend getting metallic pull stations which are made from heat resistant stainless steel. The stainless steel helps in overcoming any kind of rusting or general wear and tear. The stainless steel also helps maintain the strength of the entire pull station so that when an emergency is near, the pull stations don’t just give away. The heat resistant material makes sure that the delicate wiring and the components inside the pull stations do not melt away in the case of fire or electrical emergency. This also makes sure that the pull stations do not get hot enough to be untouchable.

Break glass operation

The break glass operation is an optional feature in many pull stations and call points. The break glass operation makes sure that the pull stations are not manipulated and that no fake emergencies are facilitated. For this feature, the front part of the pull station is covered with a sheet of solid glass. This glass covers the T bar or the point in the pull station which must be broken in order for the T bar to be pulled or the call point to be pushed.

While this may be a costlier option, this is definitely safer and much more reliable as you won’t get fake alarms and emergencies. This feature also makes using the pull station a one-time option so that accidental trips are not common and frequent. Every time the glass shield is broken, it must be replaced.

Status LEDs

NY Engineers provide pull stations and call points with effective and bright Status LEDs. These status LEDs show different colors such as green and red for indicating several statuses. The green LED shows that the system is ready for any emergency and does not require any critical maintenance. The red LED shows that the system is in a state of emergency and all alarms are sounded. When the red LED is bright, this means that there is imminent danger and that you should remove yourself from the building immediately.

A blue LED means that the system is ready for emergencies; however, there are maintenance issues which must be looked after. This means that you must get the system checked by our specially trained engineers and workers. However, the blue LED shows that while there are maintenance problems, there is no imminent threat and that the system will work as it is supposed to in an emergency.

The orange LED shows that the system is not ready for emergencies and that there are critical faults and maintenance issues in the systems. When you see this LED, you’ll know that you must immediately call our team for maintenance otherwise you may be in the face of imminent danger.

Designed for high temperatures

NY Engineers make sure that all of the pull stations and call points they provide are resistant to any and all high temperatures. This means that you can rest assured that your entire system is safe from any kind of heat, smoke, and fire. Normally fire alarm systems give out because of their low resistance to heat and smoke. This can be a problem because high temperature may be the outcome of an imminent emergency. This high heat can cause much of the wiring and components to get heated up and then melt which can be a problem when you need to sound the alarms and alert first responders to the emergency.

The low resistance to heat can also cause several poorly designed stations to melt away in the heat. This can be a problem when you have to use these pull stations in hot workshops or electrical grids where the temperatures can soar.

Sufficient Memory

While this may sound unnecessary, but the pull stations should also have some non-volatile memory which should be able to store information about the pull station such as the history of the troubles and alarms sounded. The memory should ideally store the device number, the installation date, the number of alarms sounded, and the phone numbers of the several first responders, maintenance dates and also the frequency of emergencies. This information may later be gathered by experts and professionals through data cables and other ports.

This information is necessary to figure out why and how these emergencies take place and how they can be prevented in the future. This non-volatile memory may also help analysts to figure out how vigilant first responders need to be in case there are emergencies in the area.

Intelligent device

All of our pull stations and call point systems include an intelligent microprocessor which is able to make decisions on its own and provide an intelligent response to an emergency. The electronic addressing allows the pull station to maintain connections with all of the ports regardless of the situation at hand. The micro process makes decisions based on the situations and sensors and then processes that information. After careful analysis by the microprocessor, the pull stations then work on alerting the people inside the building as well as first responders about the emergency situations.

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Why Hire NYE

You can rest assured that NY Engineers will always yearn to provide you with cheaper, better and more advanced alternative according to your needs and budget. Our pull stations are efficient as well as safe for use because they intelligently manage the emergency situations and make sure that all relevant safety departments are alerted of any situation gone out of hand.

NY Engineers is a highly responsible and well-reputed organization which aims to provide the best services to you. Our team of highly skilled workers, technicians and engineers will make sure that your systems are up and running. We will make sure that you choose a plan which is fitting your budget.

Our pull stations use state of the art technology. These systems are configured and then calibrated by our expert engineers. We also perform maintenance every 2 months or so in order to make sure that the system is up and running properly.

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