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Carbon Monoxide Is Invisible And Dangerous

Many people forget about the threat level posed by carbon monoxide. It’s an entirely colorless and odorless gas produced by fuel that doesn't thoroughly burn. While it may seem like not a big deal, that fuel can come from anything from ovens to your car or even clothes dryers!

Once carbon monoxide enters your lungs, it disrupts the oxygen circulating through your body, essentially starving it from this element. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can range from merely feeling sick to hallucinations and even cause death.

The good part is that you may never come in contact with this element, for carbon monoxide detectors can keep you out of its way. New York Engineers offers carbon monoxide detector design and installation in the most efficient and cost-effective way!

Benefits Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  1. Detect The Unseen

Carbon monoxide is completely invisible; you won’t be able to notice it until it’s too late.

The only way to detect the gas is by using equipment specifically designed to recognize it, like our carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s important to note that—while the gas is invisible—it’s by no means harmless. In fact, carbon monoxide is considered by many to be the most dangerous gas in the world. It’s much more lethal than smoke from a fire.

A carbon monoxide detector will sound an alarm as soon as it detects this element in the air so that you can free yourself from even the smallest exposure.

  1. Convenient And Easy To Use

Carbon monoxide detectors are easy to install, so it’s not going to cost you much. Additionally, they work by emitting an alarm, so you don’t need to check on them!

These devices can be installed in key places around your house, and they cover a wide radius, so you don’t need to fit many of them.

Our service specializes in studying the locations in your home, office, or business where they can work better. It frees you from needing to install too many of them and saves a lot of money that you can spend on other, more significant stuff.

  1. Ensure Safety For Yourself And Those Around You

The best investment is the one that protects your health and the people you care about.

If you’re using them for your home, then you and your loved ones will be free from danger. Nothing beats the feeling of providing safety for your family.

On the other hand, if you’re using it for your business, then you’re not only protecting your workers and customers, but you’re also protecting your investment! Not only do you save people when you stop an accident, but you also keep your image!

Remember: the best opportunity to stop misfortune is before anything occurs.

  1. Skip The Need To Check Your Appliances Periodically

The other way to prevent acute carbon monoxide poisoning is by checking all possible sources periodically.

Needless to say, this is a cumbersome and unnecessarily costly process. It’s not something you can do yourself since we already know you can’t detect it without specialized equipment.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your place lets you skip all the hassle and additional costs required by the other ways to inspect your spaces. They let you bypass the need to pay professionals to check your place, or even worse, leaving everything to pure luck!

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Ensure Safety and Health of Your Occupants


Why Are Carbon Monoxide Detectors Indispensable?

  1. Endangers Everyone

Failing to install a carbon monoxide detector is an easy way to put anyone in front of the possibility of suffering a poisoning case.

Carbon monoxide enters your bloodstream through your lungs and deprives your body of oxygen. Everyone knows the importance of oxygen for our lives, so we don’t need to tell you what would happen if your body depletes the entirety of its oxygen levels.

  1. Costly Medical Bills

Carbon monoxide can take up to 12 hours to altogether leave your body through natural ways, and the damage will still prevail if the exposition was too high!

The treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning must be done by professionals with the right equipment, for you’ll need to breathe pure oxygen to replenish your lost levels.

Now that you know how difficult it is to treat the condition and that specialized equipment is necessary, you can start picturing the costs of receiving such treatment. Installing a carbon monoxide detector will save you all of that money.

  1. Other Options Are Expensive And Less Efficient

Again, if you decide to skip the installation of a carbon monoxide detector, your other choice is to pay professionals to check your appliance regularly.

If a leak does occur, you’ll probably won’t notice until it’s too late, and you’ll still have to pay a professional to inspect and find out if it’s actually going on. It’s mostly the same scenario as the previous one, where you’ll need to pay more than what you’ll pay for a carbon monoxide detector.

The worst part is that none of the other options is as efficient as these devices, and if you end up using one of them, you’ll probably find yourself inhaling the gas.

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Versatile, Efficient, And Seamless Process


New York Engineers Design and Installation Experience

All of our methods have been tested and proven through all of our years and experiences in the field. From the way we place a device to how we make plans and estimate costs- everything has been proven by all of our successful projects.

Each task in our approach serves to ensure quality and that your expectations will be meet in their entirety.

  1. Setting Goals And Expectations

The first step is also the most important one when it comes to ensuring our clients are happy with our work and results.

The first stage is to talk directly to our clients and hear exactly what they expect from our work. We prefer to receive a mental image first so that we can use it as the foundation for all of our designs.

This first meeting includes introducing the working team to our clients, learning his own plans, and understanding his tastes and preferences.

It’s worth noting that this is the first step, and that all of the instructions given to our team can be changed later by the client if he wants to add or remove details.

  1. Addressing Structure Conditions

After we learn our client’s wishes, the next step is to study the working conditions where we’re going to work as well as taking notes on the strong and weak points of the building.

This step is paramount to ensure that our work doesn’t run into any inconveniences down the road. It also allows our team to discover points of interest to install devices or any spots that need to be repaired before we can start working.

Clients also have the advantage of receiving a status report on their building’s conditions as part of our working method, so you can spot if there’s anything else you wish to fix.

  1. Designing The Approach And Distribution

Once we have full awareness of the conditions under which we’ll be working (both physical conditions and those regarding our client’s desires), we start to plan how we’re going to do it.

Now our engineers come into play, designing the layout and distribution to give our workers the template they’re going to follow.

Of course, these plans are shown to the customer, so they can verify if their expectations are being met. Of course, the design can be altered as per our client’s request.

That is the last phase before the physical work begins, and thus sets the foundation for how the project will be carried away.

  1. Applying Plan And Ideas

This stage only comes after the client has approved the design presented by our architects. After that, it’s time to bring our tools and workers to start the physical part of our job.

Our work is efficient thanks to the methods we have developed and perfected with time. Our workers dedicate themselves solely to their jobs and will only rest as dictated by the schedule, so you won’t have to look at anyone slacking or laying around doing nothing.

A focused worker is much more efficient, and the many projects we’ve had since we started have taught us that the best way to work is not to waste time.

  1. Testing And Revisions

All of our work is tested several times after finishing to ensure that everything works correctly and that there aren’t any malfunctions that could endanger our clients and their investments.

During trials, we invite our customers to show up and give their opinions on how the system is working. Each observation is written down, and our work is modified according to the client’s idea.

After we’re done with the execution of our plans, the client is free to ask for as many revisions as he wants so he can be 100% satisfied with his results. When it comes to alarm systems, we can revise it until everything, from their distribution to their volume, meets the client’s expectations.

  1. Maintenance And Repairs

After everything’s settled, our clients can rest knowing they can count on us to keep their installations in shape, and if anything starts presenting issues, they can call us, and we’ll be there right away!

Even if general problems arise (unrelated to any work we’ve done), our vast knowledge and all the situations we’ve worked have made it easy for us to work with all types of materials and devices.

Even better, we won’t only fix whatever issues you may have, but we’ll make everything look, feel, and work much better than it did before!

Why Choose New York Engineers?

  1. Our Methods Are Proven By Time And Experience

Experience and results have forged our approach to each project. Each project provides a new lesson that we apply to our future endeavors.

You can be confident that everything we do while working for you has given us excellent results before.

  1. A Company You Can Trust

We won’t slack during our working hours, and each one of our workers is thoroughly trained and tested before they’re able to go on any contract.

We guarantee the most professional team you can find, and that’s because each member of New York Engineers takes his work seriously. It’s not a job; it’s a discipline for us.

  1. Our Job Is Our Lifestyle

Our way of working is efficient because it comes naturally to us. New York Engineers is a family, and everything we do is already part of our regular functioning.

Just like you brush your teeth without having to study how to do it, we immediately know what to do after we enter a new project, for that’s what we do all the time!

  1. We’re Versatile And Adapt To All Conditions

Thanks to our flexible approach and vast experience, New York Engineers can adapt to all of your desires and any working conditions where you may need us.

We enjoy challenges, and there’s no terrain we feel unable to work. You just need to give us the order and expect the results you want!

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