2-Hour Fire Rated Cable

Get QC passed 2-hour fire rated cable design from NYE to protect your workers and machinery from power surges and sudden shutdowns in emergencies.

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Our designers recommend cable material that has passed UL LLC and IEC tests with insulation and conduction that are certified by world leading standards.

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We take great care to implement the system based on your budget. Now you can get the latest technology in the tightest budget.

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NYE certified recommend fire rated cable that gives you all the benefits you need from emergency shutdowns to evacuation.

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2-Hour Fire Rated Cable design and installation from NYE

Fire Rated Cable

What is 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable and Why You need it?

Fire rated cable is a term used for a wide array of cables and electrical systems which are shielded from fires. In other words, fire rated cable is fireproof and does not overheat or burst in the case of power surges. Normally, cables tend to get caught in unfortunate fires. This can lead to burst electronics and a power cut until the wires are replaced.

Fire rated cables allow you to keep your valuable equipment safe from occasional breakouts and electric surges. These cables are able to stay operational even hours after a fire breaks out. Safety guidelines tell us to shut off the power supply in the case of a fire. But some circuits need to remain operational, at least for a few hours. 2-hour fire rated cables are able to stay functioning even 2 hours after a fire breaks out. These are used for installations that require enhanced integrity of the circuit. They can also be used in building complexes and public spaces in the case of an emergency.

Our services are available for malls, hospitals, parks, transport, and manufacturing factories. At NYE, you get the best circuit designs and implementation. We not only help choose the most resistant ULC certified 2-hour fire rated cables but also provide plans for installation and application.

What is The Difference between Fire Rated and Fire Retardant Cables?

Fire Rated Cable

Fire rated or resistant cables are meant to stay operational in the case of a fire. These cables take little to no effect from the fire and can remain working in the case of an emergency. These include the PH30, PH60, and PH120 cables. Cables like these can stay operating for 30, 60, or 120 minutes, depending on the type and quality.

Fire resistant cables are used for emergencies, where a system needs to stay operational. Examples include keeping the lights and elevators on for easy evacuation. Or when machines need to stay on so they can be shut down (a sudden shutdown can damage electronics).

Our MEP engineers at NYE are experts in fire rated cable designs. We use the best sources and material, and come up with fire rated cables that can withstand high temperatures. We recommend cables that withstand the most common types of chemical fires. This includes those from gasoline, asides, and perchloric acid.

Fire retardant cables, on the other hand, only stop the fire from spreading. They contain anti-flammable material that extinguishes the fire at the spot. However, most do not stay operational, and many degrade themselves to stop the fire from spreading. However, both are useful in their own way, and many go through the same performance tests. Tests like IEC, CMP, and even UL are conducted to certify these cables and make them safe and resilient.

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Benefits of Using NYE 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable

Longer Operation : 2-hour fire rated cable, as opposed to its 1 hour and 30-minute counterparts, lasts longer. This means that you can have the machines operating even 2 hours after the system detects a fire. Some heavy machines require a longer time to shut down. Longer operation time is also needed in case you have a refugee center for the elderly and disabled. Fire department services are unreliable, and you never know how long you’ll need to keep the power on before help arrives.

Protection from Fluctuations : Even the heavy machinery can suffer from damage and fluctuations if shut down suddenly. The cable which can survive a fire for 2 hours allows you to shut down the machinery with safety. This means that your equipment won’t be damaged and you won’t have to worry about losing the property. Fire rated cable is the best at keeping your equipment protected.

Great for Emergencies : Fire rated cables are the best for use during emergencies. If there is a fire breaks out in a hotel or office, users can safely use the elevator and the lights will be kept on. Other facilities, such as the intercom and escalators, can stay working too. This will give people enough time to safely evacuate the building. 2-hour fire rated cable works great with refuge centers too. This is where evacuees are kept safe until help arrives. The facilities will stay on for a bit longer until help reaches the people.

How our experts Check the 2-hour Fire Rated Cables?

Thanks to our expert MEP, we recommend oxygen-free copper to reshape the wires and make them more durable. Making them oxygen-free means that they are less prone to oxidation and won't combust or catch fire! Next, we check the wires with an insulation made from aluminum. This shielding layer is strengthened by Aramid fibers and stops the heat from reaching the core. We also recommend those wires that use a zero halogen formula to make the outer jacket. This formula produces minimal smoke and does not allow heat to burn the center.

NY Engineers takes great responsibility. We understand that even the tiniest mistake can pose a risk for both life and property. We test the 2-hour fire rated cables through strict quality control and only pick the cables that are certified by multiple UL standards and comply with the National Fire Protection Code.

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Why Choose NY Engineers for Fire Rated Cables?

New York Engineers has always stood by its oath to provide customer safety and satisfaction. We use the best equipment and the most experienced engineers to implement our 2-hour fire rated cable systems. Our services are quality certified. They have been approved by international and national standards.

Durable Material : As stated before, New York Engineers picks the most durable cable. All our wires use oxygen-free conduction and are coated with multiple layers of aluminum and insulation. We recommend fire-resistant halogen-free outer jackets and a multitude of insulating material. All of these are passed through strict quality control and testing. The result, a fire resistant cable that can withstand high temperatures!

All our recommended cables are PH120, which means they stay working for up to 2 hours. This gives you enough time to evacuate a building or keep a refuge center operational. This is also perfect for properly shutting down machines or switching to an emergency generator.

Stealthy Planning : Our expert engineers from all over America use stealthy and strategic planning to fireproof your building. We plan exactly where the cables will be installed, and how many machines they’ll be connected to. Certain cables have a specific power load limit. Connecting them to too many equipment's may result in short-circuiting or power fluctuations. We make the best plan for you, which are carefully inspected by our senior engineers and supervisors.

But in the end, no strategy prevails until and unless it is approved by you. We respect our customer’s decisions. We may provide additional suggestions if the chosen plan or modifications may pose a threat. However, your ideas and demands stay at the forefront.

Cost Efficient Design : Most people refrain from a plan because it costs more. Many fire rated cables are attached to heavy machinery. This means there’s a higher electricity cost. However, with NY Engineers by your side, there is nothing to worry about. We provide the best economic plans that suit both your budget and your expectations. Our plans make sure that your company stays within financial stability.

Authentic Products : All of our recommended products and materials are authentic. Our cable systems are approved by UL LLC. UL is an international standard certification system that rates materials and construction equipment. Our recommended 2-hour fire rated cables are UL 1424, UL 2196, and UL 1581 certified. This means that they meet general fire safety requirements. They are also IEC 60332 and IEC 60331 certified. These are flame tests that check to see the integrity of the material. We only use cables that are CMR, CMG, CMX, and CMP passed. These are additional flame tests that meet UL requirements.

In short, our recommended 2-hour fire rated cables are authentic and have been passed through numerous tests. We take great caution to only provide our customers with the best. In return, you get a 2-hour fire rated cable system that is both functional and reliable.

Speedy Installation : Installation can be time consuming and workflow stopping in most circumstances. After all, a full replacement of the emergency cable system will surely render many machines useless. While the extra time is necessary to ensure quality and safety, we at NYE speed up the process. We get everything planned and manufactured beforehand, so there are no delays during the process. We shut down machines that are connected to the emergency cable system. We also shut down machines that can cause a fire hazard. For residential and commercial buildings, we shut off the elevator and the lighting. This can be an inconvenience for the residents, but the power can be connected to a secondary generator.

We then install the system as quickly as we can. The more workers used, the faster the implementation. We use a number of workers to get the cables installed. We take special care to avoid reverse polarity and possible power surges. We try our best to avoid hasty and sloppy installation. In this way, you get 2-hour fire rated cables that stay functioning for hours.

Why Trust NYE?

2-hour fire rated cables are a great way to help people in the case of an emergency. These cables are strong and can withstand temperatures of both wood and chemical fires. We at NY Engineers use our expertise and scientific thinking to come up with the best insulation solutions.

Our risk reduction methods are superb and internationally acclaimed. All our recommended materials are QC passed and have the best quality. We hire experts and MEP engineers to design and install the system. NY Engineers takes great care to ensure that their customers get full value for their money and consider customer safety to be above our own gains.

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