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NYE is your partner for all your needs of mass notification services as well as crisis communication requirements. We provide a flexible means of notifications to guarantee the safety and security of your entire organization.

Unified Services

NYE will provide you with an astounding service for all your mass notification needs including IP based as well as audible alerts.

One-Stop Activation 

We keep everything simple and for this reason, we are able to provide you with one-stop activation and deactivation process for ease of use.

Network-based service

All the notification device services that we provide are network-based and for this reason, every process will be adequately integrated.

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nYE Provides the High-Quality Notification Device Solutions


Why your organization needs notification device solutions?

The present-day world is full of ambiguities and you never certain about anything. Apart from that the site owners and their management and administrative teams also have to keep their space safe from any unwanted incidents. This is where a notification device service is going to come in handy. The administrative staff will be able to keep an eye on all the departments and the spaces and monitor any incidents. This device system will be able to activate or generate an alarm from a single yet powerful platform.

The notification device and system from NYE is unique in itself because you can control everything from a single interface. This means that whether you want to fill the security gaps or are looking for foolproof security for your entire facility NYE has got you covered. We at NYE provide you with the best tools for the purpose of unification of your whole notification system at one place. There are not many systems or devices available on the market that offers one-stop activation process of the entire portfolio.

Your notification device and system must have a multilayered approach. It must include preset alerts, voice communication, text, visible signaling graphics, and various other integrated capabilities. All those features combine together and provide you with the best notification service that your facility must have.

How does NYE help you?


New York Engineers has all the resources that you can avail to secure your facility with a powerful monitoring system. We will ensure that you are able to manage all the notifications from a single platform no matter how big your site is.

You can conveniently extend your notification device and its system’s reach across the entire facility without any issue. NYE will help you achieve this by leveraging all the available resources associated with notification modalities. You will be able to send a notification to everyone across your facility both inside and outside. They can either be off-property or on a remote location. The alerts will always be timely and consistent.

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leverage on Technology and never miss out an alert


Unmatched capabilities for integration

NYE’s open API ensures seamless integration and it also accounts for a range of other legacy notification products and services. This API capability can facilitate NYE’s incomparable system unification within a single interface. Your management staff will be able to administrate the whole notification investment using our highly intuitive console. This console features multiple preset alerts as well as activation over-the-air.

You will be able to integrate all your IT resources and assets and it will enable you to streamline all your response procedures and emergency communication with NYE. You can use a variety of integrated services from NYE and these are briefly explained as follows,

Common Alert Protocol (CAP)

NYE designed all its services with a focus on web-based interoperability as well as compatibility. NYE is among the first entities to support 1.2v of CAP and we will also support all the releases in the future as well. CAP alerts meet the specified criteria set by the Chicago Building Code as well as the National Building Code.

Inbound Compatible Integrators

NYE uses a variety of inbound integrators including the likes of REST APIs, SOAP, CAP v1.1 and v1.2, fire panel controls, ThreatWatcher with FEMA's EAS feed, and National Weather Service feed. These feeds are based on ATOM or RSS syndication.

Public Alert Integrated Warning System

NYE’s system also integrates with FEMA’s IPAWS and these integrations enable our system to release any alerts from CAP that get posted on COGs or Collaborative Operating Groups. In addition to that, there are a number of other technologies such as desktop notifications, voice annunciator, Alert Beacon, and digital signage overriding also included in this package.

Conveniently leverage your current technology

NYE’s notification device and systems collaborate with a range of different mass alert technology and systems. It brings you the top notch interoperability with various other components and current technologies including,

  • Digital signage
  • Desktop computers
  • Panels for fire alarms
  • PA systems
  • VoIP phones
  • IP speakers
Innovative notification products

New York Engineers can also provide you with a variety of solutions when it comes to innovative techniques for notification alerts. You can either light up the room or can instantly be heard using a range of different speaker alerts or strobes. From TTS technology to Alert Beacon, New York Engineers have an array of products to assist you in getting instant attention. You can achieve a comprehensive notification device and system with the help of cutting edge visual and audible alerts, gigantic voice systems business continuity and so much more.

Instant incident reporting along with system activation

If you are looking for facilitating your site’s incident reporting NYE has all the tools to provide you an exceptional service. Moreover, if you are looking for a full-system activation to provide assistance to your emergency dispatchers then NYE has is capable of that as well and provides you with a full service to alert whenever your facility requires it the most.

Our team of technical professionals just follows a very simple activation process. It will provide your facility with an immediate and comprehensive emergency notification system. This entire process is based on a few simple steps,

Alert activation

In this step, an alert for an emergency will be generated via different sources within the NYE system. These sources include the GUI of your web browser, mobile application, and physical button. These alerts can also be generated via REST APIs, SOAP, CAP v1.1 and v1.2, COGs, FPC, and EAS feed using ATOM or RSS.

Software acknowledgment

The platform can be run using a soft that can be installed on the premises or it can also be hosted remotely. Most of our clients prefer to choose on-premise installation which is highly realizable and it will also not require any external internet connectivity. Leveraging the current infrastructure will be very cost effective in this scenario.

Alert initiation 

As an alert is created and it is fully acknowledged by the system as well our notification device and system will disseminate it to various endpoints. This dissemination can be done via different products. These include Alert Beacon (ADA compliant), LED marquee, IP speakers, text-to-speech speakers, fire alarm panels, public address interface, desktop notification, cable television, and digital signage override.

Our system is also compatible with a number of other outbound integrators as well. These include Blackboard Connect, Linked NYE Servers, NXT Cassidian Communicator, Aware and Mass Notification from Everbridge, Rave, ATOM and RSS syndication, SA Announce by Syn-Apps, Twitter and Facebook.

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When it comes to functionality, NYE is matchless


What makes NYE different from the rest?

Whenever an emergency comes it is highly critical that everyone within or outside the facility must be notified. This is highly critical to tackling any of those life-threatening incidents. The notifications must be precise, well timed and clear. This is where New York Engineers provides you with an edge to manage all these notifications while using the benefits that technology has to offer. We can take care of any of those crisis communication and mass notification needs with authority.

Our entire focus is on providing you with solutions that make your building intelligent. Our team of highly trained professionals will develop a system that will seamlessly integrate as well as leverage any of those currently used technologies at your site. We will transform these technologies into the assets that provide the occupants as well as managers with the awareness of the situation and provide continuous support to your business. Our engineers will integrate fire and life safety systems, building automation systems, and camera systems and will provide access control to the management staff.

High Rate of Design Approvals

Our customer support system is integrated with active feedback that ensures that all opportunities associated with any improvements are directly captured and noted within our master templates. This allows us to ensure that all your projects go through the engineering designs that our engineers get right the first time. This will enable us to reduce costs and also save time. Our design approval rate is more than 80%.

Obligatory compliance

While designing and installation we make sure that all the rules and regulations set by the Chicago Building Code and the National Electric Code are strictly followed. It will not only keep your entire notification device and the system free of any obligatory errors but your firms also remain safe from any unwanted charges or penalties.

Highly trained professionals

New York Engineers makes sure to hire the personnel that is not only knowledgeable but are skillful in their trade. For this reason, we only hire engineers with more than 8 years of experience and even after that we provide them with industry-based training. This guarantees that they are right on top of their game when they provide their services to our clients. This approach minimizes any errors in the field and also increases the success rate in our projects.

Developing Close Collaborations with Onsite Management

We believe in building relations with our clients and for this reason, our engineers make sure that they develop strong collaborations with the onsite management and administrative staff. It ensures that our engineers understand what are the current objectives and future goals of our clients. This also helps in the designing process because everything stays aligned with the overall demand of our clients.

We get it right the first time

As we only hire experienced engineers and technicians in our team, due to their expertise they are able to find the solutions to your problem the first time around. This not only saves a lot of time but it also keeps track of the cost and reduces over-utilization of the available resources.

Running a system check before the project is handed over

We run a full scan of the entire system before the project is handed over to the client. This approach allows us to provide you with error-free services. Our engineers will run a test and see if all the systems and components are running adequately. At NYE we work to provide 100% satisfaction of our esteemed clients. This activity also ensures that your system is ready before it goes live.

Scheduled maintenance and repairs

One of the merits of hiring NYE for your notification device services and solutions is that we don’t think that our services end when we hand the project over to you. We take full responsibility for our work and for this reason, we also provide fully schedules repair and maintenance services to our clients. It allows us to keep all the discrepancies associated with the project under check.

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