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DGP Services

Why data gathering panel services are needed?

Data gathering panels which are also widely known as DGPs are useful in generating and expanding the number of alarm inputs within a system. This panel also enables the relays and inputs to be linked at a remote location with a master panel. DGPs directly communicate with reply messages and polls and also send alerts to the master panel for further processing.

Data gathering panels can collect different types of information from sensors, door contacts, detectors, and similar other devices and equipment. Data gathering panels are available for a host of different wireless and conventional devices. In recent times, newer models of DGPs are also able to collect information from intelligent and smart addressable devices and equipment as well.

In addition to that these panels can be directly connected with security systems as well as the fire alarm systems too. For the full automated foolproof security of your entire site data gathering, panels have a huge part to play. The advanced versions of data gathering panels not only provide direct information about the inputs and outputs but they can also link with readers that are located outside the secure region.

In case of any failure within the communication system, these panels with remember the last alarm within the system and this information will be very useful in the identification of any possible reasons that caused the fault to occur. With remote access, these panels can even send information to the control or master panel that is located 1.5 km away.

What are various issues associated with DGPs?

There are various benefits that these data gathering panels have to offer. These data gathering panels are extremely useful for security and surveillance purposes. Moreover, these panels work to strengthen the fire protection services for different sites as well. You can also opt for integrated solutions for your site in case of any exceptions. Furthermore, they can directly work with various energy management systems and provide information on how your site utilizes various energy sources.

As good as it may sound, data gathering panels also need a lot of maintenance and that too on frequent basis. These extremely beneficial panels are directly linked with the sensors and detectors. Over time these sensors tend to gather a lot of dust and this can significantly harm the overall working of the system.

The panels themselves have to deal with overheating issues because they have to work all the time to keep your site safe from any unwanted event or issues. Timely repairs and replacements must be carried out so that the equipment and all the connected inputs and outputs remain in good shape.

There is a lot at stake if you don’t properly maintain your data gathering panels and the systems in which they work. Faulty panels can put your site through jeopardy and make it unsafe for the occupants as well as the environment.

Your fire system might not respond in case of any fire incident. Your door protection system might not generate adequate alerts in case of any intrusion. If you are using your data gathering panels for energy management then faulty panels can drive energy costs high. There is a compliance issue as well because the National Electric Code and the Chicago Building Code strictly govern site owners to keep their energy consumption under control.

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How can NYE assist you with this?

New York Engineers has a team of highly skilled engineers that have completed a number of projects for a variety of clients across different industries. We understand the importance of data gathering panels and how they work within a system to generate a vast amount of information necessary for the integrity of any site.

When dealing with data gathering panels our team of professionals emphasizes on preset goals to tackle various projects. This approach enables us to simplify each project technically and find adequate solutions to the problems at hand.

Controlling irregularities : Our team of technical engineers assesses and evaluates your entire system along with all the components involved as well as the DGPs. Emphasizing on any of those irregularities will provide us the queues as well as the source of the fault. With this approach, our engineers will get to work on solving the issue first and then test the system and look for any further improvements. It is extremely beneficial in saving costs and utilizing the available resources effectively.

Preventing mishaps before time : With the full scanning and testing procedures, our team of professionals will closely evaluate the system and see if there is something off the line. Testing before going live ensures that any error events are treated in a timely fashion and this doesn’t result in a waste of time as well as energy. With this approach, we ensure that your system will continue to run smoothly for a long period helping you in conserving energy and reduce the bills.

Reduced overheating issues : When there are a number of components working within a system and the components are as complex as data gathering panels then the system is bound to get overheated with time. Overheating can halt the components and stop the entire system to work effectively. For this reason, these panels must be provided with properly ventilated rooms so that they continue to perform the job that is assigned to them.

Boosting safety and security : Our engineers make sure that the integrity of your system is not compromised under any circumstances. We take measures to keep your systems along with all the components working inadequate manner. For this, our engineers ensure that the DGPs within your system stay intact all the time and they continue to collect information and forward it to the control center in a timely manner. This will put the safety and security of your site in the center according to your demands and objectives.

Regulatory compliance :  NY engineers not only keep the demands of our clients in check but they also focus on the matter of regulatory compliance. The National Electric Code and the Chicago Building Code have set a number of rules and regulations that the site owners have to follow when it comes to designing various systems and conserve energy. If you are using your data gathering panels specifically for energy management then this regulatory compliance becomes even more critical. Our engineers will make sure that they adhere to all these requirements and avoid any penalties or charges.

NYE Process

As we have taken care of a number of projects in the past, the experience allows our team of engineers to divide each project at hand into simple steps. This enables them to work on a particular project in different phases and focus on all the issues individually so that they cannot arise in the future.

These steps are enlisted as follows:

Assessment : Upon their first visit, our team of engineers will assess your entire system and all its components for any kinds of irregularities. Our team will run a variety of tests to see if there are any discrepancies present within the current system and also check it for any damages. A pre-design assessment will guarantee that only those measures are taken that can work to improve the existing systems. This will help us in controlling costs and also provide you with estimation. Our team will collaborate with the on-site team to understand what approach to be adopted and what are the current demands that our clients have.

Design : After the assessment, if there is an existing system, our team of engineers will redesign the system while taking into account all the demands and priorities set by the client. If there is a need of new system then our team of professionals will closely collaborate with the on-site management team and go through the list of all long term goals as well as short term objectives that must be met. Our design engineers will focus on developing a structure that not only caters all the needs of the site but also provides an easy way for any future maintenance and repair activities. In this phase, our engineers will also keep their emphasis on the legal requirements that have to be met. These terms are set by the National Electric Code as well as the Chicago Building Code. Keeping this in mind will make sure that your design adheres to the code and its mandatory needs.

Installation : The next phase involves installation procedures. New York Engineers make sure that they closely follow the design that has been developed and look to construct a system that is not only free from any errors but also free from any complications. There are already a number of complexities involved in the networks that have data gathering panels. Therefore, our engineers will make sure that the installation process remains smooth and coherent with the design.

Maintenance & Repairs : In the case of existing systems, the New York Engineers will take measures to make room for any maintenance or repairs needed. The pre-design assessment will come in handy in this phase as our engineers will be able to address all the issues that were noted in that assessment. In the case of new installation, our engineers will complete the installation process well within the time frame to make some room for maintenance if any of it is required. 

Testing : New York Engineers will ensure that all the above-mentioned phases of the project are completed well within the time so that any testing procedures can be carried out before the project is handed over to the client. Testing allows our engineers to see if there are any imbalances that remain within the system. Additionally, testing will also allow our engineers to develop a report and provide all the information associated with the project and its performance.

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Highly experienced staff

We only hire engineers and technicians that have a minimum of 8 years of industry experience. In addition to that, we also provide them with further training to sharpen their skills. This increased amount of expertise and knowledge guarantees that our team of professionals provides the clients with the best services according to their needs and requirements. 

Quick setup time

Due to their technical expertise and vast knowledge, our engineers will provide you with a variety of solutions the first time around. They will not waste time in finding different alternatives and will provide you with the best one right from the word go.

Improved insights and engagement

As our team of engineers looking to develop a close link with the on-site management team, this collaboration will ensure improved insights and engagements. The two ways of sharing information will make sure that everything goes according to the plan and it reduces any chances of mistakes significantly. Our team will also use multiple feedback channels for the purpose of increasing the communications of various ideas.

Centralized control

Our team of professionals will leverage a single system to handle all aspects of the entire network. This will not only centralize the administrative process but will also ensure good control over the integrity of the system for effective management. 

Productivity boost

NY engineers will bring automation into play to speed up your system. This way you will be able to focus on the end results and work your way to add more value to the entire system. It also increases the overall safety and security of your network.

Reducing costs

One of the major advantages that working with NYE are that our engineers focus on reducing costs at all times. Cost is a major factor in a variety of projects and for this reason, our engineers will take all the necessary measures to control it and add value to your business.

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