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Strobe Speaker Solutions For All Your Fire Protection Needs.


Ensure The Safety Of Clients and Employees

If there’s something you should never look past, it’s safety. Emergencies can occur at any moment, and there’s little you can do unless you are prepared for them. While fire extinguishers and emergency exits are a must, they won’t do much if your personnel and clients don’t know where they are during a moment of panic.

Strobe speakers are one of the best ways to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of an unfortunate event. You can give instructions to your workers regarding how to proceed and solve the situation, and you can calm your clients and organize the right course of action so that everything goes smoothly.

If your installations aren’t equipped for the worst, then be prepared to lose your employees and customers’ trust.

Luckily, you can surpass those dangers with New York Engineers. We offer the best quality in strobe speakers; our work ensures that everything’s covered in case of the unfortunate, and you can rest assured that—if anything goes wrong—no one will be left wondering what to do.

Why Do You Need A Strobe Speaker?

1. Keep Your Customers Safe

Your clients should always be among your priorities, and forgetting about their safety is one of the easiest ways to kill your business.

Speaker strobes let your customers feel safer, and the mere sight of them along your corridors and rooms is enough to provide peace of mind to everyone inside. In case of an emergency, the panic will diminish as soon as they’re told what to do and where’s everything they’ll need to get out without a scratch.

2. A Safe Worker Is A Happy Worker

Another one of your priorities should be those working for you. If you can guarantee that their well-being is ensured, everyone will feel better and motivated to work.

It’s common knowledge that your employees can be considered part of your capital, and that’s already enough to make it necessary to worry about them.

Speaker strobes help your personnel know they’re in good hands, and that emergencies can be solved quickly with clear instructions.

3. A Small Investment Can Save You Thousands

You may feel like speaker strobes aren’t needed at the moment or that you can save money if you just skip them.

However, you can be entirely certain that paying for the damages caused by an emergency that wasn’t tackled properly is much, much more expensive than installing speaker strobes.

It’s one of those cases where you can save a lot of money with a much smaller investment. Don’t miss the opportunity.

4. Your Ventures Should Never Look Sloppy

If people notice that you haven’t installed speaker strobes and other buildings around you did, your image will suffer a lot.

There’s little worse for a client than walking into a store or building and see that you failed to include basic safety measures. It ends up making your spaces seem like their owner didn’t care enough to include something like speaker strobes.

You want your ventures to look as professional as possible, and this is one of the details that help you achieve that.

5. Attention To Detail Inspires Trust

It’s easier to trust a business that cares enough to provide both the big and small details that make a venture feel complete.

You may think that speaker strobes aren’t noticeable by your clients, but the truth is that many people will feel much better about your business if they notice that you paid attention to their life and safety.

6. Safety Is Cost-Efficient

If you take the necessary steps to ensure that everyone (and everything) is as safe from harm as possible, the result will be a higher return on your investment.

It's always more expensive to repair damages and compensate customers. Calamities also affect your business image and can claim a stake on your reputation. You will suffer from a disaster that could’ve been prevented just by taking the proper steps.

Protecting your spaces means protecting your investment.

7. It’s Better To Solve Things Yourself

Why would you wait for the emergency response teams when you can keep everyone safe while they arrive?

Speaker strobes let you tackle all situations as soon as they occur, which can save precious minutes that translate into avoided injuries and asset damage.

As soon as anything happens, you can guide everyone to safety and clear up any danger thanks to the speaker strobe system.

8. Technology Is Always Evolving

Gone are the times where everyone was left to their own devices when an emergency occurred.

Today, technology has allowed thousands of business to provide the whole package when it comes to solving the unexpected.

Speaker strobes are among the current trends in security measures, so you’re better off taking advantage of these tools.

9. Signs Are Hard To Spot In Emergencies

You may think you can save money by simply using signs and visual directions pointing towards the emergency exits and other useful information.

However, many people aren’t used to paying attention to them, and if they’re scared, it’s going to be harder to spot a sign on a wall.

Speaker strobes let everyone know what to do without them having to do nothing more than listening; it's a lifesaver.

10. Order Is A Necessity

Panic will never do anything other than worsening a situation that’s already bad enough.

Getting everyone organized, calm, and focused on what needs to be done is vital when handling emergencies.

If you can give the right instructions and they’re heard, all situations can be solved quickly and with the least amount of damage possible. Speaker strobes are the easiest way to ensure that’s the case.

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A Personalized Process For Optimum Results


Acquiring Your Speaker Strobes Is An Easy Process

Getting your speaker strobes installed and ready for everything is seamless and fast. We can adapt quickly to all of our client’s needs, wishes, and visions, so you can expect your speaker strobe system to be fit exactly to your spaces.

If you’re interested to know how the process works, here’s an overview.

1. Setting Goals

The best way to make sure our work fits each client’s desires is to set their specific goals.

The first part of the process is to speak directly with each customer so that they can tell us exactly what they expect from their speaker strobes. The points to be covered include how many they want, where they prefer to place them, and even the messages they want to hear out of them.

This first step ensures that everything we do is according to our client's expectations, which guarantees their satisfaction.

2. Studying The Spaces

Once we have a preliminary sketch of what the client needs, we proceed to study the spaces.

It’s necessary to go through each room and corridor to determine which routes are better for when the speakers start giving directions. Another element to consider is which rooms are usually more crowded and which ones have better acoustic properties.

This process helps to determine costs and how we can reduce them. By fitting the client’s plans into the physical spaces, we can assess the budget and which methods we can use to cut those expenses as much as possible.

3. Inspecting The Building

As a continuation for the previous step, we then need to proceed into studying the conditions of the building itself. That includes its foundation, flooring, stairways, and exits available.

As you may expect, this is fundamental when determining the escape routes that will be directed by the speaker strobes. However, this step is also essential to locate where how we can drive power to the system and where we can place them in order to reduce costs and increase their effectiveness.

Clients can rest assured that our engineers are experts in these processes, and that everything we do will fit all buildings perfectly.

4. Designing And Drawing The System

After we have a full picture of the working conditions, we can combine them with everything we gathered during the first step, thus combining our client’s desire with the real state of their buildings.

It’s now when our architects and engineers sit down and draw the entire plans for the system.

After this step, the client will receive a full design of how their speaker strobes will function and how everything will be set up.

After the plans are done, the client will be able to see them and compare them to their own ideas. Here, the client can give their own insights into the plans that have already been drawn, and we can work together to adapt our work to their wishes.

5. Installing The Speaker Strobes

After that’s done, we can start the actual installation process, during which the client can still add their insights and own recommendations regarding the materials and location of the system.

The installation process is fast and seamless; none of our clients need to actively participate in it unless they wish to do so, and our construction team has vast experience to make their work as efficient as possible. They will be done much faster than you think.

Additionally, our methods are as silent as possible, so none of your neighbors will need to come and complain about the noise!

6. Testing Your Speaker Strobes

After everything’s in working order, the only thing left is to test the system to spot any necessary changes before they’re ready for the public.

Testing helps us determine any final touches that may be needed, and the client can get a full demonstration of how his speaker strobe system will work. Of course, this is also a great time for the client to see if his expectations are met or if he wants to add any final details to their system.

After everything’s tested and the client feels content with the result, the work is done.

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Why Choose New York Engineers?

We guarantee the best experience and peace of mind by ensuring your safety.

1. Testing Your Speaker Strobes

Each member of our team has been through our extensive training programs. Every worker has gone through different exercises and classes to ensure their proficiency.

2. Professional Service

All of our employees know how to treat customers and behave while working. You’ll never see anyone slacking or taking rests if it’s not in their schedule.

3. Efficient Methods

Our experience has allowed us to develop our own approach for each contract. Our practices have been perfected with time to guarantee quality in less time.

4. The Best Tools Available

We take our jobs seriously and use the best and advanced tools for the job. We’re always upgrading our equipment to be a step ahead of our competitors.

New York Engineers is the best choice to get the results you want with the budget you have set. Our team of engineers is experts when it comes to maintaining quality while reducing both financial and time costs.

You can see the ideas in your mind become a physical reality, thanks to our team of trained professionals. We love what we do, and we make sure our clients do so as well!

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