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Luxury Single Family Home

You envision, we design

NY Engineers is a true design firm with an extensive portfolio of luxury home designs. Our passion, global inspiration and cutting edge solutions make us a top choice in the industry. We deliver innovative luxury home designs to amaze our clients. We have a multitude of design styles to suit the preferences of a diverse range of clients.

Our design portfolio has allowed us to travel the lengths and breadths of the country. We have gathered huge experience designing luxurious properties for homeowners in every nook and corner of the United States.

Our architects and designers collaborate with our clients on every project to understand their specific tastes and lifestyle choices. Our enriching vision and meticulous execution enable us to design the ultimate luxury homes unique to each client. We have a strong passion for details and find all the finishing touches that enhance your property.

We draw our inspiration from the high fashion world and global architectural trends. Our creative designers offer innovative solutions in luxury, putting us at the forefront of the industry.

Our team is eager to give shape to your dream home. We have a no-compromise approach when it comes to luxury, and aim to make you feel like a king or queen living in their opulent castle!

The Art of Luxurious Living

Luxury Home Design

What makes a home luxurious?

A big home doesn't necessarily mean luxurious. Rather, a luxurious home offers a wide range of amenities for the family to live lavishly. We are talking about things that are meant to spoil you!

We create luxurious family homes that make you feel like royalty. Think about extravagance. Consider being opulent. We help you achieve exactly that!

The idea of luxury varies from individual to individual. No two persons have the things in mind when you ask them what luxury means.

Over the years we have worked with various clients with varying preferences and needs. In the process, we have discovered some trends or aspects that most homeowners prefer. We want you to have an idea of what you can expect. So here are few things that make a house luxurious.

  1. Open Floor Plans All the Way

You cannot call a home luxurious unless you have a grand entryway to your home. You open the door to be greeted by a grand two-story staircase. Whether single-story or two-story, luxurious living means homes with expansive and airy open floor plans.

And it's not just us, even a 2013 survey by Coldwell Banker ranked open floor plan as the top consideration for luxury homes. We create spacious, expansive homes with open floor plans that add character to your property.

But if you prefer a closed plan, we are all with you!

  1. Master Suite Fit for Royalty

We spend countless hours in our bedroom. It's no wonder that you will have something special in mind when it comes to the master bedroom. Many of our clients request separate meetings with our designers just to lay out every aspect of their bedroom.

We invite you to get creative and shower us with all the ideas you have. Our designers can incorporate your personalities into the master suite to create a cozy haven right in your home.

A big and open bedroom with a king-size bed is common for any luxurious home. But increasingly homeowners are going for some outdoor living space connected to their bedroom. We have designed master bedrooms with small courtyards that offer you a quiet place to read or relax.

Technology is another common aspect of modern bedrooms. We have used automation systems in our designs for lighting, remote control for climate control and window shades, security and more!

  1. A Well-Endowed Kitchen

Kitchen is called the heart of the home and for the right reasons. It offers a space for your family to meet several times a day and have conversations. You should be able to make the most of your time with a well-equipped kitchen. In fact, a luxurious house needs a magnificent kitchen!

Our contemporary kitchen designs are commercial-grade and come with a line of advanced quality appliances. Kitchen islands are also popular among our clients, and some even want a coveted seating place.

Our stylish cooking areas also feature walk-in pantry for extra storage and perks like wine fridges.

  1. Opulent Study and Office

Luxury doesn't come cheap, and you have to pay your way towards it! Our clients want a lavish office room in their luxurious home to earn their bread. We have designed professional and elegant home offices where minds can meet and discuss projects. You may also fancy adding a wet bar to pour a drink at times.

Some clients also want separate studies with wooden finish and intricate work.

  1. Spa Bathroom

A luxurious life requires a luxurious bathroom. Homeowners want their bathrooms to offer the same experience as those of 5-star hotels! So we have made them spa bathrooms which combine affluence with relaxation.

So what can you look for in a spa bathroom?

Think of walk-in showers with head-to-toe shower jets. Think of heated floors, dual vanities and towel warmers. You can have all of them in your bathroom! We will also include a large soaker tub to melt all your stress at the end of a hectic working day.

  1. Theater and Gaming Rooms

Gaming and theater rooms are nothing new. But they seem to be a favorite of luxury homeowners. We have designed several homes with upscale gaming and theater rooms. Our clients have stopped leaving homes with everything at their fingertips!

Some people are also opting for indoor basketball courts and grand sports bar set-ups.

  1. Extra Rooms

Another trend we have discovered in the past few years is that luxury homeowners want additional rooms. Whether it is just for them to unwind or store the extra few things, we are designing more houses with spare rooms.    

Some owners use the rooms as guest rooms where their parents can stay during a visit. They also serve as a space for your children or grandchildren to have some fun while they are staying over.

Wine rooms are also a favorite choice where you can unwind with a book and a glass of wine.

  1. Dressing Rooms with Lavish Walk-In Closets

People who live in luxurious homes have great taste in fashion and accessories. It's imperative that they will need to store their clothes, shoes, purses which form an important part of their life.

Whether men or women, our clients prefer a separate dressing room with a huge walk-in closet to display and organize their collections. Our dressing rooms have ample racks and shelves coupled with plenty of mirrors and lighting.

Some of our designs also feature center island and window bench to try out your clothes and makeup!

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces and Kitchen

More and more of our clients are going for elaborate outdoor living spaces with custom pools, spa and seating arrangements for guests. It's nice to enjoy the weather outdoors and take a swim in the pool complete with a jacuzzi. We also design homes with outdoor fireplaces and changing rooms for our luxury homeowners.

Our clients also prefer water features as a part of their outdoor living. We provide them with stunning waterfalls and fountains to create a touch of tranquility and visually enhance their property. 

Outdoor kitchens are also top criteria for people who prefer luxury. A kitchen complete with fridge, sophisticated grill and sink offers a comfortable cooking area and upgrades your outdoor space. Some clients even want an outdoor living room where they can enjoy the food with their guests.

  1. Exercise Room

The affluent can afford to set up a private gym right inside their house. An indoor exercise room allows you to sweat it out and stay fit without leaving the comfort of your home. Our private gyms feature ample space to store all your treadmills and weights but why stop there!

We also incorporate options for plenty of natural lighting with amenities like televisions, wireless speakers and a sauna.

  1. Top-Notch Technology

Technology is becoming an integral part of luxurious homes. By offering state-of-the-art technological solutions, we have emerged to be a top choice when it comes to designing modern luxury homes.

Home automation systems allow you to control your indoor climate, lights and unlock doors with a tap on your mobile. You can even access the features sitting in another part of your country with ease!

Not only that, we can even integrate your kitchen and bathrooms with technology. For example, a house we designed had a toilet that can play music, offers a heated seat and even foot warming options.

 We can even include a digitally controlled shower system with personalized temperature and steam setting for each jet.

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Luxury Single Family Home

Luxury Single Family Home Design Process

Our custom luxury home design process is all about you! We understand that creating a luxury home is similar to developing a strong reputation. You need time, patience, skills, experience and a commitment to excellence. And that's what our luxury home design process is meant to deliver.

Our team consists of experts and dedicated professionals from various fields. Each member shares our commitment and vision to quality and superior customer service. Together, we create a pleasant home designing experience that exceeds your expectations and makes way for a truly luxury home.

Here's a look at the process we utilize :

  1. Conception

From an early stage of designing, we put emphasis on communication and customization. We get to know you so that we can create the perfect home matching your preferences. We would like to know about your

  • Goals
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Personal interests (including your family member's interests)

If you would like to know us anything else, we are all ears!

  1. Designing

We start to design your home after getting to know what you exactly want. Our team always keeps you in the loop at every stage of crafting the design so that you know how your dream home is coming along. 

Our custom designs eliminate the frustrations of working with stock plans. You can suggest any changes or modifications which our designers will instantly incorporate in the design.

We can also create computer renderings and 3D walkthroughs to give you a solid idea of how your house will turn up.

  1. Delivery

Finally, we hand over the luxury home design. You can begin work without delay and even choose one of our partner contractors for the construction.

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Custom Single Family Luxury Home Designs to Suit Diverse Preferences


Live your dreams

The art of luxurious just gives you an idea of what you can achieve. But that doesn't mean you have to stay within its limit! We are always open to ideas, and you can tell us precisely what you want in your home.

We can also provide you suggestions to make your home luxurious and recommend innovations you never thought of. The best way to create a luxury home is to spend some time with our designers and pour your heart to them.

Don't worry about your budget! You don't necessarily need to build a million dollar home to enjoy the luxuries we talked about. Our designers can scale down or scale up the features and create a magnificent home right within your budget.

We cater to clients of all types helping them turn their dream home into a reality.

You might have created the initial drawings of your home and waiting for more advice. Maybe you have just jotted down what you want in a notebook. Or probably you have just made some rough sketches of what you have in mind. No matter which stage you are in, we invite you to approach our designers to give shape to your ideas.

Get in touch with us to plan your luxury home and find out more about our service.

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