Remote Annunciator

NYE offers a variety of solutions and services for remote annunciator panels and systems. We deliver quality and cost-effective project management meeting all safety standards and budget requirements.

Code Compliance

At NYE, we keep all our projects aligned with the regulatory needs to comply with the Chicago Building Code and the National Electric Code.

Cost control

Our engineers keep all the short as well as long term objectives under check so that your projects stay well versed with all your current and future needs.

Improved Productivity 

Complying with the regulations and staying aligned with the client’s objectives allow us to improve the overall productivity of your site.

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NYE Remote Annunciator Solutions


What is a remote annunciator?

An annunciator panel comprises a group of lights that are used like a central indicator of the current status of systems and equipment within a building, an industrial process. In usual cases, this panel features a primary warning light that also comes with an audible signal. The main objective behind this panel is to attract the attention of the management or administrative staff towards the panel to attend towards any abnormalities within the system or network of systems.

Why you need a remote annunciator?

Remote Annunciator

This panel has been frequently used in the aviation industry for a long time. In the industrial and commercial setups, the panel lost its popularity but it is regaining its feet in recent times. There are a number of backlit windows available on this panel and each of them is engraved with the name of a specific process alarm. The lights in each of these windows are controlled by switches that are hard-wired.

These lights are arranged in a manner that the lights will begin to work as a particular process condition enters in an abnormal state. These abnormal states can include low pressure, high temperature, loss of the flow of cooling water and various others. The multipoint or single point alarm logic modules operate these window lights while relying on a variety of custom sequences or any of the preselected ISA 18.1.

When the alarm condition is deselected, the window will flash and a bell will sound. This visual and audio assistance is for the operators to take notice of the condition. The operator can easily turn off the alarm but the window will stay lit as long as that particular process is still in the alarm state. As the alarm condition clears up the process state will come back to normal and the light will go out within the window.

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Application, Types And Features Of A Reliable Remote Annunciators


Application of remote annunciators

The remote annunciator panels provide the visual and audio data and various other measurement parameters associated with the processes that take place within a site. These panels are equally useful for security, fire alarms as well as manufacturing operations. Many businesses also use these panels for energy management systems along with power distributions systems as well. The annunciators are specified with a variety of zones. These zones include the components or devices that are directly connected with the annunciator panels.

Each of these zoning circuits relay information to the panel and this information is about the current state of any of those initiating devices or sensors. These devices may include heat, smoke, fire alarm, pull station or any other type of circuit closure devices.

The most common applications of annunciator panels are listed as follows,

  • Theft or burglary
  • Fire
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Machine malfunction
  • Process monitoring
  • Energy conservation
  • Power distribution
  • Monitoring of confined space
  • Structural failure
  • Smoke
  • Vehicle safety

A vast array of other proprietary, specialized or unlisted applications.

Types and features of remote annunciators

There are different types of annunciators particularly if we consider the different combinations of audio alarms and visual indications. The alarm types can be horns, sirens, buzzers, hooters, whoop sounders or bells. The visuals indications can be based on bulbs or lamps. This display can either be digital and features an LCD or an LED screen just like a computer monitor. The types can further be illustrated based on the intention or purpose of use. But overall the working remains the same and that is to generate an alarm in case of any significant events.

As for the features, these remote annunciators are jam-packed with a number of features and we have enlisted them as follows,

  • Additional backup of batteries
  • Data storage
  • Inbuilt printer
  • Different silence or acknowledge features
  • Explosion-proof housing or casing
  • Safe (intrinsically) operation
  • Pre-alarm alerts
  • Modular construction
  • Network choice
  • External or outdoor rating
  • Compatibility with personal computers
  • Web services available
  • Remote telephone access
  • Programmable graphics display

Remote annunciators have come a long way since the first model was introduced. With the advancement of technology, remote annunciators are coming with more and more value added features with a variety of remote monitoring options and quicker response times.

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remote annunciators solution and services 


What services does NYE offer?

New York Engineers have a variety of service to offer to its clients. Our experienced professionals take care of different types of projects that involve remote annunciator panels. Over the years we have added more and more services according to the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients. With each added services we hire a new team of professionals with service-specific experience and expertise. We don’t compromise on the services that we offer to our clients. New York Engineers can manage the entire project for you as well.  

Web-based monitoring with remote annunciators : Remote web-based monitoring provides one of the most convenient as well as affordable techniques that involve remote annunciators. It allows overseeing of any large area from a remote location. This methodology involves satellite technology and mobile device for the purpose of keeping an eye on the targeted area. This methodology uses different types of web browsers and different communication infrastructure so you already have all the hardware and software needed to run it.

Tank monitoring remote annunciators : For the firms that require monitoring and the contents of their storage vessels for the purpose of inventory control, remote annunciators can work brilliantly well. NYE provides a complete suite of real-time options for monitoring from a remote location that also involves web-based services. The system can generate immediate alarms in case of any spills or any similar events.

Remote annunciators for cathodic protection : Cathodic protection is a technique which involves controlling the corrosion of the metal plates. This technique is very useful to protect storage tanks, pipelines, oil platforms, steel piles, and steel in concrete. Using remote annunciators for this purpose will help you in reducing cathodic protection costs as well as conserving energy.

Radiological surveillance using remote annunciators : These remote annunciators are capable to monitor nuclear perimeters and are best for radiological surveillance as well. Your site personnel will be able to monitor all the activities that take place within the facility even from a remote location. All critical information is shared with the emergency team in case of any event and this provides them with plenty of time to make a decision.

Utility management with a remote annunciator : Another advantage of remote annunciators is that you can also carry out utility management in an effective manner.  The services that NYE provides are based on cloud technologies that enable us to provide you with an integrated service to assess the consumption levels of your utilities. The cloud-based service is enriched with a variety of tools to control your utility process and drive down costs effectively.

Remote monitoring of humidity and temperature with annunciators : This is the most common use of remote annunciators. A majority of our clients ask for this service and with it, you can easily manage the current temperature and humidity of your site or its specific locations. The annunciator panel will provide you with all the information associated with the current operational status of the processes and will also generate alarms in case the specified limits are crossed.

Why opt for New York Engineers?

If you are considering the option of hiring different contractors on your single projects then you must rethink this decision. Handling multiple contractors will only become overwhelming for you in terms of budget and in terms of time.

Different parties working on the same project can direct it in different directions and none of them will stay aligned with your set goals. For this reason, it is important to hire a single party for the entire project to keep all things on track. These systems are already taking care of highly complicated networks and processes and for this reason; you don’t need to complicate these processes any further

We work for the full satisfaction of our clients. We only hire highly experienced professionals on our team so that they have all the experience and technical knowledge to take care of a variety of projects. That’s why we at NYE are able to deliver top quality services according to the demands of our clients.

Evaluations of current goals and future objectives : It is important for our design and system engineers to evaluate and assess all your current and future goals. We will closely work with the onsite team to see what the requirements are that need to be met so that the system can remain productive both in present and in future. 

Designing/redesigning and installations of the systems : After understanding all the requirements our engineers will start working on the design. At this stage, they will also have to cater to various obligations set by the code. In the end, you will get a design that not only meets all your needs and demands but will also cater the terms set by the code. Then comes the installation phase and tour engineers will make sure that they get it right the first time. For this the design needs to be perfect and for that our engineers take all the necessary measures. During the installation process, our engineers will also take care of the factor that any future maintenance and repairs can be carried out in an easy manner.

Replacement and maintenance of current remote annunciator systems : NY engineers are here to provide you with maintenance and repair service of your current annunciator panel systems as well. Our maintenance and repair procedures will include taking care of any prevailing issues and resolving them. Our engineers will also run a number of tests to see if there are any discrepancies present in the system or not.  We only use the equipment that fully complies with the regulations set by the Chicago Building Code and the Nationals Electric Code. We make sure that you don’t have to bear any unwanted costs or penalties in the long run and also remain satisfied with the overall productivity of your system.

Testing for the eradication of any irregularities : In the end, testing of the entire system that has been just laid down is very important. Ur team of engineers will ensure to get rid of any irregularities that currently prevail within the entire network. This is highly critical. Balancing out all the issues before handing over the project guarantees that we believe in delivering high-quality services to our clients.

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